After Trump, Who?

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

Yes, we have to get beyond the 2020 election, but it is always fun to speculate on who will succeed Trump come the 2024 election.  Everyone from Politico to Axios, from Slate to the Washington Examiner run such articles periodically.  So why not?  Using a bizarre system that I employ, the results were interesting.  So here are the top 17 potential 2024 GOP candidates in reverse order.  The results may surprise some (they did, me).  Why 17?  Because they are the names that appeared at least four times across over 20 articles surveyed.

#17. Utah Senator Mitt Romney

Ah, hell no!  In fact, he should be recalled by the voters of Utah who had a momentary lapse of reason sending him to the Senate.  Please!  No more LOSERS!

#16. Columnist Ben Shapiro

Well, he would make any debate more interesting and be the first presidential candidate to don a yarmulke during a campaign appearance…

#15. Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw

Alleged comedian Pete Davidson made Crenshaw famous and popular, but chances he would have gained some notoriety without help from SNL.  A possible future star, but 2024 is not in these stars.

#14. Jared Kushner

A lot of people are talking about a Trump legacy in the White House not involving the name Donald.  Although an intriguing possibility, this writer does not see it.

#13. Ivanka Trump

She would make the hottest US President ever, but Americans seem to have an aversion to political family dynasties.  A SurveyMonkey poll put her in the top 4.  Wishful thinking…

#12. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

In 2016, Republicans were touting their gubernatorial bench- Christie, Jindal, Kasich.  Things have changed since then thanks to Donald Trump.  Still, he is a somewhat successful Governor thus far and a Trump ally. Plus, he has experience in Washington. Hmmmm…

#11.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott

See comments above, but even more interesting.  This is a guy who managed to pull in a large section of the Hispanic vote in Texas.  The GOP keeps talking about Latino-outreach?  Here’s your man.  Plus, it would be kind of hard to launch personal attacks against him.

#10. Donald Trump, Jr.

See numbers 13 and 14, although he is great with Twitter and setting the Left straight.  Perhaps he would make a better social media attack dog rather than a presidential candidate.  Again, this writer doesn’t see it.

#9. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul

Perhaps the one Republican Senator who puts his vote where his mouth is on FISA abuse, but Rand Paul may be too libertarian for some Republican voters.  He will likely consider, however, and see how things shake out as we get closer to 2024.

#8. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

He has DC experience as a Congressman from Kansas and as CIA Director for a spell, followed by Secretary of State.  He is a loyal Trump ally.  Whether he considers or not depends on what other people do, but he is a possibility to remember.

#7. Missouri Senator Josh Hawley

This writer puts him in the Crenshaw category- interesting and making a name for himself, but perhaps in need of more seasoning in the Senate.  Rising stars sometimes flame out.

#6. Florida Senator Marco Rubio

By the time 2024 rolls around, he will have fulfilled his promise to complete his term in the Senate.  Methinks the presidential bug is still in him.  Of course- 10 years after the fact- some will be screaming “Gang of Eight!”  The question is whether he learned his lesson.  Pssst… I think he has.

#5 (Tie) Former UN Ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley

Wouldn’t it just kill the Democrats if the first female US President is a Republican?  Everything points to a run in 2024 for Haley and a lot of the “expert” pundit class have called it a foregone conclusion.  Of course, some of that “expert pundit class” includes losers like Steve Schmidt and Rick Wilson…  Still, they can’t be wrong all the time, can they?

#5 (tie) Vice President Mike Pence

Obviously, the VP is the heir-apparent.  But, Pence clearly lacks the flair and bluster of a Donald Trump.  He is sort of Trump’s counterweight (watch and listen during those coronavirus briefings).  One thing to consider: Vice Presidents who then run for election as President usually don’t fare too well. Personally, I think Pence will take a pass.

#3. South Carolina Senator Tim Scott

A lot of people know little about him, but from everything this writer has read, the more people know about him, the more they like him.  One unknown fact: he has been running advertisements outside his home state.  And he is making the rounds in certain states.  A black, conservative Republican?  Who woulda thunk it?  Certainly no Democrat.  One thing to watch: will he pen a book as 2024 approaches?

#2. Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton

Like Tim Scott, he also is appearing in political advertisements outside his home state and making the rounds in other states and at certain conservative/Republican gatherings.  He is also adept at the selective use of social media.  He is up for reelection to the Senate this year.  Watch to see if his profile in the Senate increases in January.

#1. Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Cruz has stated he had fun in 2016 despite the attacks from Trump and he likely has caught presidential fever.  He has also made peace with Trump and would have the President’s support.  Like Trump, but with fewer words, he can skewer opponents on social media.  He has the name recognition, he likely has a donor base, and most importantly, he has that beard.

Perhaps a Cruz-Haley GOP ticket in 2024?