Abortion Gone Wild

AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

This writer is fully aware that coronavirus is all the talk these days.  But, the numbers of Americans killed to date by the tiny virus pales in comparison to the number of babies slaughtered every year in the name of “reproductive” or “women’s” rights.  So here are three stories sure to make your day.

In case you missed it as you stocked up on toilet paper and bottled water, March 8th was International Women’s Day.  While Americans cowered indoors, Mexican feminists took to the streets as 80,000 marched through Mexico City.  However, the sisterhood was not taking access to abortion lightly.  According to several reports, wearing green bandanas to show their support for better access to abortion services, they clashed with pro-life protesters, police, and random buildings.  Things got ugly and, in one case, a Molotov cocktail was thrown causing second-degree burns to a female reporter covering the melee.  They also broke windows and generally showed bad crowd etiquette.

In Sonora, Mexico, protesters took out their pro-choice anger by attacking a Catholic cathedral.  They smashed windows and tried to break down the doors.  This occurred during a Sunday mass as worried parishioners, including children, barricaded the door with benches.  Some managed to actually enter the cathedral and break statues and spray paint graffiti on the marble floor of the entrance.  Nothing says “Female Power” more than bringing your can of black spray paint to a rally just in case you have the urge to spread graffiti in a church.

Closer to home, everyone’s favorite socialist from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, laid out a policy proposal concerning abortion within the framework of his Medicare For All nonsense.  One of the key elements states: “the Hyde Amendment will be repealed and all reproductive health services will be provided free at the point of service.”  Realizing that the government cannot make any service “free,” what Sanders means to say is that American taxpayers will pick up the tab for abortions.

But, it gets better.  The Sanders plan would turn one of President Trump’s signature initiatives- stripping Title X funding from abortion providers- on its head.  Sanders would deny Title X funding to pro-life pregnancy resource centers while restoring the money to the abortion providers.  He also pledges more money for Planned Parenthood.

And just when you think you’ve heard it all, he goes even further.  He would ban “ineffective” abstinence-only sex education in schools and, one assumes, fund the latest transgender freak to pole dance for your child in the library.  He promises to fill judicial vacancies after consulting with “reproductive justice and advocacy groups.”  And when Ginsburg slips on the banana peel and has to be replaced, any Sanders appointment to the Supreme Court would have to pass a litmus test and bow before Roe vs. Wade.  In fact, he wants that Supreme Court decision codified as official law by Congress.

Speaking of “reproductive justice,” Sanders seems to believe that minority women do not have access to abortion mills like Planned Parenthood.  Obviously oblivious to the fact that 79% of Planned Parenthood clinics that perform surgical abortions are within walking distance of a minority neighborhood, Sanders says the lack of these services needs to be discussed and rectified.  It should also be mentioned that as things stand now, black women do not seem to have a problem finding an abortion clinic, if statistics are to be believed.  Of course, NARAL and all the pro-death advocacy groups heaped praise on Sanders and are now pressuring Biden to do the same.

Finally, it did not make headlines, but the City Council of St. Paul, Minnesota passed a resolution declaring March 10th “Abortion Providers Appreciation Day.”  Although supposedly a commemoration of abortionist David Gunn who was killed in 1993, the resolution said it was to “…combat the stigma that many abortion providers and clinic staff face, and to celebrate the courage, compassion, and high-quality care they provide.”  They could have ended it there, but the resolution also stated that the Supreme Court now had a conservative majority hostile to abortion and further stated that “abortion providers must be accessible in order for people to make important decisions…”

Multiple pro-abortion activists took to social media and praised the fine folks in Minnesota for taking such a stand.  They even created a graphic inviting others to “join in the celebration.”  For anyone paying attention at the time, Andrew Yang ran into some headwinds while he was a presidential candidate when he said these “controversial” words: “we have to get back to the point where no one is suggesting that we be celebrating an abortion at any point in the pregnancy.”  Yang was raked over the feminist coals for that statement as the pro-death crowd accused him of stigmatizing abortion.  CNN writer Jeff Yang (no relation) tweeted: “Nobody ‘celebrates abortion,’ That’s a right-wing slander with no basis in reality.”

Actually, Democrats and liberals DO celebrate abortion as the Washington Examiner cataloged back in February.   The days of “safe, legal, rare” are long gone.  Thanks to the fine folks of St. Paul, Minnesota, it appears that list of celebrations needs to be updated.  One supposes you could “join in the celebration” and kiss an abortion provider to show your appreciation for the fine work he does methodically murdering babies.

Forget about coronavirus.  The world has gone to Hell in a hand bucket long before the Chinese inflicted the plague on the world.