Coronavirus For President!

(AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

FILE- In this Wednesday, April 16, 2014, file photo, passengers walk past the medical quarantine area showing information sheets for the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus at the arrival section of Manila’s International Airport in Paranaque, south of Manila. One expert says recent outbreaks of MERS in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates that led to more than 20 infections, many among health-care workers, “have put us into uncharted territory.” (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

The Democrats are faced with two choices as a nominee to take on Trump in 2020.  One is a doddering old socialist from Vermont and the other is a senile, old ex-Vice President from Delaware.  Right now, the Democrats have two candidates, one whose slogan seems to be “No, it is not communism,” and the other whose slogan is “Where Am I?  Who Am I?” They should seriously consider a third candidate and it is not Tulsi Gabbard.

Instead, they should nominate the Coronavirus to run against Trump.

The one biggest issue for Americans today is the economy.  Unfortunately for the Democrats, the wished-upon recession is likely not going to happen and all the musings of weirdos like Paul Krugman are not going to bring about a replay of the Great Recession of 2008-2009.  In fact, the Trump economy seems to be humming along rather nicely with unemployment low, including black and Hispanic unemployment.  Sure, health care reform needs some doing, but why the need when you have the Coronavirus at the top of the ticket?

Look at the reaction of the stock market to Coronavirus.  The mere mention of it brought stocks down in their worst day EVER!  If the big hope of Democrats is economic calamity, then they need to get on the Coronavirus bandwagon.

Also, Coronavirus would be keeping in a long line of Democrats- it makes people sick.  What better way to show consistency in a political message?

Coronavirus is great for foreign relations also.  Trump managed to take out a terrorist Iranian general with a drone strike in Baghdad, but Coronavirus did something better.  It managed to take out not one, but two key Iranian leaders- Mohammad Mirmohammadi and Hossein Sheikholeslam.  In my book, that is Coronavirus 2, Trump 1.  Iranian leaders may want to reconsider that “Death to America” chant lest their next cough finds them on a cold slab in Tehran.

Trump has his trade war with China, but the Democrats would have Coronavirus to decimate the Chinese economy and bring them to their knees.  It works a helluva lot faster than those troublesome negotiations and signing ceremonies and all that.  In the past ten years, nothing has been more damaging to the Chinese economy than Coronavirus.  President Trump and his negotiators could only do so much, but Coronavirus could check the Chinese markets for another eight years, if reelected in 2024.

Democrats are real big on the environment and climate change.  And let’s admit it- we are all growing a little tired of being browbeaten by Swedish teenagers over the issue.  We need more action and less talk.  The folks who agree with Greta Thunberg believe planes are the bane of the climate.  Seriously!  AOC’s Green New Deal even wants to ban airplane flight to save the environment from apocalyptic catastrophe.  What has caused more flight cancellations than Coronavirus?  Think about it…  And those cruise ships would be a thing of the past polluting our oceans.

It also has an added positive effect on the environment.  The best way to avoid it is to shutter yourself in your home, pull down the shades, and hunker down.  That takes a lot of CO2 spewing cars off the road.  Vitamin C sales would also spike propping up the OTC vitamin market.  Coronavirus has a realistic plan to thwart climate change that goes further than anything in the Green New Deal.

Realistically, neither Biden nor Sanders has a snowball’s chance in hell of defeating Trump in 2020.  That is why the Democrats have to reconsider things.  This writer is urging all Democrats to vote for Coronavirus in the remaining primaries.  This unsolicited advice is their only chance.  The worst thing it could do is kill us, but their current candidates want to kill America anyway.