Identity Politics and White Identity

Let us get two things out of the way up front.  First, identity politics is an intellectual mental disorder.  Second, it has nothing to do with “identity” and everything to do with with obsessing upon alleged oppression and victim status.  Only those who claim to be a victim are allowed to have their “identity” confirmed, affirmed, recognized, and honored.  We are now expected to celebrate the accomplishments of the oppressed whether real or not.  Fact: George Washington Carver did not invent peanut butter.

If there is oppression, there must be an oppressor.  Enter the straight, white male who must bow at their altar and atone for the sins of their fathers.  A simple look at Congress reveals the sideshow: a plethora of “caucuses” and “conferences” specifically open to only blacks, women, Hispanics, Hispanic Women, LGBTQ.  Ironically, there is no White Straight Male caucus because they cannot have any: they sit at the top of the power pyramid.

The cool thing is you do not even have to be the victim of any oppression.  All you have to do is have the right skin color or ethnicity, or genitalia, or sexual orientation to join the cool kids.  These things endow you with sacred status.  Those with these identities are born innocent, collective behaviors be damned.  Black Lives Matter protesters can block streets and throw rocks at cops with impunity, but a handful of Confederate flag waving dudes cannot protest the removal of a statue.  Instead, racial pride is encouraged among the oppressed but denied to the alleged oppressor.  After all, how else are they going to combat the racist country that is America?  Lost in the equation is that these attitudes and actions are the exact impetus for people to embrace white identity movements.

They do a huge disservice to that dream speech given at the Lincoln Memorial decades ago.  To the oppressed, “…the sons of slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down at the table of brotherhood” is the pipe dream of a dead civil rights leader some 60 years ago.  That great American philosopher Ta-Nehesi Coates tells his son to do the best he could, but America is a racist country and there is nothing he could do about it (other than write books and riot).

Hatred of straight white males is the glue that holds identity politics together.  In fact, the rainbow coalition of groups really have not much in common other than hatred.  A white Cuban refugee, a Mexican day laborer and a dark Brazilian are lumped in as “Hispanic.”  The immigrant from Nigeria, second-generation Caribbean-Americans, and native blacks are lumped together as “African-American.”  Even the LGBTQ rainbow crowd lacks cohesion.

It is kind of paradoxical because they all need the evil white male oppressors to make sure the neighborhoods, schools, and associations do not become segregated.  That is until they want segregation.  What else explains the concept of a “Historically Black College?”  One must live, study, and work among whites provided there is a designated safe space available to self-segregate.

Then there are the white elites who piously buy into this crap.  But dare they give up any of their alleged privilege?  Instead, they live in white neighborhoods, send their kids to white schools, never give up their job for the sacred other, and even cheat to get their kids into elite schools.  A comment from a federal judge who ordered the desegregation of Richmond’s schools summarizes the attitude when it was discovered his kids went to a private, all-white school: “…when I’m on the bench, I’m a judge and when I go home, I’m a father.”  So much for inclusion and diversity.

It is quite easy for woke corporate America to boycott North Carolina over a law protecting children in bathrooms.  It is easy for Hollywood elites to call for a boycott of Georgia over a law protecting the innocent unborn.  It is easy to attack some dude from Duck Dynasty.  It is an easy task to proudly wave the rainbow flag at your corporate headquarters.  But when it comes to real oppression- say, the treatment of Tibetans or Uyghurs in China- capturing the lucrative Chinese market is more important.

The cries of oppression are built on a litany of lies and hypocrisy- a demented state of reality denial.  It is what motivates them to  hear so-called dog-whistles in innocent statements.  Papers have been written about the alleged racist origins of popular phrases like “the peanut gallery” and “long time, no see.”  If you have to go looking for examples of oppression, perhaps it is not so clear-cut as people like Derrick Bell, Ta-Nehesi Coates, and your average run-of-the-mill Leftist Democrat running for office would have you believe.  Recently, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice was taken to the woodshed when he described a competing girls’ basketball team (he coaches his daughter’s team) as “thugs.”  You would have thought he uttered the “N” word as a phalanx of civil rights leaders descended on him like a plague of locusts.  Regardless of the fact the other team was composed mainly of black girls, they had a reputation of starting fights (their coaches were twice involved in fisticuffs).  That is the definition of “thug.”  One supposes “thug” is now the new “N” word for which the Thought Police will forever be vigilant.

If you want to stop white supremacy, ignore them.  Let them wave their flags, burn their crosses, and generally make fools of themselves.  You want to stop driving people to white identity groups, stop the identity politics, search for dog whistles, and looking for the racial bogeyman in every nook and cranny of human interactions.  This writer, too, has a dream:  that everyone sees all others as individuals, and that the racists and rate-baiters on either side of the divide get their due in Hell.