Revenge of the Rubes: The Sequel

NYT contributing op-ed writer, Wajahat Ali, "CNN Tonight" host Don Lemon, and Never Trumper Rick Wilson - 1/25/2020. Screen grab via CNN.

On January 25th, CNN “anchor” or something, Don Lemon broke down in hysterical laughter in which Rick Wilson and some nobody named Whatchamacallit Ali ridiculed “boomer rubes” and their resentment of elites.  The segment came with faux hillbilly accents.  After the video clip went viral for all the wrong reasons, Lemon offered up the most lame apology in the history of journalism.  One would think that CNN would tighten their standards, but given their ratings, they have nothing to lose anymore by doing so.  The only redeeming quality of that segment was that so few people tune into Don Lemon.

The Lemon segment is not the first time this has happened and it is certainly not unique to American politics.  Remember that one of the turning points in the 2016 campaign was not some audio of Trump on a bus, but Hillary’s denunciation of a “basket of deplorables.”  In three words, she encapsulated her detachment from the American electorate.  She was no smooth-talking, down home folk like her husband.  Instead, she surrounded herself with smarmy consultants like John Podesta.

In France, the yellow vest protesters were portrayed as a band of vulgar rioters whom Al Jazeera proclaimed were simply “white supremacists.”  Macron referred to them as “thugs.”  In Brazil in 2018, a reporter for The Guardian referred to candidate Jair Bolsonaro as “a thing,” not a person.  The thing won in a landslide reversing decades of Leftist rule.  In England, it was common to call the “rubes” a uniquely British insult- gammon.  Gammon is a red-colored hind pork cut that resembles the complexion of an older white Brit.  Esquire warned that such insults were alienating potential voters from Jeremy Corbyn while simultaneously asserting the slur was appropriate and deserved.  Jeremy Corbyn went on to lead the Labour Party to their worst defeat since 1935.

A commenter for The Spectator says the key to defeating Trump is to call his supporters any name one can think up.  Apparently, Rick Wilson heeded the advice.  It is hard to believe that Wilson thinks that insulting Trump supporters will in any way convince them to stop that support.  Then again, the man is devoid of judgment, so who knows?  Wilson thinks like a Leftist: the unwashed masses don’t have voting rights.  In fact, their proposals to eliminate the Electoral College pretty much screams such.

Wilson represents the bitter end of the NeverTrump movement.  It is populated by an elitist consultant class who threw their lot in with loser wannabes and average officeholders willing to pay for bad advice.  What is Wilson’s claim to fame?  He helped elect a Republican Senator (Saxby Chambliss) in a red state, and a so-so one (Connie Mack III) in Florida.  On the national front, he wears a large “L” on his head for loser.  In 2008, he briefly worked for the failed campaign of Guiliani and in 2016 was behind a pro-Rubio PAC.  That puts Wilson in the company of other failures like Bob Beckel, Steve Schmidt, and Donna Brazile.

Wilson, the self-proclaimed “Republican strategist,” is anything but.  He is a grifter who attached himself to people who claimed they were Republican.  The purpose of a strategist is to get your person elected.  Period.  It has nothing to do with policy and everything to do with the person, the theme, and the story.  Someone like David Axelrod knew this completely which is why he managed to get a do-nothing Senator elected president…twice!

After the Romney vote to remove Trump from office, Wilson was at it again.  He referred to the backlash against Romney as Republican “souls trying to re-enter their bodies.”  Romney, a modern day carpetbagger, governed Massachusetts like an Keynesian marksman.  He led a vulture venture capital firm.  He parlayed it into something that he could actually win- a Senate seat in Utah because he retained the “R” after his name.  Yet, to the NeverTrump contingent, this man is a paragon of virtue.

Of course, their virtue usually extends to hiding behind the skirt of faith and religion.  To wit:

  • Caught feeding debate questions to Hillary Clinton, Donna Brazile said, “…as a Christian woman, I understand persecution;”
  • Nancy Pelosi’s alleged Catholicism prevents her from hating Donald Trump;
  • Alexander Vindman invoked some Jewish identity over a call between two world leaders having nothing to do with religion or ethnicity in his House testimony, and;
  • Romney’s Mormon faith dictated his vote to convict President Trump.

In thirty seconds of a seldom-watched CNN show, they demonstrated what they really thought of half the American population.   The political jocks were caught talking smack about the nerds in their locker room.  Is it any wonder the RNC made a commercial with it?  If they had sense, that should be played from now until Election Day.

Yet, we are supposed to play nice with these people and rise above our baser instincts.  They deserve nothing but derision and playing the ultimate panty-raid on them- another four years of Donald Trump.  Just wear a plastic sheet when their heads explode as we sit in the front seats chomping on our popcorn chanting, “Four more years.”