The Bernie Sanders NeverTrump Conundrum

Bernie Sanders by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

The NeverTrump contingent are a rather sorry lot.  They are pretty much despised by most true conservatives and so not at home in the GOP that they have now gone over to the dark side.  Even the dark side is at best wary of them and at worst equally despise them.

What probably most disturbs these people is they were proven to be the most incredibly stupid people since 2016, perhaps more stupid than Hillary Clinton herself.  Ross Douthat wrote in 2016 after the Iowa caucuses which were won by Ted Cruz that Donald Trump had reached his “ceiling.”  Others looking equally stupid were people like Max Boot, Bill Kristol and Rick Wilson.  This was a cadre of pundits who thought they ruled the place in their bow-ties and their accents that made them sound like someone’s gay uncle.

Instead, that dude from The Apprentice barged into the house, upset the apple cart, and peed in their cornflakes.  After Trump actually pulled off what those “principled” Republicans could not do against a do-nothing senator from Illinois- win- they ran to CNN and became regulars on shows hosted by Anderson Cooper, Fredo Cuomo and Don Lemon.  Incidentally, is John Kasich still alive?

Four years later, these guys noted that they are willing to vote for a Democrat because Trump is so bad that he represents a threat to America… no, the world!  A strange thing happened between then and now and it is proving that NeverTrumpers are not even liked by their would-be allies among Democrats.  The headlines these days tell of their frustration with the increasing likelihood that the Democrats will nominate Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist, or the party will kill itself trying to stop him.  What is a NeverTrumper to do?

If you are Bill Kristol, you engage in phone calls urging New Hampshire primary voters not to vote for Bernie Sanders.  Anybody, they plead, would be better than Sanders.  What they do not tell the voters is that there is little daylight, in terms of policy, between Sanders and any of the others in the field.  In one article, it was noted: “The rise of socialist Bernie Sanders is frustrating Never Trump Republicans.”

When hasn’t a NeverTrumper been frustrated?  It defines their existence.  They were frustrated when Trump broke that ceiling Douthat talked about.  They became more frustrated when he beat Hillary Clinton as people like Evan McMullin and David French made clowns of themselves.  Now here we are in 2020 and they are frustrated as Democrats march to the polls and start casting votes for Bernie Sanders.

One of them actually had the balls to publish this line about fellow NeverTrumpers: “If Sanders is the Democratic nominee, many will sit out the election and be deprived of the opportunity of voting against President Trump.”  The principled crowd will be denied their opportunity to defeat Trump.  I am sure not too many Americans are losing sleep tonight because the Max Boot crowd won’t vote this year.  After all, no American lost sleep over the demise of the Weekly Standard.  Not too many Americans cared about the impeachment gambit and those that did now actually support Trump.  For that, I guess we owe them some thanks.  Others have noted that the NeverTrump crowd are “worried, “perplexed, and “unsure.”  Again, that sort of defines this band of misfits.  One can add “clueless.”

So now that the Weekly Standard  failed and its successor, The Bulwark, appears on a similar trajectory down the toilet, they formed a Super PAC called the Lincoln Project.  The founders of this PAC read like a who’s-who of past losers.  There is Mike Madrid, the former political director of the California GOP which might explain why there are fewer and fewer California Republicans.  Rick Wilson is there (of course) as well as Steve Schmidt who was political strategist for John McCain (how did that work out?) and John Weaver, who has the honor of being a double loser having been a strategist for both McCain and Kasich.  And one cannot Jennifer Horn, the former head of the New Hampshire GOP who also happened to lose two Congressional races in four years.  In short, a collection of certifiable losers.

Alleged political strategist, Sarah Longwell, who is also behind The Bulwark said: “It’s a really tough question,” when asked about the possibility of a Sanders candidacy.  Then again, everything is a “tough question” for these people.  However, you will usually find Longwell (along with Horn) being mentioned in many a Jen Rubin article.  Rubin sung their praises when they left a Republican organization after they endorsed Trump.  Apparently, two losers sat around waiting to be called by a loser journalist from the Washington Post  just so they can be quoted.  Jerry Taylor at the Niskanen Center, a NeverTrump DC hub, said it would be a lot to ask of him to vote for Sanders.  Duh, really?

The NeverTrumpers believed their membership in the GOP lent them to unimpeachable credibility because of their superior understanding of the Republican psyche and their willingness to stand up against Trump.  Their special weapon is their own arrogant beliefs that are just good enough to be lavished with appearances on CNN and MSNBC.  Not at home in the GOP, under withering attack by Trump, and not welcome among Democrats, this pathetic group is most upset because they lost their influence in the GOP and among true conservatives.  For that, we owe a debt of gratitude to the President.

Jim Geraghty over at National Review is afraid that Bernie Sanders will be toast in an election against Trump.  He wants someone- anyone- else to be toast.  He is giving Democrats the same bad advice National Review gave Republicans four years ago.  Maybe he should suggest his pal David French as a candidate.  Maybe David French would last more than a week.  Who knows?

So do they have their hissy fit and sit out the election?  Or do they insist that Donald Trump is an existential threat to the world, the country and democracy and cast their lot with a Leninist?  Will they still preen themselves as the true voices of “prudent principled” conservatism?  Will they even have a voice?  Do they think a President Sanders will welcome them, let alone listen to them?  Socialists usually toss the useful idiots no more than the minimum scraps.

As for the Democrats, they can nominate Bernie Sanders and piss off the non-Communists remaining in their party (which are few) and the rest of us, or they can nominate someone else and piss off the Communists in the Democrat Party which are more plentiful.  They should just go with Breadline Bernie and get the Marxism out of their system now.  As for the NeverTrumpers, either way, they are consigned to oblivion.