The Final Solution: Democrats, the Left and Israel

Within hours of President Trump announcing a peace plan between Palestinians and Israel, denunciation and rejection by Democrats, the Left and Palestinian leaders was swift.  Said Elizabeth Warren: “Trump’s ‘peace plan’ is a rubber stamp for annexation and offers no chance for a real Palestinian state.”  It is bad enough that the Left has no regard for the borders of the United States, but it also appears they have no regard for the borders of Israel either.  What do they want?

Basically, a punchline like “comprehensive immigration reform.”  They repeat the mantra of a two-state solution and Palestinian state not mindful of history, geography, security concerns, or the logistical reality of the situation.  First, historically, there is no such thing as Palestinian ethnicity.  It is not an Arab term and does not even describe Arabs living in Judea and Samaria.  It was the Roman emperor Hadrian who renamed Judea “Philistia” after the Philistines, a pagan- not Arab- group.  The idea that there was a large Arab population in the Holy Land before the Romans arrived is historically ridiculous.  Conversely, Jews did occupy the area for over 3,000 years- long before the birth of Islam.

Geographically, it is obvious that these people have never seen a map.  If we combine the West Bank, Jerusalem, Gaza and the Golan Heights, you get a piece of real estate roughly the size of New Jersey- 8,522 square miles.  The West Bank- one of the sticking points- is responsible for only 2,180 square miles of that total.  That area- and the status of Jerusalem- are what is contested.

None of these Leftists have ever explained how Gaza and Judea/Samaria could be united unless you grab more land from Israel in the south to make the two areas contiguous.  Now let’s do a comparison.  Neighboring Arab/Muslim nations constitute a land mass 640 times the size of Israel- or, 12 million square miles.  Does it really make any logical sense to squeeze 2,180 square miles of land from Israel to create an Arab national state in the Holy Land for the first time in history?

Further, we can look to recent history to see what Israel, in whatever geographical form, would encounter should they cede this land.  When Israel gave up Gaza in 2005, it immediately came under attack from rockets that continue to this day.  Hamas built a complicated array of tunnels into Israel from which terrorists were to launch attacks.  This happened in the southwest corner of Israel, considered the least perilous location.  What if Hamas were to establish a state in Judea and Samaria?  The answer: not a single piece of remaining Israeli real estate would be immune from attack.

Let’s assume this new state is somehow “demilitarized.”  That is a laughable proposal in and of itself, but regardless any two-bit terrorist cell could launch an attack and this new state could claim immunity.  If Israel were to respond, it would be considered an act of war.  Samaria is a mountainous region overlooking Israel’s coastal plain.  It is home to 70% of the Israeli population and 80% of its industrial base.  At its most narrow point, it is nine miles wide.  Given the history of the cessation of Gaza, ceding this land for a Palestinian state would be self-genocidal.

Leftists like Elizabeth Warren are either geographically stupid or ignorant of the legitimate security concerns of Israel.  There is a third, more sinister possibility and given the rampant anti-Semitism on the Left, it is a realistic possibility- the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.

Speaking of which, Israel is the only Jewish state in the world.  Despite its tiny size, there are over 2 million Arabs living within their current borders.  They enjoy full civil rights, voting rights, and representation in the Knesset.  They can even excuse themselves when the Israeli national anthem is played.  They often side with Israel’s enemies while serving in the Knesset.  Conversely, the implicit desire of a Palestinian state is to make it Jew-free.

Again, Gaza is instructive here.  Israel employed their military to uproot every Jewish home and settlement in the area.  They also had to exhume every Jewish grave and relocate the bodies to avoid Arab desecration.  At the time, the United States State Department and the Palestinian Authority guaranteed the preservation of synagogues.  Within minutes of ceding the territory, mobs destroyed and torched them to the ground.  Shades of Kristallnacht?

This is real recent history which Democrats, the Left and the global elite conveniently forget.  This would be the Orwellian “peaceful solution” they seek.  This is, in the words of Bernie Sanders, “…a just and durable agreement.”  Remember also that besides the existing population, they insist on inviting in millions in addition to the approximate 2 million already there.

Their’s is a racist proposition.  It forces Israel to accept an unlimited number of hostile Arabs onto a land mass the size of New Jersey while forcing every Jew out of the land traveled by Abraham.  If that is not racist, then it is genocidal.  Given that there is no moral, historical or practical justification for creating a Palestinian state west of the Jordan River, we are left with only one other justification: destruction of the only Jewish state in the world.

That is exactly what all the Democrat candidates and their Squad leaders want.  They despise the sovereignty of Israel as much as they despise the sovereignty of the United States in protecting its borders.  They have an obvious problem with borders…period.  And as much as they raise a ruckus over President Trump’s attempt to secure our borders, they become absolutely apoplectic when it comes to the security of Israel’s borders.  They want to complete the task started by Hitler- the ultimate geographical final solution.