The Social Justice Month in Review: January, 2020

What follows is four stories that epitomize the Left and the best (or worst) the social justice warriors have given us over the past month- January, 2020.  Why four stories?  Because there are four weeks in a month…or something like that.

Riding Down the Dixie Highway… Maybe Not For Long

The original purpose of the Dixie Highway was to connect the Midwest to the South.  It eventually ran from Minnesota to Florida.  In Florida, the mishmash of interstates that make up the highway are still called “Dixie Highway.”  That is where the controversy enters the picture.  The vice mayor of some town in Florida wants it renamed with this plea:

Dixie was the term for the South during the Civil War. It was also a song that became the anthem of the Confederacy, with lyrics that were painting a positive imagery of slavery, talking positively of picking cotton. It’s not reflective of the times we’re in.

This is not the first time this racist piece of black asphalt has come under attack.  In 2017, other towns requested that the name be changed (at least the part in Florida) to either the Harriet Tubman Highway or Barack Obama Highway.

Showcasing Leftist Stupdity

As the Left tried to mobilize their minions over Trump taking out a “general” thug terrorist still being scraped off the streets of Baghdad, a recent poll found that only 28% of Americans can correctly point out Iran on a map of the Middle East.  Men performed better than women in this geography exercise proving that if you are going to protest a non-existent war, you should, at a minimum, know where the opponent is on a map.  Further, this is an obvious indictment against the American educational complex which has decided to forego geography and map reading skills for a series of months dedicated to black history, women’s history, and, in some states, Hispanic history.

Baltimore Takes Another Award

According to the CDC, this beautiful liberal mecca on the Eastern Seaboard, has another crowning achievement besides rodent infestation, murder, and racial segregation.  That’s right: on a per capita basis, Baltimore has the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases at 2,000 reported  cases per 100,000 people.  If you’re wondering what state has the highest rate of STD, it should come as no surprise that the Sodom of the West Coast- California- takes that prize.

The Trials and Tribulations of Kenny Jones

I refer not to the former drummer of The Who, but to a male model who is the star of a new documentary by some filmmaker named Rebecca Scott, Pandora’s Box.  This movie aims to blow the lid off of the stigma of men who have a period.  You read that correctly.  Considering this is a monthly act specific to only females in any animal species, this suggests that Kenny Jones is, in fact, not a male at all.  It also kind of destroys that theory that gender is a social construct.

Headline of the Month


Try wrapping your head around that one…