Democrat Forecast: Overcast With a Chance of Torrential Rain

Surf and wind from Hurricane Matthew crash on the waterfront in Baracoa, Cuba, Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016. The dangerous Category 4 storm blew ashore around dawn in Haiti. It unloaded heavy rain as it swirled on toward a lightly populated part of Cuba and the Bahamas. (AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa)

In the ever-changing and fluid field of candidates for the Democrat’s nomination to take on Trump in 2020, things can change in a flash.  Over the past few months, we have seen polling showing different candidates surging at different times.  As it stands now, it is Bernie Sanders who is surging in both Iowa and New Hampshire.  Should he actually take those crowns, he would be hard to stop and Warren and Biden would have to make a final nasty stand in South Carolina (where things can get real ugly real fast) and Nevada.

At this point, there are only four realistic options: the unimpressive Joe Biden, the stumbling, bumbling Elizabeth Warren, the original socialist Bernie Sanders, and the childlike Pete Buttigieg.  Some have been touting Bloomberg and Klobuchar, but really?  So let’s start with Sanders because he is the one surging right now at the right time in the right places.

Like 2016, we know that the DNC will do everything in its power to stop Sanders.  There is much to dislike about Sanders and he is the wet dream of opposition research outfits everywhere (hear that, Fusion GPS?).  Perhaps the media will run interference and run negative stories about Sanders in an effort to bow to their DNC overlords.  Or maybe their motivation will be to air the dirty Sanders laundry before Trump gets a chance to do so.

Taking out Bernie by the DNC/media complex will ensure the defeat of any other Democrat in 2020.  We know from 2016 that many Bernie Bros held their noses and voted for Trump rather than Clinton, or simply stayed home on Election Day and watched Sponge Bob.  One can imagine their reaction if the DNC does to Bernie again what they did in 2016.  A poll from Emerson College revealed that only 53% of Bernie supporters would vote for another Democrat.  Those are not good numbers.

Now that Trump has four years under his belt and we have witnessed over-the-top actions and rhetoric, we know the Left will go absolutely bonkers when he wins another four years in 2020.  The Bernie Bros will blow raspberries at the Democrats and yell “I told you so!” when Trump defeats Biden, if Biden is the nominee.  Come 2024, the Democrats will move even further to the Left.  Now, here is a real scary thought: in 2024, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be constitutionally eligible to run for President which should make every sane American pine for literacy tests for Presidential candidates.

If Democrats are serious about being a political party in the long-term, perhaps a short-term loss by a legitimate socialist like Sanders in 2020 will allow the few adults remaining in the room to step to the fore.  Even then, it is a subtle difference between adults who should be in the loony bin and adults walking the streets after ingesting copious amounts of Thorazine.  Regardless, the process of taking back the Party from those in the loony bin will be a raucous and entertaining endeavor.

Furthermore, the Democrats seem to have overplayed their hand in their reckless attempt at removing President Trump from office prematurely through impeachment.  They clearly overestimated the charisma of people like Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler in making the case before the Senate, despite Lisa Murkowski’s take that Schiff is a “fine orator.”  That statement by her should be proof enough that there are obviously some dead neurons in her brain.

To put it bluntly, impeachment has been a bust for the Democrats.  Do the American people really care about a call between two world leaders or a White House visit and photo-op?  Do they really care about an aid package that was actually delivered to Ukraine?  Do they really care about the nuances of Congressional subpoenas?

The proof is the numbers.  One would think that the “somber” duty of the Senate- an impeachment trial- would draw hordes of onlookers, but the Senate gallery is half-empty.  Rumor has it they will fill the gallery with visiting school trips to the Capitol (just kidding).  For those Americans fortunate enough not to visit the Capitol, TV ratings are in the toilet.  With each successive droning presentation by preening House Democrats, the ratings fall from day-to-day.  Only people like Rachel Maddow seem to show any interest at this point.

After days of testimony leading up to the impeachment vote, Democrats have failed to convince the American people that the President did anything wrong.  A Quinnipiac poll found that immediately after those hearings, 51% of registered voters opposed impeachment and removal from office.  Having not made their case in the largely unwatched trial in the Senate, those numbers are likely static or have risen.

Worse yet for the Democrats, a recent YouGov poll shows that down the ballot, the party of crazy is facing some challenges.  Their generic House poll shows that Republicans now trail the Democrats by a mere 1%.  That same poll found that 56% of respondents did not know who Lev Parnas- the last minute witness a la Christine Blasey Ford- is, and of those who do know who he is, only 12% have a favorable impression of him.  This is the best the Democrats can do these days other than whining about witnesses and documents.

Meanwhile, Trump’s approval rating is the highest it has been since being elected in 2016.  And although it might not be anything to cheer about, another survey showed that 41% of Americans are satisfied with the state of the country- the highest it has been in 15 years.  These are numbers that get incumbent Presidents reelected.

So as the Democrats march over the cliff, all anyone else can do is sit back, relax and enjoy the show.