Freedom of Speech: It Ain't A Laughing Matter

Since the dawn of government, there have been attempts to restrict free speech.  America is unique in that free speech is explicitly protected by the Constitution’s First Amendment.  The vision of total conformity previously came from intrusive governments that policed thought- both written and spoken.  It is the hallmark of all totalitarian regimes throughout history, and currently.  Today’s demands for conformity come not from government, but from the very entities that thrive on free speech- the media, Hollywood, and universities.  For the first time in history, the abolition of free speech is taking place through osmosis.

The key words for restricting speech are well known.  They include racist, sexist, homophobic, nationalist, white supremacist, and other taboo words.  Consider the following recent cases of (i.e., the last two years) of note.

An 85-year-old Canadian hockey announcer with a bad wardrobe is fired for expressing regret that recent immigrants to Canada do not wear a poppy on their lapel to commemorate Canada’s fallen heroes from World War I.  Before he could finish the statement, the diversity mob descended like a horde of locusts and Don Cherry found himself on the unemployment line.

One can add the career of Fox News’ Megyn Kelly who found herself on the wrong side of the equation when she questioned what was wrong with wearing a black face a la Al Jolson at a party.  She may have sort of survived that imbroglio, except she then had the audacity to assert that Santa Claus was white.  Aggrieved listeners in Canada, in the case of Cherry, and the United States, in the case of Kelly, were shocked to hear such things.

The most obnoxious of the aggrieved are the feminists who, having nothing else to bitch about, dream up controversy where none exist.  There was the story this past Christmas season of the woman who threatened to divorce her husband because he bought her an exercise bike.  Fellow females rushed to her defense since the present signified the husband thought his wife was fat, or so they thought.

Nothing exemplifies the mindset of the radical feminist than the Egyptian-American pile of feces known as Mona Eltahawy.  Besides having a face that could stop a clock and the mouth of an obnoxious, profanity-laced adolescent, this is what she had to offer recently:

This idea of respectability, this idea of civility, this idea of unity, all of these words—decorum—who invented these words? These words were invented by white men for the benefit of other white men, in systems and institutions that were always designed to be for white men.

Did you get that all you straight, white, males out there?  Being respectful, civil, unified and displaying decorum are now liabilities because they perpetuate the oppressive white patriarchy

There is the super-woke and super-dork Justin Trudeau who wants to ban the word “mankind.”Think that is ridiculously impossible?  Did you know there are no longer convicted felons in San Francisco?  While ignoring the fact that the streets of San Francisco have literally become sewers complete with human feces and urine, convicted felons are now “justice-involved persons.”

In November 2019, the New York Times published a review of a movie called “Queen and Slim.”  Says the Times:

Queen and Slim are slow dancing in a Louisiana juke joint. The black couple has been on the run since shooting a white cop dead. The two sway tenderly, staring deeply into each other’s eyes….

Imagine the reaction that review would get if it were two white people on the run after shooting a black cop.

Here is a little known fact about New York City: ten out of 12 people arrested for anti-LGBT crimes are black.  The New York Post published this fact, but the Times was eerily silent.  However, they found it “all the news that’s fit to print” about the trials and tribulations of “NHL player” Akim Aliu.  Never heard of him?  There’s a reason for that and it has nothing to do with his Nigerian birth or the color of his skin.  Apparently, more than ten years ago, the coach of the Calgary Flames, then in the minor leagues where Aliu spent his entire career, said something rude to Aliu bordering on racial.  The Calgary Flames fired the coach sooner than you could say “Aliu.”

The preening intolerance of the militant feminists, the militant gays, the militant blacks, the militant open-borders kooks, the militant transsexuals, the militant black gay transsexual feminists, the militant (Fill in the blank) is making this country a laughingstock by throwing free speech out the door.

In December, just before going on the break between semesters, the administration of Syracuse University gave into a list of 19 demands from a gaggle of aggrieved protesters who ran the gamut- blacks, Hispanics, Jews, gays, and even some Native Americans.  The impetus for the two-week protest, led by a student now in his sixth year at Syracuse U. (that should say it all right there) was apparent racist graffiti found on the wall of a freshman dorm.  Even Governor Andrew Cuomo utilized his special squad of thought police- the New York State Police Hate Crimes Task Force along with the state Division of Human Rights was called in to investigate what amounts to bathroom graffiti.  One can almost see them rushing in with black helmets, buckets, and white paint after they dusted for fingerprints and DNA and took forensic pictures of the crime scene.

The offensive message: “Little China Town” scrawled in a bathroom stall in the campus’ physics building.  (OK- some dunderhead also drew a swastika in another incident, but college attendance does not necessarily mean maturity)  It would all be amusing… except it ain’t.  Just ask any comedian who told an… excuse the expression… off color joke.