The Social Justice Year in Review Through Twelve Personalities

With 2019 behind us, let’s look at the state of the social justice warriors in the country by looking at twelve personalities who, in this writer’s opinion, exemplify the best and brightest they have to offer.  Here they are in alphabetical order:


Despite never having an original idea in his life, Mayor Pete becomes the first gay millennial to seek a major party presidential nomination.  The only reason he has gained any traction and has hung around this long is because he is…the first gay millennial to seek a major party presidential nomination .  Blacks don’t like him, Hispanics don’t like him and even many homosexuals don’t think he is homosexual enough.


As the name implies, Ed Case is a very white US Congressman from Hawaii.  Summoning his best imitation of Rachel Dolezal, Case said the felt like “an Asian trapped in a white body.”  This takes pandering and groveling to new depths.


She is a professor of women’s, gender and/or African studies at some university that suggested that time is a racist concept.  According to Cooper, time was invented by white people as another tool of oppression.  Said the learned professor: “…if time had a race, it would be white. White people own time.”  She actually used this theory to explain the stereotype that black people are late for everything.


Technically, he is not a social justice warrior but something potentially worse- an intersectional sufferer of TDS whose commentary sometimes combines the worst of that affliction with rhetoric more suited to a SJW.  For example, writing for the go-to mag for sufferers of ED- National Review– French referred to Trump supporters as “white nationalist terrorists.”  If that is not the intersection of TDS and SJW, I don’t know what is!


The obvious weak link in the famous New York crime family, this one is relegated to CNN while the others became Governors of New York.  The guy is so weak that when a heckler referred to him as “Fredo-” an obvious Godfather reference- he threatened to throw the guy down a flight of steps, then equated the name of a character in a movie with the “N-word.”


The world’s most famous unemployed quarterback managed to keep his name in the news not by throwing a football but by spouting social justice nonsense at every opportunity.  In fact, Kaepernick is only half black which indicates that his fierce display of racial purity is rooted in some deep-rooted insecurities.  Every injustice he yells about ended years, if not decades, if not a century ago.  If he had sense, he’d use whatever is left of the $20 million he extorted from “the man” and consider a nose job and haircut.


This is some strange looking Instagram personality who supposedly transitioned from female to male at the age of 29.  Although one can’t tell from the pictures, apparently it is a girl who describes herself as “trans/Agender, Demisexual/Graysexual, Blue Alien, MisfitGoth, Body Mods, Disabled, J-Fashion, Potato.”  Not satisfied with its new male sexual identity, they have since expressed their desire to have their nipples surgically removed so they can better identify as being “alien.”  (Note: Have mind bleach available if you Google this person)


Beta, Beto, Robert Francis… does it make a difference?  Here is a white guy who uses a Spanish name to get some votes.  To protect the Spanish-speaking people of Texas, he is coming for the guns of the white guys.  This guy’s political profile fell faster than a meteor in the atmosphere, but at least a meteor is more interesting.  Texas and America is a greater place today now that O’Rourke is a politically impotent has-been.  But for a few fleeting weeks there, he was the latest Great White Dope for the Democrats.


This model wannabe made a mortal mistake in May on Facebook when she said that men pretending to be women (transgenders) are not really women.  The Twitter mob attacked and she folded like a house of cards.  She explained that she was really a man transitioning to female status and her original Facebook posting was lashing out because the world hates trannies.  Then when friends who knew her as very much a woman/girl all her life, she was again forced to apologize on social media.  She should have just stuck by the truthfulness of her original statement.


This Native American sadly in need of a dental plan almost started a race war when he got in the face of a bunch of Catholic high school kids on a trip to DC and started beating his war drum.  Virtually every detail of his version of events, which the media tried to make him into a hero, was disproven in less time it took Sitting Bull to finish off Custer at Little Bighorn.  This proved once again that Native Americans were not the peace-loving naturalists before mean old Paleface arrived.


This gay, black “actor” managed to perpetrate the biggest hate crime hoax of the year…maybe the decade.  His story was unbelievable from the start.  Two white, MAGA hat-wearing bigots were out for a walk one night just itching to put a noose around the neck of some gay black dude on his way to get a tuna sandwich at a Subway  in downtown Chicago on the coldest friggin’ night of the year.  Although the story fell apart before the Chicago River unfroze, he went unpunished for wasting everyone’s time and tax money.


You likely haven’t heard of this one.  Jonathan “Call Me Jessica” Yaniv is a transgender person who filed charges with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal (sounds Orwellian, eh?) when women at a spa refused to shave his private parts.  Since that incident, it has also been revealed that Yaniv has a “tampon fetish” and had sent a pornographic voicemail to an underage girl.  Collectively, this earns him/her the trophy for most repulsive transgender.

Hate crime hoaxes, weird transgenders, goofy politicians and even a crazed Indian.  That pretty much summarizes the year 2019 in social justice.  With a presidential election on the horizon, 2020 looks to be a banner year for even more craziness.