Hell, NO (!!!) To Censure of President Trump

Recently, because the Schiff show of an impeachment inquiry has barely registered with American voters outside the small mind of Rachel Maddow, the folks at CNN, and DC beltway, there has been some talk of a Presidential censure.  Other than the censure of the fictional President Jed Bartlett on the NBC series West Wing, no United States President has been censured by Congress other than Andrew Jackson whose portrait hangs proudly in the Trump Oval Office.

So what exactly is censure and how does it work in our unique Constitutional system?  Censure is an act of formal condemnation.  It is a statement of disapproval by the simple majorities of both houses of Congress. It dost protest strongly against the President for alleged grievous action.

It has become increasingly appealing to some Democrats since their kangaroo court run by Adam Schiff has not moved the needle on impeachment.  Besides boring the electorate to death with televised hearings whose parade of witnesses witnessed nothing, every poll from every battleground state has shown that not only has the needle failed to move in their favor, Democrats are actually losing ground on the impeachment front.  Many Democrat voters are now saying to end it all now lest they do more damage to themselves.

For censure to occur, there has to be an underlying wrong committed.  It is the political equivalent of a “no contest” plea in a criminal proceeding, except the defendant in a criminal proceeding gets to enter the plea.  Censure has its supposed appeal- it is less divisive than impeachment, it sends a strong message to the President, it stands a better chance of succeeding than impeachment, it provides closure, and it serves the same political purpose for Democrats-  many are saying it is a high reward-low risk strategy.

It is “high reward/low risk” because it takes a simple majority in both chambers of Congress.  The two-thirds majority in the Senate for removal from office after a trial is not required as it is for impeachment.  Because there is no trial, it is all political emotion.  Nothing has to be proven by the accusers.  It is the ultimate denial of due process.

Except the Democrats have placed all their eggs in the impeachment basket.  Realizing they do not have the goods or the American people behind them when it comes to impeachment, they now are seemingly turning to the notion of censure.  If they did not have the goods for impeachment, they do not have the goods for censure.  Censure is the booby prize for the collection of Democrat boobs, but it should not be in the equation.

Recently, Brenda Lawrence (D-MI) floated the idea of censure over impeachment.  Said Lawrence on a podcast:

I want him censured.  I want it on the record that the House of Representatives did their job and they told this president and any president coming behind him that this is unacceptable behavior and, under our Constitution, we will not allow it.

What exactly is the “unacceptable behavior?”  Even before Pelosi gave Schiff the green light on an impeachment inquiry, Ro Khanna (D-IL) said that censuring Trump would “…send a clear message that the President’s unethical and illegal conduct is wrong and hold him accountable.”  After the parade of non-witnesses, one is left befuddled as to what the unethical or illegal conduct is.  At the time, Pelosi dismissed the notion of censure intimating that Democrats had the goods on Trump to warrant impeachment.  Less than three days after Lawrence’s comments, the impeachment squad got to her and she quickly backtracked and was again firmly for impeachment.

Assuming the Democrats do opt for censure, it requires a simple majority in the House.  One can assume it would pass with only the final tally the mystery.  One can guess that among the non-Democrats, Justin Amash (?-MI) would side with the Democrats.  Assuming it passes in the House, the resolution censuring Trump would move to the Senate where it gets a little dicier.  We should not forget that in the upper chamber we have the likes of Susan Collins (?R-ME), Lisa Murkowski (RINO-AK), Mitt “TheResistance” Romney of Utah, and Ben “Virtue Signal” Sasse of Nebraska.

It is at this point that we separate the men from the boys, so to speak, or a better analogy would be separating the fighters from the sissies.  Chris Wallace of Fox News described censure of President Trump as a “reasonable compromise.”  It may be a compromise, but it certainly is not reasonable.  They would be censuring the President for a conversation with a foreign leader which, among other items, involved a very legitimate concern when it comes to Ukraine- corruption within that country.

If any Republican who votes for censure against the President who did nothing wrong except cause career bureaucrats to [email protected]%! their pants, they should be shown the door out of the party after being tarred and feathered- literally. There would likely be grand speeches about a “reasonable compromise.  They will tell us it will help heal the country in a country that needs no healing.  They will suggest that censure will alter Trump’s behavior and rhetoric ignorant of the fact they are not dealing with a traditional politician.  If they say it will help the country “move on,” they are bigger fools than originally thought.  Democrats and the Left will use censure to hammer every Republican up and down the ballot in 2020.  Democrats and the Left will not “move on” since they are so heavily invested in their hatred of OrangeManBad.

Instead, anyone who wears an “R” after their name has to come to three realizations.  First, whether they like it or not, Donald Trump is the duly elected President of the United States.  Try as they might, there are no other options.  Second, the Democrats are united in their opposition and resistance to Trump.  They will censure today and continue to harass, obstruct, obfuscate, and hate this President.  Third, and most importantly, they would be censuring a President who did nothing wrong.  It would be like convicting a defendant because jurors did not like the way he wore his clothes absent any evidence of wrongdoing.

One final thought: the only President in history to be censured by Congress was Andrew Jackson.  With all due respect to Harriet Tubman, Andrew Jackson’s portrait still adorns the $20 bill and his portrait still hangs in the Oval Office.