Another New Low For the Left

In this country, sex offenders, once released, are required to place their names on a sex offender registry.  Its purpose is to inform neighbors, if they wish, to see which sex offenders are living near them, mainly for the protection of their children.  It is, basically, a warning or blacklist and I believe most people here would agree that this is a good blacklist of sorts.

However, what if we dumped the names of people who made a political donation into the public realm?  What if we did so with the intent of branding those people “racist” or “xenophobic?”  In this case, we are not talking about a crime like a sex offense, but exercising your First Amendment right to donate to a political candidate of your choice.

That is exactly what recently happened when an obscure group called Public Media Service Group published a map of Trump donors throughout the United States.  In a tremendous display of an invasion of privacy complete with little red flags that can reveal a name with a click of a mouse, this group has taken Trump Derangement Syndrome to a whole other level.  Since taken down, the site went further with a banner at the top.  Those were not people who donated campaign cash to Donald Trump; those were, in that banner, a “Racist Watch.”  It then asked the question “Do your neighbors support a president who supports racism and ‘hate speech?'”

There is the obvious Orwellianism of this effort by the lynch mob on the Left where people report on their neighbors.  It also takes it on faith that President Trump is a xenophobic, racist out deport every immigrant who ever set foot in this country.  Most of that derives from the 2016 campaign and Trump’s promise to build a border wall.  If that makes Trump a racist, then every world leader who desires to protect and control their borders is a racist.  In short, Trump is my kind of racist because it is not racism; it is commonsense.

Trump himself has nothing to fear from these shenanigans since he has an army of agents at his disposal to protect his security and that of his family.  The purpose of this was to scare voters or donors.  And the threat is very real- just ask Tucker Carlson, Mitch McConnell, or Rand Paul.  Ask anyone who has been derided, spit on, or screamed at because they wore a Trump red baseball cap.  The Left has moved beyond television personalities and politicians.  Your neighbors are now in their sites.  Perhaps those donors since outed should be required to wear a red cap insignia on their clothes in public much like Jews in Nazi Germany were required to wear the yellow Star of David.  Or maybe the outed donors should apologize for their indiscretions publicly… in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

It is not hyperbole to state that Trump Derangement Syndrome has reached such epic proportions that a Trump supporter or donor is now considered some form of a sex offender who deserves to be blacklisted and publicly shamed.

The Left has cried “racism” so many times since 2016 and so many people have been branded “racist” and Trump has so many “racist” statements and Tweets that it is hard to keep count.  Recently, Democrats cried a racial foul over a poster depicting the black female mayor of San Franturdo (thanks FP writers) as a wealthy elitist.  Such depictions have been used against white politicians with nary a cry of “racism.”  But, this is 2019 and the PC-police has issued a ticket creating a full-blown political crisis.

The fact is this was the dirtiest of political dirty tricks by the Left.  This “racist hysteria” is being driven by the deranged in an effort to steal the White House in 2020.  It was a sick effort to portray very good people (others would describe them as “deplorable”) as racists and xenophobic haters.

Using every trick in their dirty arsenal, the Left has gone even further down the sewer than originally believed by many.  After watching this prelude to the 2020 presidential campaign, there are unfortunately way too many who claim to be Republican or conservative who still believe that fighting an enemy with no principles with so-called “principles” is a recipe for victory.  For anyone who thinks that way, I have two words: MITT ROMNEY.  The sad fact is they do not even realize that these co-conspirators with the Left will be on the next blacklist, that is how stupid they are.

The next election is the most consequential in recent history.  We have seen the enemy and we have seen they will sink to unforeseen depths, yet there are many who would rather bury their convoluted “principled” heads in the sand.  In the end, they are no better than their Leftist allies at this group that published this map.

Personally, it would be nice to read of some Leftist showing up at the home of an outed Trump donor only to be greeted by the barrel of a shotgun.  Certainly not fired without justification…just greeted.