Canada's Golden Boy is Tarnished Brass

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gestures during a roundtable discussion with members of the Canadian Technology Accelerator in Cambridge, Mass., Thursday, May 17, 2018. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)
(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Just as Donald Trump was bursting onto the political scene, north of the border Justin Trudeau had become prime minister.  Canadians were proud to show off their anti-Trump and the American Left and mainstream and Leftist media were quick to discover him.  Newsweek  ran glowing articles about his “youthfulness” (and choice of socks), while he was featured on the cover of GQ and dubbed the “geopolitical golden boy.”  Slate took it to new depths by referring to Trudeau as a “dreamy heartthrob.”  Featured on the cover of Vogue, that rag called him the “new young face of Canadian politics.”  The American progressive machine swooned over that dreamy heartthrob from north of the border.

In reality, Trudeau was less a politician and more a brand in the Obama mold.  He was savvy with social media and a smooth talker.  His campaign was, when you reduce it to its bones, predicated on hope and change.  He had a cult-like following.  Everyone lauded his half-female and racially diverse cabinet.  This was, we were told, how you run a country and how a leader should act and talk.  He was everything Trump wasn’t.  He was the anti-Trump.

But a funny thing happened between then and now.  Today, Trudeau’s approval ratings are below those of Trump.   As another election looms, Trudeau has lost his luster.  He is forced to run on a record of broken promises, a serious corruption scandal, and loads of baggage.  The most recent scandal involves photos that have emerged of Trudeau in blackface not once, not twice, but three times.  He quickly rushed out apologies and excuses and perhaps consulted Virginia governor Ralph Northam for some damage control advice, but he was caught in a lie.  He said he only did it twice…and then a third video showed up.

Regardless of his professed penchant for taking costumes perhaps too far (for which he deeply regrets, of course), this incident- despite his many other transgressions- seems to have broken the camel’s back.  Perhaps that fawning media now realize they were taken for fools by Trudeau.

Take the case of his stances on climate change where he has swallowed the whole bowl of pablum coming from the likes of Al Gore and Greta Thunberg.  When she addressed the UN, there was Trudeau beaming and nodding in agreement.  But like the rest of the climate change hypocrites, it came to light that he was using two airplanes to cart himself and his campaign staff around Canada.  No one expects him to launch a nationwide campaign (Canada is a big country) on a bicycle, but if you want to be Mr. Climate Change and lead by example, perhaps only one airplane would suffice.

Staying with this theme, the wonder boy is fond of marching in solidarity with climate change activists.  But climate change activists do not like oil and natural gas.  They especially do not like oil and gas pipelines as they proved at Standing Rock.  Mr. Green Conscious apparently failed to read the memo on that one.  Instead, he bought out the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline to the tune of $4.5 billion of Canadian taxpayer money.  This writer has no problem with energy pipelines.  I do have a problem with hypocritical world leaders.

From the man who wears pink anti-bullying T-shirts that say “Kindness is One Size That Fits All,” we have a case of actual bullying- the burgeoning corruption scandal.  It appears that Mr. Golden Boy has some close friends with deep pockets at an engineering firm called SNC Lavalin.  That company came under investigation for bribing government officials to obtain a lucrative contract in Libya.  President Trump just rightfully bad-mouthed his attorney general.   Trudeau demoted his attorney general and then put pressure on her to stop the probe.

There is also the reported instance of Trudeau allowing about 550 ISIS jihadis into Canada in a warped sense of welcoming.   The list could on.

The moral of the story is that Justin Trudeau is just yet another white version of Barack Obama and an English speaking version of France’s Emannuel Macron.  His failure to deliver should be a message and a lesson to progressives everywhere.  Hopefully, voters will realize the duplicity and the hypocrisy of smooth-talking liberals.

In the case of Justin Trudeau, Mark Twain probably said it best: “Babies and politicians should be changed often and for the same reasons.”  The Wonderboy’s diaper is overflowing.