The Culture Wars # 116: Trannies, Watermelons and Art

A belated happy Labor Day to all laborers and women who have ever been in labor.  As sure as autumn follows summer and kids return to school in September, the culture wars continue unabated.  The social justice activists remain undeterred by logic as they fight their holy war.  Here are seven stories that may or may not have made headlines recently.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts is a large museum in San Francisco funded by several philanthropies, the city of San Francisco and the National Endowment for the Arts.  They recently ran an 11-minute movie in a continuous loop titled, “Why Don’t We Kill More White People?”    The film features various people spewing hatred against white people and, in many cases, calling for racial violence up to and including murder.

Speaking of Art

Some art critics- those pompous ass morons who think sticking a crucifix in a jar of urine is great art- have recently taken to attacking the great Impressionist artist Pierre Auguste Renoir.  What has drawn the ire of Martha Lucy of the New York Times to state “Who doesn’t have a problem with Renoir?”  A museum in Massachusetts in opening an exhibit of his nude paintings.  For the uninitiated, Renoir did paint a lot of nude women and girls, but that is not the problem according to Lucy because a lot of artists paint nudes.  Instead, it is the look on the face of the girls depicted.  According to Lucy, they all look “dumb.”  That automatically makes Renoir a sexist pig.  After the statues of Robert E. Lee are dismantled, could Renoir’s paintings be next?

Speaking of Statues

It is not just statues of Lee in the United States that have drawn the ire of the social justice nerds.  In Switzerland, vandals recently threw paint in the colors of the LBTGQA+ squared flag over statues of John Calvin, John Knox, and two other Reformation clergymen.  It is known as the Reformation Wall in Geneva.  Previously this year, feminists spray-painted the statue with the question: “Where are the women?”  Perhaps noted art critic Martha Lucy considers these acts of vandalism “art.”

The Irony and Hypocrisy

A sex offender in Idaho recently won a case in federal court which decreed that the state must pay for his/her sex-change operation, otherwise known as genital mutilation.  According to court documents, the person in question suffers from a mental illness known as “gender dysmorphia,” or in layman’s term: a dude who thinks they are a woman, or in the vernacular, is transgender.  Hence, they suffer from a recognized medical condition and the state must pay for treatment as if the guy was suffering from cancer.  Scheduled for release in 2021, the irony is not lost on this writer.  We are to accept the concept of transgenderism, yet it is a mental disorder according to his/her lawyers.

In a Related Story, Trannies Gone Wild

Transgender activists recently nailed a rat to a door of a rape crisis center in Vancouver, Washington.  These misfits have a problem with safe spaces for people who are actually women and suffered a sexual attack.  The activists claim the crisis center discriminates against them.  Feminists who still believe that people with a penis are men are often called “TERFs,” or trans-exclusionary radical feminists.  Apparently, regular feminists have accepted the fact that a recognized medical condition is the new normal.

The Trauma of Eating Watermelon

Cynthia Greenlee is a black, female writer for Vox.  She recently penned an article titled, “On Eating Watermelon in Front of White People.”  She recalled an incident at a recent business seminar she attended where food, including a fruit tray, was provided.  Her words describe the tremendous trauma that follows:

My hand hovered over the fruit tray, about to spear a chunk of watermelon, when a white person walked up. I paused…. I moved my fork carefully away from the watermelon, grazing over the pineapple, and picked strawberries instead….Safer territory, I thought. Safer fruit….I didn’t want to be an updated version of that Sambo figure, tap-dancing and braying in joy at a succulent watermelon wedge.

At the end of the article, she makes a revolutionary declaration right up there with MLK’s “I have a dream” speech: henceforth, she will eat watermelon in public…even in front of white people.

And Finally

Jeffrey Dye is president of the NAACP chapter in Passaic, New Jersey.  According to reports, he recently told a reporter, who dared to sport a Jewish surname, “I don’t take to [email protected]!&ing Jews.  Get the [email protected]!& out of here.”  Trying to correct the alleged wrong, Dye then took to Facebook to deny the allegations while embarking on an anti-Semitic screed that would have made Goebbels and Hitler proud.  After all, to summarize some of that screed, “it’s all about the Benjamins.”

That’s it for this week.