The Hard Truths of Feminism Today

Feminism embraces the belief that men and women are equal and that the differences between the sexes are minor or non-existent.  It is why they have warped the English language so that we no longer talk about the sexes but gender identity.  Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of feminism is that it is nothing but a conspiracy theory.  That theory postulates that men suppress and oppress women.  Only today’s feminists can see that oppression and they and they alone are the only ones who can stop that oppression.  It is a historic injustice.  Yet, all it entails is liberalism applied to women.

Conservatives are correct to call out feminism for what it is and to reject it wholesale.  We do not believe that men and women are equal, but each is equally vital.  Each sex has different attributes, strengths, and weaknesses.  They are not interchangeable because each sex is unique.  Neither is superior: men are superior at some tasks, women superior at other tasks.  Likewise, each sex is inferior in certain tasks.  Nor do we accept the notion of oppression.  It is not a fact that one sex gets all the goodies and the other sex gets crap.  Life is inherently unfair, but women do not have a monopoly on the unfairness market.

When most people think of feminism today, they think of gender studies, women’s studies, political lesbianism, and male sexual assault as if every man is a potential rapist.  This is the hard, ugly feminism that many women ignore or run from even though they may live close to the feminist ideal.  Sometimes, your average liberal thinks they have gone too far, but the hard feminists are needed as the voices to say outrageous things.

They are a necessity to see who ignores and who salutes the latest idea.  Sometimes, society just does not think it worth the fight.  But does that then suggest society should roll up, throw in the towel and move on?  Is surrender the answer?  We saw that when it came to gay marriage.  Some conservatives thought, “Oh well…doesn’t affect me…Supreme Court says its all well and good…let’s move on.”  Gay marriage struck at the fundamental foundation of human society, yet it is the reality today.

Then there is the other feminism that believes men and women are equal, but women have been discriminated against in the past so they need extra help today.  Generally, we walk through life ignorant of all-female offices, schools where females dominate among teachers, women in traditionally male occupations but no males in traditionally female occupations.  There are no-fault divorces and child custody or support hearings where men are presumed guilty.  When called out on the slanted inequities, some are embarrassed for being called out.  They are the minority.

We have heard the mantra before: Anything a man can do a woman could and should be allowed to do.  It is one thing in the employment field and quite another in the cultural field.  As a result, women can dress any way they want, drink as much as any man and be as sexually promiscuous as your common cad.  All of this, they claim, comes without consequences.  It is illogical because they are quick to point out the consequences for men, but fail to see the consequences in themselves.

Although they will deny it by saying they hate the actions of men, not men themselves, hatred lies at the root of feminism.  Unfortunately, their true colors are often revealed.  Men are discriminated against not in favor of all women, but the favor of feminist women.  Here, the true hatred underlying feminism is most vividly shown.  Do pro-life women appear in a women’s march?  Yeah right!

Feminism believes that all true women are feminists and those who are not must either be ignored or converted.  Laws that protect traditional male/female roles are dismantled as being too pro-male- the dreaded patriarchy.  Instead of being equals in life, men and women must be enemies in the battle of the sexes.  The ideal woman is a professional, hard-living and promiscuous (it is why they are pro-choice), children optional (it is why they are pro-choice).

Today’s feminist hates femininity more than it hates masculinity.  When they say there are no differences between men and women, they honestly mean that.  They wish for a world where no one can tell the difference between a man and a woman to the point they blur the line between the sexes with their support for gender neutrality, fluidity, or whatever nonsense they conjure in their minds.  To them, it is a world where femininity is as dead as masculinity.  Theirs is a war against human nature, human biology, human dignity and humanity itself.  As such, feminism is inhuman!