White Privilege, or Black Fragility?

A contingent of Black Lives Matter protesters try to shout down Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as he speaks during a campaign rally Saturday, March 19, 2016, in Tucson, Ariz. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

Apparently, there is a war on black people, or people of color, in this country.  Black activists and their white Leftist allies like to talk up “white fragility,” privilege, and supremacy.  Accordingly, whites are afraid of a dialogue on race, especially when graduates working on the latest critical race theory thesis bring up the subject of white supremacy.  Of course, they don’t really say that preferring instead to call it “white privilege.”  It is epitomized in that infamous statement by Eric Holder when he said America was a “nation of cowards” when it comes to race.  In short, white Americans are cowards unwilling to admit their guilty white privilege.

But, are whites truly cowards when it comes to dialogue on race?  Not too many white, cisgender heterosexuals go running to the nearest safe space or demand censorship when a contrarian view is expressed.   Groups of whites do not show up to shout down and heckle people like Al Sharpton or Shaun King.  Nor do whites organize protests and marches when there is a white victim of a police shooting.  Poor white people living in poverty do not loot and burn cities and then justify it as “they reached their breaking point.”

Political correctness is a culture of fragility for minority groups.  These fragile survivors can veer from violent protests to panic attacks on YouTube.  Anyone of the minority group who fails to act like a manic-depressive is labeled not really part of the “community.”  To be a member of the “community,” you must be both angry and fragile.

For example, the hysteria of Black Lives Matter epitomizes the phenomena.  They shriek they are being killed on every street corner in America.  Their victimhood entitles them to victimize others because their “black privilege” is predicated upon black fragility.

Ta-Nehesi Coates is another great example.  However, his fragility in seeing everything through racial lenses is not rational.  In fact, it is quite racist.  His exaggerated sense of peril is prejudice.  If a white man perceives a black man as out to get him, that is racist.  If a black man perceives a white man is out to get him, that is justifiable.  If a white criminal goes to jail, that’s justice while if a black criminal goes to jail, it is “mass incarceration.”  A white criminal shot by the cops is a statistic while a black criminal shot by a cop is “genocide.”  A white thug knocks off a convenience store and gets into a fight with a cop- that is another statistic.  If a black thug does it, then it inspires hashtags and T-shirts.  This is how the game works.

It is why BLM hates the phrase “all lives matter.”  If all lives mattered, the rationale for turning black thugs into celebrities vanishes.  By elevating black lives above all lives, facts no longer become necessary and the culture of black fragility turns a police killing into a political cause.

Black fragility means blacks are supposed to be afraid at all times.  You never know when some white supremacist will jump out of the bushes and kill you.  But, it does not stop there.  Any alleged victimized group is fragile.  If you are Latino, you are supposed to believe that you will be deported at any minute, even if you are here legally.  If you are a female college student, you are obliged to retweet inflated campus rape statistics and treat all males as a potential rapist.  If you are gay, then Mike Pence and Donald Trump are coming to send you to a reeducation camp.

Forget about hope.  Fragility is all about hate and fear.  All blacks are victims.  All women are oppressed.  The oppressor can only be recognized when they acknowledge their privilege.  If they don’t or fail to do so on an acceptable basis, then they are still slaves to their privilege.

That is why the phrase social justice warrior is an oxymoron.  They are hardly warriors because they make a fetish of their fragility.  When challenged, they run to the nearest safe space.  They bully when they have the numerical advantage on social media then whine to the traditional media when they don’t have the advantage.

Black fragility is a racist cult and disrespects both blacks and whites.  To be black, one must live in a state of fear.  To be white, they are inherently evil because of their skin color.  It is a blatantly racist narrative in which the failures of the black community must be placed squarely on the shoulders of white people, even using reparations to “correct past wrongs.”  It is why it ignores the killing fields of black-on-black gang violence and centers on the lesser examples of a black thug being killed by a white cop.

Black fragility further denies equality.  It asserts blacks cannot compete evenly with whites in the job market or college admissions without some external help.  They cannot be expected to abide by the laws the same as white people.  They cannot even participate in the dialogue without resorting to accusations of white privilege, or demanding censorship that borders on political repression.

We can have equality or fragility.  We can have racial progress or racial fragility.  In either case, we cannot have both.  Hopefully, people are not as fragile as Eric Holder, BLM or Coates would have one think.  Blacks are not the infants needing the protection of these people.  Instead, they push the narrative of victimization which encourages one to endure rather than achieve.  It encourages one to struggle rather than thrive.  It encourages safe spaces and censorship rather than that needed dialogue.

Black fragility is the real war on the black community.  It is a war on their dignity and their self-sufficiency.  It is the real war against their equality.  After all, how can one be dignified, self-sufficient and equal if one is always angry and afraid?