If You Are White and Love Your Country, You Too May Be a White Supremacist

(Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal-Constitution/TNS)

Perhaps one of the most annoying tendencies on the Left is to phrase everything in racial tones.  Calling an area of Baltimore which, by many standards could be characterized as “rat-infested,” is now a code word for racism.  Telling someone to go back to where they came from and solve problems there is now a racist code phrase.  Even the phrase, “some very fine people” has been interpreted as a wink-and-a-nod to white supremacy.

To hear the Southern Poverty Law Center speak, the country is a seething cauldron of racial hatred and tension about to explode to such levels that Charles Manson, if he were alive, would cheer on as the impending “Helter Skelter.”  A look at their hate map shows that only four states do not have alleged hate groups- Vermont, Wyoming, North Dakota, and New Mexico.  Perhaps it is their sparse populations, or maybe racists just do not like deserts and cold weather.  According to that “authoritative” map, my little area of New Jersey is really bad although I cannot remember a single incident, meeting, speech, rally, or anything approximating a crime since… well, I can’t remember.   Perhaps they get together, drink beer in the nearby woods and drive motorcycles to get there, but “hate?”

Nationalism, which is a belief that one’s country comes first in contradiction to international organizations and such, has received a bad name since World War I.  Most history textbooks blame the war on four things with the acronym, MAIN- militarism, alliances, militarism, and nationalism.  Nationalism took a further hit when Hitler forever equated nationalism with being a Nazi.  Funny, but the Left often conveniently forgets about the “Socialist” part of the Nazi Party’s name, but that is to be expected.  So, nationalism is now a dirty word and thought.

But, there is one thing worse than being a nationalist.  If you do not have the correct amount of melanin in your skin (i.e., you are white) and you are a “nationalist” (i.e., you believe your country and its citizens should come first), then you have crossed the line and become a Nazi.

This is not to say that there are no real Hitler-supporters or Nazi-sympathizers out there.  Fortunately, they are a very small minority of the American population who have an outsized voice in the mainstream media.  They have been held up examples of “white nationalism.”  So what is a white nationalist according to the SPLC?

To quote them:

Adherents of white nationalist groups believe that white identity should be the organizing principle of the countries that make up Western civilization. White nationalists advocate for policies to reverse changing demographics and the loss of an absolute, white majority…Ending non-white immigration, both legal and illegal, is an urgent priority…

Let us dispense with this pablum.  To the best of my knowledge, “Western civilization” is a purely white phenomenon.  And to dispense with the multiculturalist nonsense, Western civilization and culture are vastly superior to other civilizations.  A perfect illustration is with immigration.

According to a Gallup poll, about 14% of the world’s adult population- approximately 710 million people- said they want to migrate to another country.  Nine of the top ten countries these migrants wish to enter are considered “Western” countries.  Not surprisingly, they are also predominantly white countries (Saudi Arabia is the exception).  More telling is the fact that only one country- the United States- breaks double-digits in this poll with 21% of the estimated 14% of the world’s adult population wishing to come to this cauldron of racism.  Germany was a distant second on the list at 6%.  We do not see too many people wishing to immigrate to China, India, South Africa, or Nigeria.

South Africa was a problem at one time under white rule.  However, under black rule, it is a disgrace.  To state this basic fact, one runs the risk of being branded a “racist.”  Truth is not racism any more than a white person who loves their country is a “white nationalist” in the sense the SPLC portrays it.  And what makes South Africa unique was that it involved a white minority government ruling over a black majority population.

One supposes there are people out there on the fringes who wish to end non-white “legal and illegal” immigration to the country, but they are certainly in the minority.  What most white (and non-white) citizens who love their country wish to end is illegal immigration to this country.  Full stop!  The fact that most of the illegal immigration today involves Hispanics does not make this a racial issue from the start.

Why?  Because being Hispanic is not a race.  In fact, they are considered “white” and correctly so.  Being “Hispanic” means a person from “Spanish culture or origin.”  Perhaps this is why the Left has ceased the black/white/Asian triad and adopted the newer, slicker “people of color” phrase.  To the Left, it is white versus everyone else.

Since the Civil Rights Movement, one of the most potent weapons in the arsenal of the Left has been racial conflict, probably because they have very little otherwise to offer other than failed economic and cultural ideas like feminism and socialism.  Provided they keep racial conflict in the headlines and as long as white people who happen to love their country cower in the corners for fear of being lumped in with neo-Nazi skinheads, there is nothing to force them to abandon the strategy.

As a white person who loves my country and Western civilization and culture upon which it is based, one guesses that makes me a white nationalist, but certainly not in the way the Left through mouthpieces like the SPLC portrays it.  It is sort of sad that in these days of record-low black unemployment, any President would be branded a white nationalist in the negative sense at best and as a racist at worst.  It is appalling that so many people risk their lives and fortunes to enter this country, yet that country is called racist.

If you want to see true racism in action, look no further than, ironically, South Africa today.  Look no further than Saudi Arabia where Palestinians and Indians alike are treated like slaves.  And there are further examples.

In the meantime, call me a white nationalist because I am white and I am a nationalist in the traditional meaning of the term; just do not call me a racist or white supremacist.