The Culture Wars, Volume #108: History, Maggots, and Rising Sea Levels

America managed to survive another July 4th, but not for lack of trying on the part of the Left.  While Betsy Ross suddenly became a controversial figure in American history, Colin Kaepernick managed to get his goofy face back in the news somehow.  We even survived five tanks in DC and a Trump speech at the Lincoln Memorial.  Yet, the social justice warriors march on.  Here are seven tidbits for the reader’s perusal.

Gays Gone Wild

On the last day of Pride Month (thank God), gays held a parade in Manhattan.  Amid the drag queens and ass-chap wearing marchers was an apparent shock troop who managed to vandalize a Chick-Fil-A they passed because the restaurant chain makes yummy chicken sandwiches and gays do not like yummy chicken sandwiches.  It’s a fact!  The vandalism is an example of gay tolerance where they put “F*** haters” and red “X’s” on the restaurant.  This begs the question: If the march was about gay pride, why bring pink tape with the “F*** haters” message?  The best part about this story? Pride month is over.

Just When You Thought California Could Not Get Crazier…

Governor Hair Gel Newsom of California recently signed into law Senate Bill 188 which prohibits hair-based discrimination.  This writer did not research the need for such a law, but perhaps the text sheds some light: “the history of our nation is riddled with laws and societal norms that equated ‘blackness,’ and the associated physical traits, for example, dark skin, kinky and curly hair to a badge of inferiority, sometimes subject to separate and unequal treatment.”  So there you have it.  The next time you find a hair in your hamburger at Burger King deposited there by an oversized Afro, blame Newsom.

From Betsy Ross to George Washington

The San Francisco School Board recently voted to spend $600,000 to cover a mural of George Washington at a school because some find its depiction of blacks and Indians as “offensive.”  The mural was painted by Victor Arnautoff during the Depression and was considered innovative for its time.  The irony is that Arnautoff was a Russian immigrant who was also an avowed Communist.  Considered “radical” at the time, today it is not radical enough in San Franfeces.

From George Washington to Thomas Jefferson

Not content to delegate Washington and Ross to the memory hole, the city of Charlottesville, Virginia- the home of the University of Virginia which was founded by Thomas Jefferson- has decided they will no longer celebrate Jefferson’s birthday because… well, you know: he was a Virginia land owner and had slaves.  Instead, they will use March 3rd to celebrate Liberation and Freedom Day to mark the appearance of Union forces in the city in 1865.  Now, that’s sticking it to Jefferson!  Take that!

A Gathering of the Tribes

The annual Glastonbury rock festival in Great Britain is in the books and this year’s theme was climate change and the environment.  They even trotted out David Attenborough who narrates nature documentaries on BBC.  Thanking the festival for going “plastic-free,” clean up crews then started picking up over 200,000 plastic water bottles that littered the grounds of the festival.  At least conservatives clean up after themselves…

Let Them Eat Maggots?

The UN has warned that because of climate change, meat as a source of protein in the diet cannot be sustained in the long term.  Some have turned to the larva of black soldier flies because they convert all kinds of waste into a high protein substance with no carbon footprint.  Fly larvae is more affectionately referred to as maggots.  One professor at Texas A&M predicts that maggots “will create jobs and protect the environment.”  Perhaps, this should be the motto of the Democrat moonbats running for president in 2020: “Make them eat maggots.”

And Finally, a Dubious Anniversary

I found this tidbit buried on the Internet.  Said the UN on June 30, 1989, entire nations could be wiped off the earth due to rising sea levels if something was not done about global warming by the year 2000.  Here we are 20 years past that predicted deadline and no country has been wiped off the map.  But like most climate change hysterics, when the prediction fails to come true, just keep pushing back the clock to maintain the narrative.  After all, it gives Democrats something to scream about.