The Culture War, #106: Satan, Statues and Bells

Welcome to another brief edition of the Culture Wars, bringing you Leftist craziness in all its ugly glory.

A Bot Got Him

Certified moonbat John Cusack who has been sulking since the election of Trump in 2016 recently retweeted an image considered to be anti-Semitic.  You be the judge: in the image, a giant hand bearing the Star of David envelops a group of people with the words “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”  Cusack added, “Follow the money.”  He later took down the image claiming he thought he was retweeting “a pro-Palestinian justice tweet” before suggesting a bot fooled him.  OK…and I have oceanfront property in Kansas…

Satan Visits Alaska

Iris Fontana, a member of the Satanic Temple, delivered the invocation at a recent meeting of the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly in Alaska.  This all came about when the Alaska Supreme Court ruled that the borough’s previous prayer policy violated the state constitution.  During the Satanic prayer, many people walked out indicating there is still hope for salvation in Kenai Peninsula Borough.

If Race, Then Why Not Sexual Orientation

Former Spokane NAACP director Rachel Dolezal who became a laughing stock when it was revealed when was actually white made some news when she announced that she was also bisexual.  Being this is Pride Month, the publicity hound found a way to get back in the news.  Considering her background as a race hoaxer, I guess we should treat this claim with a healthy dose of “You’re full of s***!”


No… not for slavery which got its hearing in the House which allowed a lot of nonsensical rhetoric to be heard by C-Span’s 22 viewers.  Instead, the latest call for reparations is for gay people.  Elizabeth Warren has come out in favor of gay reparations.  Of course, this begs the question: What if you are black and gay?  Do you get double the pay out?

A Most Interesting College Course

Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania recently offered a course called “Queering God” in the spring 2019 semester.  According to Campus Reform:

The course… questions whether God is a masculine or feminine figure through the examination of feminist and queer writings. Its course description says the class “stretch[es] the limits of gendering-and sexing-the divine. Key themes of the class, also outlined in the course description include gender, embodiment, masculinity, liberation, sexuality, and feminist and queer theory.

That course should land you a job stocking shelves at the local Gap.

Mission Bells: A New Thoughtcrime

At the University of California- Santa Cruz, officials will be removing the mission bell that stands outside the student services building.  Donated many years ago by a women’s club, the bell apparently offends and triggers some students…or something like that. According to one source:

Mission bells, which were installed across the state to memorialize the California Missions, are viewed by many populations as a symbol of racism and dehumanization of their ancestors.

This writer does not know how many Indian students there are at UC-Santa Cruz, but at least it allows the Amah Matsun Tribal Band to participate in the dismantling of that oppressive and racist bell.

But WAIT!  It Gets Worse

Bret Gilbert- co-leader of the Native American Student Union at the University of Oregon- a young man without a very Native American name, is leading the charge to have a 100-year-old statue of a pioneer removed from the campus.  Said the young snowflake:

A lot of our students feel oppressed by the statue. I know when I walk under it I feel very inferior. I don’t feel that way when I’m at other places on campus. I don’t think that’s what the university community wants us to feel like when we’re here.

Dude, grow up and grow a set!  If a statue makes you feel “inferior,” you don’t belong in college.