The Odd Case of Great Britain, Christians and Muslims

The British Home Office is responsible for immigration in Great Britain and handles asylum requests.  The office is headed by Sajid Javid, a British citizen and son of Pakistani Muslim immigrants.  Something is amiss in his bureaucracy as the following stories will attest.

In one case, an Iranian man and convert to Christianity was denied asylum when the Home Office denigrated his request.  That statement said he converted to Christianity when he read the Bible and found it more peace-loving than Islam.  In their denial of the asylum request, the Home Office cited numerous Biblical passages claiming that Christianity was as violent as Islam and that his reason for conversion was inconsistent and they thereby denied his request.

In the case of a female Iranian convert to Christianity, the Home Office wrote: “You affirmed…that Jesus is your savior, but then claimed He could not save you from the Iranian regime.   It is therefore considered that you have no conviction in your faith and your belief in Jesus is half-hearted.”  

In both cases, conversion to Christianity is punishable by death in Iran.  By denying asylum, Great Britain may have inadvertently become accomplices in their ultimate demise.

There is the case of Sister Ban Madleen of Iraq who had to flee ISIS.  She was twice denied a visa to visit her sick sister in Britain.  Several Christian orderlies from Syria, a nun with a PhD from Oxford and others have been denied visas.  In the case of Sister Ban Madleen, they even admitted that under her previous four visas that she never violated the terms of them.  One Catholic priest from Iraq was denied a visa…because he was not married.  And what has to be a case of religious hubris, three clerics noted for their work in Iraq and Syria invited by Prince Charles for the opening of Britain’s first Syriac Church were denied visas because “there is no room at the inn.”

One longtime British residents has been deported back to a Muslim country.  Asher Samson came to Britain 15 years ago to pursue theological studies after leaving his native Pakistan where he was threatened with arrest and beaten by extremists.  He has been deported back to Pakistan.  The latest report is that he is in hiding somewhere in Pakistan.

Perhaps, these are just overworked bureaucrats churning out these visa denials.  Or maybe Britain just has some very stringent asylum and visa laws.  However, Ahmed Hassan entered and stayed in the country despite telling authorities he was trained as an ISIS fighter.  Two years later he launched a terrorist attack on the London subway leaving 30 injured.  Hamza Sogadar, a Muslim cleric, was granted a visa despite preaching hatred against homosexuals which includes burning them and throwing them off cliffs.

The story of Asia Bibi is noteworthy here.  The Christian mother of five spent 10 years on death row in Pakistan for allegedly insulting the prophet Mohammed.  When the Pakistani Supreme Court ordered her release, riots broke out when more than 11,000 Pakistanis took to the streets demanding her death.  One politician who supported Bibi was killed by the mob.  When Pakistanis- the largest Muslim contingent in Britain- got wind of the possibility of Bibi being granted asylum, riots and marches broke out.  Prime Minister Theresa May intervened and ordered the Home Office to deny the request.  The mob had won.

As this was happening, Syed Muzzafar Shah Qadri- a Muslim cleric so extreme he is even banned in his native Pakistan- was granted a visa to preach at British mosques.  He, by the way, celebrated the death of the politician who supported Bibi.

They have no excuses such as stringent laws or overworked bureaucrats.  In 2015, Britain admitted 2,647 refugees- 2,617 Muslims, 43 Christians and 13 Yazidis.  In 2016, they admitted 7,499 refugees: 7,467 Muslims, 27 Christians and 5 Yazidis.  Of the 4,850 refugees from Syria alone admitted into Britain in 2017, just 0.2% are Christian.  It is believed that Christians made up 10% of the Syrian population.

Also, the majority of Muslims allowed entry through visas or through asylum are Sunni Muslims.  ISIS is a Sunni Muslim terrorist group.  Of the total 10,114 refugees between 2016-2017, only 14 were Shiite.

There is indeed a problem with the British Home Office.  No one has yet heard of a Muslim being denied asylum nor a visa.  In fact, they grant them to extremists.    No Muslim has received a letter from bureaucrats citing violent passages from the Koran, no Muslim was denied a visa because of their lack of commitment to Mohammed, and no Muslim was told there was no room at the inn.

Dr. Martin Parsons of the Barnabus Fund, an organization that aids Christian refugees in the Middle East, noted that two Muslim clerics were granted visas after advocating killing Christians accused of blasphemy.  Said Parsons:

It’s unbelievable that these persecuted Christians who come from the cradle of Christianity are being told there is no room at the inn, when the UK is offering a welcome to Islamists who persecute Christians….

Yes… there is something wrong in Great Britain when it comes to extremist Muslim immigrants versus persecuted Christian immigrants.  One wonders when they will come to their senses.  Perhaps, more people killed or maimed by violent Muslim extremists?