The Survival Instinct: Into the Paws of Predators


A smart bird will fly away from a cat just as a swift antelope will run from a lion.  For whatever reasons, some humans have not learned basic survival skills.

Last year, a young couple, hoping to prove that all people in the world are nice and that Muslim terrorists are just a figment of one’s imagination, took a bike tour in Tajikistan.  They were run over by a car as the drivers shouted “Allah akbar!”  Later in the year, two young Scandinavian girls vacationing in Morocco were invited by a “nice” couple to go camping in the Atlas Mountains.  The nice couple slit their throats in the night killing the vacationers, then posted that their deaths were revenge for the sins of the West.

These trusting youngsters are taught that acts of terrorism are motivated by social inequality.  A friendly smile, they are told, will result in a returned friendly smile.  They refuse to believe that there is true evil, barbarism and fanaticism in the world.  The culprits of infusing this mindset are many.  But, let’s start with the Leftists.

Whether moderate or radical Muslim, Islam does not condone communism, socialism or progressivism.  Said Hasan al-Banna, the creator and ideological master of the Muslim Brotherhood: “It is our duty to declare Islam against their democracy, …and against their communism, which is equivalent to atheism and international despotism…”  If there are any doubts, the results are in the history of the Iranian Revolution.  The Ayatollah Khomeini used the communists of the Tudeh and Fedai Iranian People’s Party (communists) as useful idiots before he led a purge, had them tortured, and killed.  The Muslim Brotherhood that rose to power and removed Mubarak in Egypt led a purge against pro-Western leftist elements in the country. Karl Marx, deserves a better reading by those Leftists the next time they invoke the word “Islamophobia.”

Right behind the Leftists are the human rights campaigners which is ironic considering that the concept of “human rights” does not exist in Islamic countries.  There is not a single Islamic human rights organization in the Middle East that advances what we think of when we invoke that term.  True human rights organizations in Muslim countries are either murdered, like Turan Dursun, or forced into hiding, like Salman Rushdie.  Yet, Western human rights campaigners can only see the suffering of the Palestinians or the deaths of Muslims in Myanmar who ruthlessly slaughtered Buddhists and imposed Sharia law.  The human rights campaigners need to study their history.

Then there are the government officials in the West who spread lies and deceit.  John Brennan once sympathized with Hezbollah and referred to Jerusalem as “al-Quds.”  Christopher Wray, head of the FBI, testified that white supremacists are a greater threat to the country than ISIS.  The head of the terror watchdog agency in Great Britain actually demanded that the phrase “Islamic terrorism” be dropped from the vocabulary.

Fourth, there is Western Christian religions that apologize for radical Islam despite the fact that, for example, the al-Aqsa mosque stands on the site of a Byzantine church which stood on the site of the Jewish Temple.  The spiritual leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood have called on Muslims to “conquer Rome,” and Islamic scholars like Subhi Al-Yaziji have called on Muslims to focus their conquest on “Andalusia and Rome” after Palestine.  Meanwhile, there is a Catholic Pope who declares the rights of Muslim migrants to Europe and elsewhere trumps national security concerns.  Catholic Relief Services distributed food aid to terrorists in Syria.

Not that Protestants are any better.  Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, supported Sharia courts in Britain while the United Church of Christ determined that Islam was more progressive than Christianity.  Westminster Abbey hosted a service about great religious prophets in history and Muhammed was ranked higher than Jesus Christ.  And all of this for what?  Do they believe they will win over Muslim converts?

Progressive Jewish leaders have forsaken their defense of Judaism in favor of defense of the Democratic Party.  Islam is rife with anti-Semitism.  Yet liberal Jewish leaders around the world pander to Muslim organizations and support and defend people like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib here in the United States.  Simultaneously, they have a visceral hatred of Trump who has done nothing BUT support Jews and Israel.  The young Jewish antelopes being told this nonsense just got slower.

Then there are the domestic groups like Black Lives Matter which has declared solidarity with Muslim groups like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.  One supposes they do so because they consider their fellow oppressed Muslims as people of color.  They would be surprised to know that Muslims consider Africans the third class despicable descendants of Ham.  Muslims have enslaved more black Africans, and continue to do so, than all Western countries combined.  Anwar Sadat, because of his complexion, was regularly called a “monkey” or “black poodle.”  Yet, millions of blacks gleefully follow or join the Nation of Islam.

Feminists are my favorite allies of Muslims considering that a woman’s rank in Islam might be lower than that of a sheep, donkey or camel.  They are a machine to be used for procreation.  Even female sexual pleasure is forbidden to the point some engage in female genital mutilation.  One of the first great feminists gave her head to the guillotine in France demanding that women be allowed in the French parliament.  Her progeny today don pink hats and take their marching orders from Linda Sarsour.

Even the gay community supports Muslims.  Their support for Muslim migrants to this country is as strong as their hatred for Trump.  Leo Varadkar, the gay Prime Minister of Ireland, has welcomed Muslims into the country with open arms.  Meanwhile, Shaykh Hamza Sodagar, a noted Pakistani Islamic cleric, declared there are five acceptable ways to deal with homosexuals: (1) beheading, (2) burn them to death, (3) throw them off a cliff, (4) stone them to death with bricks, and (5) all of the above.  Homosexuality is almost as bad as atheism in Islam.  They share one thing in common though: both can earn your neck a place on the chopping block.

Finally, there is the entertainment industry.  Our betters in Hollywood lecture us that only love stops hate.  We hear that bombing only creates more people in ISIS.  Hollywood director Josh Fox told us: “Love your enemy…don’t create more of them.”  There are the asses of Hollywood who lower themselves to new depths by holding up signs saying “We are all Muslims” (Michael Moore).  Islam is whitewashed of its most insidious elements while Christianity is degraded and ridiculed with regularity.  Unfortunately, two young Scandinavian girls fell for this crap one night in the Atlas Mountains.

The point is that all these groups have worked, for varying reasons and many overlapping reasons, out of a dangerous mindset of naivete.  The Leftists are under some impression they can use charges of Islamophobia to silence their opposition, and it does sometimes work.  But, they are basically ideologically blinded to the fact Islam ultimately is using them towards an end.  The human rights campaigners are not far behind the Leftists in naive stupidity.  Religions seem to believe that talk will convince the Muslim terrorist to unstrap the bomb and lay down the Kalashnikov.  How did that work in Sri Lanka, or the Philippines?  The grievance groups- blacks, feminists, LGBT community- see a false sense of identity with Muslims and fellow travelers among the oppressed not realizing the oppression they would suffer at the hands they wish to help.  As for Hollywood, they are just hypocritical rubes caught up in the political correctness game.

A long time ago, the leaders of Western Europe- the kings and knights, the Pope, the merchants and traders- sent thousands of children on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.  They sailed off as wide-eyed and excited as a biker in Tajikistan or a hiker in Morocco.  Their ship was diverted to Algeria where they were sold into slavery by Muslims.  Upon hearing of their fate, the Church said their’s was a noble sacrifice to atone for the stain of original sin.  The rulers said they showed fealty to their religion just as today one shows fealty to the religion of multiculturalism.  The merchants just went on selling things.

Today, through misguided political correctness in the name of multiculturalism, we teach the antelope to run slower and the bird to fly lower.