So Many Questions Indeed, Mr. Comey: Part 5

The Mueller report, as evidenced by the letter from Barr to Congress, notes that there was no collusion or coordination between the Trump campaign or its surrogates and the Russians.  It further notes this was not for lack of trying by the Russians, but that the Trump campaign rebuffed these overtures at every juncture.  If the Clinton campaign, relying on the Steele dossier, believed the Trump campaign was in bed with Russians, then surely it would be a huge Trump weakness to exploit.  However, they likely knew of the Trump campaign rebuffing the Russians also.  Which brings us to that infamous Trump Tower meeting between Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort, some Russians and some interpreters and hangers-on.

Three of the Russian participants at that meeting have ties to Fusion GPS with two of them having ties to Clinton.  Subsequent email messages have indicated that there were exchanges between one Clinton associate, Fusion GPS, and the Russian Trump Tower participants.  One Russian participant said he knew Hillary Clinton since the 1990’s and knew some people within the 2016 Clinton campaign.  Anatoly Samochornov, an interpreter at the Trump Tower meeting, had personally worked as an interpreter for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Kerry.  This alone should raise some eyebrows.

There were also documented meetings between Glenn Simpson,  the founder of Fusion GPS, and participants at the meeting.  Of particular interest is lunch and dinner dates he had with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnetskaya the day before and after the meeting.  Simpson claims that the contents or results of that meeting were never brought up.  This is interesting.  Here is Veselnetskaya meeting with Donald Trump, Jr. and others in Trump Tower supposedly to discuss dirt on Clinton, but instead starts talking about the Magnitsky Act.  She needs an interpreter since she speaks little to no English.  In fact, every comment to reporters and investigators from her requires an interpreter, but none is necessary on these meetings with Simpson.  This writer finds that either very odd, or Simpson has a great command of Russian, or they simply had silent dates.

The Clinton associate listed as being at one or possibly two meetings between Simpson/Fusion GPS people and participants at the Tower meeting is Ed Lieberman.  Of particular interest is Rinat Akhmetshin.  A Russian immigrant now a US citizen, he abandoned his study in biochemistry to undertake lobbying for Russian clients from the old Soviet Union.  He formed an organization with Lieberman who was the husband of Evelyn Lieberman, Bill Clinton’s former deputy chief of staff.  According to testimony, Lieberman met with one of the participants the day of the meeting, although one is unsure if it was Akhmetshin.

There are remaining questions about the set-up of that meeting in the first place.  Supposedly, Robert Goldstone, who had some professional relationship with Trump, Jr., called to say that he had someone from Russia who had dirt on Clinton.  Much hyperbole was used to set up the meeting and Trump, Jr. agreed to the meeting.  By all accounts, no such dirt was delivered because there was no dirt to deliver.  It is believed that Goldstone was played for a fool to get the meeting arranged in order for Veselnetskaya to argue her case against the Magnitsky Act.  Goldstone later testified that the meeting was a “bait and switch” effort by a Russian lobbyist.

But was it that in reality?  Or was it an effort to incriminate the Trump campaign in dealing with Russians to sway the election?  In effect, was it a well-planned, but poorly executed dirty trick on the part of the Clinton campaign against Trump?  It should be remembered at this stage of the game, they knew the contents of the Steele dossier.  They believed Trump to be vulnerable regarding the issue of Russia.  There is some evidence that this meeting was set up with the assistance of Clinton operatives to potentially entrap the Trump campaign, or Trump, Jr.  This would not be beyond the pale for scum like Sidney Blumenthal and John Podesta to cook up such a plan.

Most importantly, if the FBI and intelligence community was so convinced of this cooperation between Russia/Putin and the Trump campaign, why did they let it continue?  To see where it would lead?  Or, was it used as an insurance policy in case the unthinkable happened and Hillary Clinton lost the election?  If they had such concerns, why did they not inform or warn the Trump campaign?

As this writer has tried to show in this series, Comey is correct that there are so many questions.  The biggest question is why would he and his fellow traitorous conspirators expend so much energy trying to protect Hillary Clinton and ensure her victory in November 2016 by trying to destroy, then sully and undermine her opponent, Donald Trump?  The best this writer can come up with is fear.

The entire so-called deep state were fearful Trump would ride into office and upset the apple cart.  He spared neither the FBI, the DOJ, nor the intelligence community his criticism on the campaign trail.  Were they that fearful that they resorted to such extraordinary lengths as what amounts to a coup to undo the results of an election?

Comey and his cohorts are the self-described guardians of American democracy fighting to keep this country’s elections free of foreign interference and influence. Brennan has accused a sitting President of treason.  Now they are moving beyond the Russian narrative: obstruction of justice, the Emoluments Clause, the inauguration committee, Trump’s businesses, etc.

But, for over two years now we have heard nothing but Russia, Russia, Russia!  Obviously desperate to take down a President, Russia was the best they had.  Now that this hoax has been revealed and that there was no collusion, coordination or anything else- in fact, the opposite- why would anyone believe these “experts” and these media outlets anymore now since they were so wrong on Russia?

The mere fact the Democrats are suddenly so trusting of the intelligence community is telling.  A few years ago, they were the biggest critics of the CIA and FBI.  In fact, Obama strode into office on an anti-Iraq war agenda which was allegedly predicated upon a faulty intelligence apparatus.  Eight years makes a difference: the intelligence community goes from goat to gods in the eyes of the Democrats.

In the end, there definitely are questions remaining.  While for months we heard about how the walls were closing in on Trump with every thud of a bombshell revelation, the walls will hopefully be closing in on those who who helped perpetrate this hoax.  As far as the media is concerned, the market will take care of them.  Already, ratings at CNN and MSNBC are slowly swirling down the toilet.  Watching them now make fools of themselves parsing words and hand-wringing only furthers their demise.

Instead, the main thing is what one does with the traitors who tried to take down a duly elected President?  Speaking as one person, seeing them hang from a gallows at Leavenworth Prison would be a good start.