The Rise of the Dour-Faced, White Clad Brigade

During Trump’s most recent state of the Union address, a large contingent of female legislators sat dour-faced dressed in white in a tribute to suffragettes from a bygone era.  Looking at the imagery, one has to feel some pity for this new breed of politician who managed to sully the legacy of those they claim to celebrate.  The display was so odd that they could not applaud for the ICE officer who rescued over 300 females from human traffickers, preferring instead to reserve their ovation, claps and high fives for themselves.

Their performance simply revealed that this new breed of Democrat is a charlatan in suffragette white.  It proved one thing- Democrats, particularly female Democrats, hate Trump.  Some on the Right were glad to see this hypocrisy and hatred laid bare.  This glee comes with a caveat- their true colors are not really anything new.

When Trump celebrated women in Congress in that speech, for whose political benefit was it?  It is doubtful that any liberal women were won over and they are more likely to don a pink hat, the red robe of A Handmaid’s Tale, or a white suffragette outfit than vote for a Republican, let alone a conservative Republican.  It may have persuaded a few fence-sitting Right-leaning women, and nothing more.

We have a record number of women in Congress.  The years are numbered before we have a female President.  Group equality is supposedly a good in and of itself.  It is status envy that motivates today’s feminist.  To them, the only way to receive recognition is through the workplace, including Congress.  This has been placed on a higher level than “traditional gender roles-” namely, having children and raising a family.  As a result, current trends are bleak:

  • In 1950, 75% of all households were married couples; today, it is 48%;
  • In 2014, the number of unmarried American adults outnumbered married adults for the first time in American history
  • According to a Pew survey, only 30% of Millennials believe marriage is important;
  • That poll also found that almost 40% of all Americans now view marriage as obsolete;
  • 40-45% of marriages end in divorce;
  • the level of cohabitating couples increased;
  • the number of cohabitating couples with children has increased tenfold over the past decade;
  • 40% of children are born out of wedlock;
  • almost 75% of black children are born out of wedlock, and;
  • the birthrate is now below the population replacement rate for the first time in history.

What does this mean for Trump in the short term and the GOP in the long term?  Trump’s voting base is white males.  If current trends continue and women continue their slavery to “progressive politics,” there will not be a sufficient base to get any Republican elected President.  Even in 2016, Trump needed conservative women to get him over the finish line.  Single women are overwhelmingly liberal.  A smaller number of married females in the future translates into less female conservative voters.

In the area of gender equality, we are entering rough seas.  The media constantly highlights the achievements of women in the workplace, politics, the military and sports.  What the media pays scant attention to, if at all, is the sad state of the American family.  In these uncharted, rough waters we do not know if, in a culture where most fathers and mothers have to work full time essentially leaving their children to be raised by others, it can flourish, let alone survive.  This trend is not unique to America.  In Europe, only Iceland currently has a population replacement birth rate level.

Thomas Jefferson famously declared “…all men are created equal,” meaning that no man had justification to rule over another.  Over time, that phrase has been bastardized into a belief that all people are some vague notion of “equal.”  The philosopher Spinoza once said, “He who seeks equality between unequals seeks an absurdity.”  Equal rights taken to a perverse extreme such as that which we are witnessing today functions to level everyone down to a common base.  Over time, one loses any semblance of reverence to the point nothing is revered, not even the nuclear family or childbirth.

Will there come a time when people will realize that a loss of a moral compass and religion along with an appreciation for traditional gender roles can entail the death of a people?  Such would be the ultimate price to pay in the interest of equality.  However, one thing is certain: there would be more dour-faced, white clad people in Congress.