The Culture Wars, #79: Leftist Christmas Cheer

Nothing brings out the joy and mirth of the deranged weirdos on the Left than Christmas.  This year, they yet again did not let us down.

Jackass of the Week

The award this week goes to the extremely rotund Michael Moore, a man so huge he makes Santa look like Jack Lalanne.  This loser of a film maker posted to his Facebook page:

Instead of putting “Christ” back in “Christmas,” I’d settle for putting “Christ” back in “Christians.”

Besides the fact that Christ, Christmas and Christians should not be in quotations, many are left with this thought: Instead of making comments on Facebook, we’d prefer Moore put another bag of potato chips down his gullet and shut up!

HuffPost Goes After Rudolph…Again

Reposting a story a year old seems to be the norm now for dribble like Huffington Post who seem to get a kick out of kicking around Christmas.  They reposted a story about the inherent problems with the story of Rudolph: his father is abusive and a patriarchal nightmare while the coach for the reindeer is a bully.  The folks at that rag have way too much time on their hands.

Another Casualty of #MeToo

Some clowns at a radio station in Cleveland have removed the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” because it apparently- to them- somehow endorses date rape.  In the song, the female singer clearly wants to go home while the male exhorts her to stay because “baby, it’s cold outside.”  Nowhere in the song are sleeping arrangements discussed.

The Great Santa Leftist Make Over

According to a British graphic designer’s Internet poll- no doubt scientifically correct- about 33% of respondents prefer that old Saint Nick become Old Saint Nicole, or at least gender neutral (Old Saint Zhi?).  It would appear that nothing is sacred these days- not even the gender of Santa Claus.

Trump is the New Grinch

It what is undoubtedly the most sure sign that President Trump is the ultimate Grinch, the administration, without comment, has cancelled the annual White House Christmas…er, holiday Party for members of the media.  This is an annual event where members of the media rub elbows with administration figures and act like they neutrally cover the administration.  After refusing to attend the White House Correspondent’s Dinner and now this, it is obvious that Trump intends to retire on a mountain above Whoville and abuse his helpless dog.

Poetic Justice

An elementary school principal in Nebraska was placed on leave after instructing teachers not to display any culturally insensitive things in their classrooms this Christmas season.  Among the things suggested to avoid were reindeer, candy canes and the colors red and green.  Even that obnoxious Elf on a Shelf was banned (which may be a good thing for other reasons).  As everyone knows, green and red lights adorned the manger where Jesus was born and the three wise men got there on reindeer bearing gifts of candy canes, Christmas cookies and elves on shelves.

But It Is Worse in Higher Education

The University of Minnesota is on their culture sensitivity high horse suggesting that departments not display anything to do with Christmas during the Christmas season.  Among the suggested items that are verboten: Christmas trees, Nativity scenes, Santa Claus, and angels.  Surprisingly, gifts wrapped in festive paper and bows may also trigger some reaction in students so they too are against their norms.  But alas, although green and red color schemes are a no-no, so are blue and silver since they are the traditional colors of Hannukah.  Not banned are the black, red and green of Kwanzaa.  Suggestion to Christians at the U. of Minnesota: just throw some black in there and you’ll be alright.

And What Article Would Be Complete Without Social Justice Place Mats

Yep…Harvard University gave out place mats to students advising them how to speak to parents when they return home for the holidays over certain social justice issues.  Among those issues: black murders at the hands of police, Islamophobia and refugees and “house master titles.”  The suggested dialogue goes something like this:

Kid home from college: How about that black guy who was shot by the cops?

Unsuspecting parent: Well, if they followed the cop’s orders and didn’t commit a crime….

Kid home from college:  Would you feel the same way if the victim was white?

You get the drift.

Well, that’s it for this week.  I’ll be back next Tuesday with a special edition of the Culture Wars series- the top ten liberals of 2018 you wish would go away.