When Truth and Opportunity Are Racism

Recently, President Trump announced Medal of Honor winners and among them was Elvis Presley.  This move apparently triggered the more alleged race-conscious reporters out there, among them Washington Post culture critic Mark Richards.  Said the enlightened and woke Richards, it was “…a little nod to the good old days, back when black visionaries could invent rock-and roll, but only a white man could become king.”  In other words, Presley, a white man, “stole” rock and roll from black men.

This is par for the course when it comes to outlets like the Washington Post and the New York Times among others.  For example, back on November 1st, Paul Waldman at the Washington Post took Trump to the woodshed for pointing out the criminal behavior of certain illegal immigrants.  Trump was referring to a previously deported Mexican who returned and shot two California police officers.  Trump was branded the most racist president ever.

These same outlets have running lists of alleged racist comments and actions by Trump dating back decades.  Among the more recent ones are:

  • Trump’s reference to s***hole countries;
  • Trump’s claim that Afghanistan is a “terrorist haven,” and;
  • Black ghetto dwellers are in a “living hell.”

All of these comments have one thing in common, other than they were referenced by Trump- they are all true.

As for the most racist President in history, the revisionist historians on the Left conveniently forget about LBJ’s constant reference to blacks as “n*****s,” Nixon’s belief that blacks were of inferior intelligence, and Bill Clinton’s analysis of his wife’s opponent in 2008 as: “a few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.”

Once you discard all the Trump statements likely to be true (illegal immigrants commit crimes, high crime rates among blacks, there are terrorist havens, there are s***hole countries, etc.) and those that have nothing to do with race unless you stretch the imagination (Elvis’ Medal of Honor), you are left with very few, if any, racist comments over the decades.

So why the persistent accusations?  The reason is simple: accusing someone of racism is the most potent form of attack on a public official.  It is akin to being accused of atheism in the Middle Ages, or blasphemy in Islam.  Today, we do not stone people to death in America, nor do we stretch them on the rack until they profess their allegiance to Satan.  Instead, we lie about them in the press.  They cannot claim that Trump’s policies have specifically hurt blacks.  In fact, most statistics point to the opposite.  They cannot claim that his regulatory or tax policies have failed and, in particular, failed the black community.

Because we have no universally accepted definition of racism, anyone can be a racist unconsciously, accidentally, by not doing anything at all, or even by doing things that benefit racial minorities now.  Praising a black person may become a racist act if it is perceived or suggested that the praise is patronizing.  Once accused, there are few ways to prove one’s innocence.

Today, racism is like that old saying about obscenity: “I can’t define it, but I know when I see it.”  Unfortunately, we do not have a rating system like we do for movies.  If, for example, Trump invited the KKK to the White House for a good old fashioned cross burning on the front lawn, it would garner a XXX rating.  But, for Trump, nominating Fats Domino, Chuck Berry and Smokey Robinson for a Medal of Honor would get him an X rating also because (1) it would be patronizing and (2) we all know that Trump is the most racist President in American history.

Instead, vilifying Trump as a racist does little more than elevating the accuser by getting more credibility with the established civil rights community.  The problem for Trump is that the policies and actions that have been beneficial to the black community are not specifically racial.  Through the creation of jobs, many filled by blacks, the unemployment rate among blacks has dropped under his administration.  By going after illegal immigrants, jobs have been opened and filled by blacks.  Of course, the race-conscious observers have instead shifted the cries of racism against blacks to racism against Hispanics now.

Perhaps the greatest sin committed by Trump is that he steadfastly refuses to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the race-mongering industry.  Empty showmanship by addressing and getting booed at an NAACP convention, or standing with Al Sharpton would be Trump’s biggest -get-out-jail-free card.  But, how often does that work?  When a white conservative walks into the racial lion den and addresses the audience, how often do they really get that get-out-of-jail-free card?  And if they do, how soon before they are back in jail?  Put another way, Trump’s refusal to pander to the race-baiters is yet another example of his racism.

These accusations fall on deaf ears among Trump’s hard-core supporters, but have done damage among moderate Republicans.  Most of them are affluent, well-educated and suburban.  In short, they usually live in white enclaves far removed from blacks and send their children to de facto segregated schools.  Alluding to black crime rates or those of illegal immigrants, or the drain placed on social welfare programs is proof of Trump’s racism.

In the recent midterms, Republicans fared worst among well-educated, affluent, suburban whites, especially women meeting those criteria.  While many conservatives tend to rail against illegal immigration as a means to bolster future Democratic voters (an accusation with much truth behind it), the bigger problem may already be here.  Future Democratic voters are being manufactured and churned out by PC-infused educational institutions.  Today’s colleges and universities are a larger breeding ground of future Democratic voters than open borders.

Some have suggested that someone other than Trump may emerge- a Trump-lite candidate.  But the Left, with the help of the media, have made a preoccupation with race a fetish.  No Republican candidate is immune.  Somewhere, a photo from an 8th-grade class trip with the candidate standing near a statue of a Confederate general would surface.  Perhaps, they drove in a car with a Confederate flag on it in high school because they liked The Dukes of Hazard.  They may have once read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, or- God forbid- The Bell Curve.  If race does not get them, the feminists are there to single out every wayward stare at a woman’s leg.

The problem in the short term as it applies to Trump is that he is pointedly proving that the great race-based social engineering of the Great Society has been a failure.  It has enslaved the black community into a new kind of slavery defined by failing schools and inadequate low-income government-provided housing that has become infested with crime and drugs.  It has led to an explosion of black-on-black crime in urban areas where people turn to gangs, drugs and violence because it is more lucrative than getting a job that did not exist before.  It has created a whole sub-population of single-parent households when not promoting the killing of black babies of genocidal proportions through abortion.

For Trump, he is the wild card apt to make a wild comment at a moment’s notice.  Although perhaps not a great communicator like Reagan or as smooth as Obama in his rhetoric, there is no telling what truth may emerge in his latest Twitter rant, at a rally or speech, or during a news conference.  There is only one certainty: those who benefit the most through their fetishist race consciousness will be there at the ready with their accusation of racism.