The Top Ten Democrats in 2020: A Post Midterm Update

Back in August, before the midterms, I published a diary about the top ten potential Democratic Party candidates for President in 2020.  Using a variety of sources, including London betting odds makers, potential candidates are rank ordered and an average derived.  Those with the most points, if they are mentioned at least four times are then ranked according to their average score.  The following is the top ten as a result of my arcane rules.  Their previous rank from August is in parentheses.

#10. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown (unranked)

Brown won a high profile election in Ohio this year which likely was the impetus that moved him into the top ten.  At the beginning of the cycle, he was considered endangered, but he came through relatively unscathed and rather easily.  And Democrats are acutely aware of Ohio’s importance in winning Presidential elections.  For his part, Brown is not necessarily dismissing any rumors.

#9. Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (unranked)

A strange long shot considering he was on the GOP top ten prior to the midterms.  He will likely take some credit for helping the Democrats flip the House with his millions.  Despite his ranking, one cannot see the Democrats nominating someone formerly of the Republican Party despite his change of heart, especially considering his banking background.  Bloomberg ain’t no Republican from the start and he’s a one-trick pony, but he’ll get David Hogg’s vote.

#8. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar (#8)

She has not made much noise and at times seems like an adult in the room.  Of course, being against the abolition of ICE counts as adult behavior now in the Democratic Party.  Still, the fact she maintains her #8 ranking is a testament to her staying power.  However, I just can’t see it.

#7. New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (#5)

This loon from New York is more likely to run now that the midterms are past and she has been speaking as if a run is imminent.  However, she can’t break through those above her and has some competition now from unexpected quarters.  Still, her name keeps getting put on these lists, so Democrats must think something of her.

#6. Former Texas Congressman and 2018 Texas Senate Candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke (unranked)

If not at the head of the ticket, then a possible VP choice.  The media loves the guy and his run in Texas against Ted Cruz had some heads turning.  The guy proved he can raise the funds and he is TV-friendly (even if he lacks a brain).  One suspects we will be hearing more about this one as 2020 nears.  Whether he can put Texas in play electorally is also a question to be mulled.

#5. New Jersey Senator Corey Booker (#6)

Surprisingly, Spartacus moves up a spot from his previous position.  One wouldn’t think such after his sickening performance at the Kavanaugh hearings, but then again we are talking about the Democratic Party here.  Personally, this cue ball is an embarrassment to the state of New Jersey, but apparently the pride of the Democratic Party.  Other than checking off the minority box on the application, I can’t see it unless… he comes out of the closet. Then that would offset Kamala Harris’ lady parts.

#4. California Senator Kamala Harris (#4)

Ms. Harris checks two boxes- she’s black and she’s female.  She hails from California which might be a turnoff for some, but would likely have the Leftists drooling.  However, she is the equivalent of Corey Booker, only with a vagina- a grandstanding, do-nothing Senator from a deeply blue Democratic Party infested state.

#3. Former Vice President Joe Biden (1)

Everyone’s favorite Democratic drunk uncle at Thanksgiving drops two spots from his previous ranking.  One wonders why.  I think he would have given Trump a better run for the money in 2016 than Clinton (notice her lack of presence on this list?).  Still, there might be questions about his age and all that (not really… see numbers 1 and 2).

#2. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (#3)

Although she moves up one spot, methinks that will change in the future.  Why?  First, that DNA test and her lack of Cherokee blood kind of made her out to be a fool and anyone would be an idiot not to exploit that in a campaign.  Second, she seems to have some ethical problems up there in Massachusetts involving casinos and such.  I think she will decide against a run lest the microscope get an even closer look at her.

#1. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (#2)

Everyone’s favorite spittle-addled senile Socialist assumes the top spot this time around.  It’s kind of hard not to like the guy if for no other reason than pity.  Considering the DNC changed the rules and Bernie ran as a Democrat (not independent) in 2018 leads one to believe the Democratic Party will be feeling the Bern as 2020 nears (which is, if you have a dirty mind, feeling the Bern creates a really disgusting picture).  The problem for Bernie is the proliferation of mini-Bernie’s out there now and whether they have stolen his socialist thunder.  Who would you rather have representing your party?  Spartacus, a youngish black female, or an old senile dude from Vermont?

If the Democratic Party nominated any of these people, it may be enough to send even the most deranged NeverTrumpers into the arms of Trump.  Meh… who am I kidding?