How the Democratic Party (and the Left) Are P***ing Off America


In 2000, after the threadbare victory of Bush over Gore, many pundits in the Republican Party- particularly Karl Rove and company- insisted that in order to secure victories in the future, the GOP had to reach out to the growing Hispanic population.  However, there were others who looked at the situation and said all one had to do was increase the white vote from 54% to 57% in order to secure an electoral victory.  In 2016, Donald Trump hit 58%.

Despite what the loons at MSNBC may say or what they may write on Slate, Salon, or The Nation, this is not evidence that Trump or the GOP is out to radicalize race in America.  While there may be a contingent who have latched onto Trump and see him as someone to push an aggressive defense of traditional American culture (white, if you will), what motivates them is not some white identity or even supremacy notion.

Instead, the motivation is a reaction against the exact opposite being espoused by the Left and the Democratic Party.  The Left and the Democrats have for decades waged a war on straight white Americans and there is a price to pay for that strategy: push back.  It is this push back that the Democrats fail to understand.

The Left constantly reminds the country and ordinary white voters that America- via mass immigration- will soon be a majority-minority country.  As a result, all the “privilege” afforded whites previously will be stripped away.  And it will be justified.  Yet the Democratic Party, despite these repeated statements, expects no reaction at all.  At this point, even the gentle and subtle reminders are pushing more whites towards conservatism and the GOP.

A perfect example of this phenomena in microcosm is the decision by the New York Times to hire a mediocre (at best) writer named Sarah Jeong.  Her Twitter account is full of racist comments and commentary against whites.  Then again, this is the same newspaper that ran a story titled “The Unbearable Whiteness of Baseball” since the percentage of white baseball players roughly mirrors the general population.  Jeong’s presence on that editorial board will cause white people to cease reading and subscribing to the paper.  The market will speak, but the Left will declare the market racist.  And just as the Times will lose subscribers, so too will the Democratic Party lose votes if they continue down the path they are on.

Instead, the Democrats have decided to attack about 60% of the American population.  A decent chunk of that 60% were somewhat accepting of their policies.  If you want someone’s vote, you don’t attack them, demonize them, throw epithets their way, and constantly harangue them about the inevitable “browning of America” and therefore, “get on board.”  When you make obvious your intention to replace one majority with another majority, it is human nature- not racism!- that motivates the push back.  In fact, this is less about race than some would suggest since Trump’s approval rating among blacks, for example, is much better than recent Republican predecessors.

When Thomas Perez, head of the DNC, declares the intellectually-challenged Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the “future,” it does not take much intelligence for voters to see through this.  After all, this is a woman who said white upper middle class soccer moms “are not America anymore.”

The GOP has received lectures- ad nauseum- from black and Hispanic groups for decades now admonishing them to understand and not demonize their communities.  Perhaps, they have/had a point.  But if that is the case, why then shouldn’t the Democratic Party show the same understanding, and lack of demonizing so-called “white privilege?”

The nation’s open borders policies over the past two decades have transformed America.  In the 1970’s, immigrants represented 5% of the population.  Today, it stands at 14%.  Hence, it makes sense that those demonized as being brutal and racist would make immigration the flash point in the argument.  There is no mandate that this country should have an ever-growing population of immigrants.  There have been ebbs and flows over the past 50 years which never fundamentally altered the racial make up of this country.  And waves of immigrants from Latin America and elsewhere were welcomed with open arms.

Today, it is acceptable that a major newspaper hires and defends a clear-cut racist.  Yet, it is unacceptable to express outrage against a jihadist training camp of malnourished children in the New Mexico desert lest one be labeled an Islamophobe.  Meanwhile, the New York Times rakes Mike Pence over the coals for his fly-over Christianity and he is the bigger threat to the Nation?

Voters are not stupid.  Many of the voters, as the statistics bear, who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 jumped ship in 2016.  This was the ultimate push back and the Democrats just cannot wrap their heads around it.

Both politically and culturally, the Left has embarked on a relentless attack against traditional white America.  Many, many of these people hate being defined by the color or their skin, but will nonetheless take up identity politics if pushed to do so because someone is calling them racist for the color of their skin.  When demands are made to forfeit one’s social/economic status because “it’s inevitable” and “get with the program,” you will see a backlash.  Many of these people are not even satisfied with their social/economic status as it is.

It is not racism that motivates these reactions; it is simple human nature.  This is not to suggest that the GOP should ignore the concerns and wishes of minority communities.  But, neither should the Democrats ignore the equally important wishes and concerns of the majority.  And until the Democratic Party comes to this realization, Trump’s 58% of the white vote in 2016 just may be the low point in future elections.