The Top Ten Democrats in 2020

A few months back, I looked at the top ten Democrats being mentioned as possible 2020 Presidential candidates.  Using a bizarre, complicated system, there are over 35 potential candidates being mentioned that I then rank order based on the analysis of various outlets- mainstream and some not so mainstream.  There have been changes since the last time and the following is a look at the top ten people being mentioned.

#10 Former First Lady Michelle Obama

The Obama name is still held in reverence by the liberal Democrats and they would like to see nothing more than Barack back in the White House.  The reason she breaks into the top ten is because of her recent high profile calling out the Trump administration in certain areas, and her involvement in voter turnout efforts for the Democrats in the 2018 midterms.  (Previously  not ranked; replaces Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown who was #10)

#9 Former Secretary of State and 2016 Candidate Hillary Clinton

The Hunchback of Chappaqua continues to keep a high political profile no matter how strange it appears at times.  Perhaps the former First Lady and 2016 losing candidate- not to mention her 2008 loss to Barack Obama- may have her thinking that the third time is a charm.    The question is whether the Democratic Party has moved beyond both Clintons.  (Previously #8)

#8 Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar

She is burnishing her foreign relations credentials and walking a fine line of not going too far Left in certain areas.  But, with the Party lurching so far Left, perhaps she is being left behind.  Klobuchar sounds downright normal at times.  A year ago, she may have cracked the top five but not so now.  (Previously # 7)

#7 New York Governor Andrew Coumo

This writer does not understand what anyone- including Democrats- see in this claymation figure left in the sun to bake for too long.  One is quite sure that a certain CNN anchor would get tingles up his leg.  Yes, sure- he has executive experience being the Governor of New York and all that and he generally toes the liberal line.  And one guesses they will tell us that as an advantage, but keep an eye on him as 2020 draws nearer.  (Previously #9)

#6 New Jersey Senator Corey Booker

Well, he certainly fits the bill given the level of righteous indignation expressed and his over-the-top rhetoric, not to mention attendance at the Jimmy Kimmel School of Crying.  Considering that he did not perform that well in his last Senate run and the fact he has a thin resume in the Senate (other than grandstanding), what he has going for him is his skin color.  And being the former mayor of Newark, New Jersey one can rest assured there are some sleazy skeletons in his closet.  (Previously #6)

#5 New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand

She has staying power.  Almost since the day she replaced Hillary Clinton in the Senate, she’s been touted as a future Presidential candidate most likely because of her genitalia.  The fact is she was not much liked in her former Congressional district which should speak volumes.  She has recently fallen under the Svengali gaze of Allie from the Bronx and gone full card-carrying socialist.  That should be worth a few points to the deranged Democrats.  (Previously # 5)

#4 California Senator Kamala Harris

She checks all the boxes.  Female, a person of color, made a big speech,  hasn’t accomplished much as a Senator…  Meet the female version of Barack Obama.  She is keeping a high profile jumping on the abolish ICE train while crying about the impending doom to befall America from the pen of Brett Kavanaugh.  Still, of note, she did happen to drop in the rankings. (Previously #2)

#3 Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren

This ancient piece of human flesh remains up there in the rankings given her profile in leading the anti-Kavanaugh campaign.  Trying to enhance her Indian heritage…er, Native American…er, Indigenous Persons heritage, her biggest fight right now seems trying to get an Indian casino approved in Massachusetts.  Careful, Hiawatha, don’t take your eyes off the prize. (Previously #3)

#2 Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders

People are still feeling the Bern, which sounds a little creepy in this era of #MeToo hysteria.  Bernie started to let the socialist genie out of the bottle in 2016 and he may find it hard to get it back in, or control it.  The DNC passed a new rule that to run for President under the party’s banner, one must be a registered Democrat.  Bernie obliged and will run as one in his reelection to the Senate campaign this year.  Considering that any distinction between a “Democrat” and a “socialist” has been obliterated, it probably wasn’t that hard of a decision.  (Previously #1)

#1 Former Vice President Joe Biden

Fresh off a Harris Poll of Democratic voters for a 2020 preference showing Uncle Joe in the lead with about one-third of them supporting him, he shoots ahead of the pack.  He’s been making noise of late as if he is going to make a run for the top job.  Personally, I think he feels a little slighted since all the talk in 2016 was Hillary and Bernie as if he was an afterthought.  He’d probably make a decent foe come 2020 and likely create some memorable lines and gaffes.  He’s another entry from geriatric set of Democrats and may be just a tad too centrist for the likes of the new Democratic Party. (Previously #4)

One thing is noticeable about the top ten: all hail from liberal blue states.  Those states are in the bag for the Democratic Party come 2020 and the battle will be in the traditional swing states plus Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  If the Democrats are serious about taking back the White House come 2020, they’d pick a candidate with appeal in those states and the only one this writer sees fulfilling that possibility is Joe Biden who retains appeal with blue-collar America.

Do they really want someone named Clinton or Obama again?  Are Warren, Sanders, Harris and Gillibrand too liberal for the likes of swing states?  Are Cuomo, Booker and Klobuchar at a name recognition disadvantage outside their respective states?  This writer will keep readers informed.