In Case You Didn't Hear...

Newspapers for sale are display in a rack at a Washington magazine and newspaper stand, Monday, June 11, 2018. There's substantial agreement on what Americans want from the news media and what journalists want to report, according to a pair of studies that also reveal a troubling caveat: a nagging feeling among both the ideal isn't being met. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

After catching up on the news recently, I was surprised to learn that the Justice Department’s Inspector General’s report came out and there were even Congressional hearings into the matter.  It seems that some top level FBI and DOJ people were heavily invested in scuttling a potential Donald Trump presidency.  There were even some bombshell text messages about “stopping” someone (Trump?) should the unthinkable become thinkable.  But…immigration.

It’s good to know and the media is reporting that new unemployment claims came in lower than expected, which is a good thing.  In fact, unemployment is now the lowest it has been since 1969.  That’s almost five decades.  And did I mention that wages are up also, the strongest showing in two years.  The Washington Post did comment on this calling the report “lousy.”  This begs the question:  if it is lousy now, does that make it lousier under Obama two years ago?  Yeah… crickets.  Oh, and manufacturer confidence in the economy stands at 95% as many plan to hire, expand, increase wages and improve benefits packages.  I’m sure everyone saw that on evening news, right?

And how about that trade war with…well, you name them- China, Mexico, Canada, Europe.  Boy, that President Trump has really screwed up the world economy.  But, what’s that I heard on the news?  If you listen closely to those tapes of kids crying at the border and play it backwards, you may hear Daimler Benz officials lobbying the EU to consider canceling auto tariffs in response to Trump’s tariffs.  Listen closer and may even hear about Trump’s efforts to forge a bidirectional trade agreement with Europe.

Thanks to that IG report dominating the headlines, we found out that the national security adviser issued a cybersecurity stand down order against Russia.  The New York Times  will likely run this story any day now with that very headline.  Of course, somewhere buried in the 17th paragraph on page A18 we’ll find out it was Susan Rice, President Obama’s national security adviser in 2016.

And remember Lois Lerner and those audits of Tea Party groups by the IRS?  Of course, you don’t.  Just ignore that man (or IRS official) behind the curtain!  Did you hear that internal memos obtained by Judicial Watch show that Henry Kerner, Senator John McCain’s former staff director and chief counsel on the Senate Homeland Security Permanent Subcommittee urged the IRS to audit “so many that it becomes financially ruinous.”   But, what’s a little hypocrisy when you have a maverick image to uphold?  Or was Kerner just a maverick working for a maverick?  Then there’s Open Borders Johnny still thinking that if you grant amnesty to illegal aliens, they’ll go rushing to the polls to pull the Republican lever.  This guy was deranged before being diagnosed with a brain tumor, so we can’t even blame it on that.

Of course, speaking of immigration (which I wasn’t), I was surprised to find that the viral image of a crying boy in a cage that dominated my Facebook feed was actually put there by his parents.  I further learned that it was part of a protest, not some inhumane version of an American concentration camp.  In fact, the protesters themselves built the cage.  And all those horrible images of kids in detention?  Is it true they are from 2016 or earlier which would put them on Obama’s watch.  Wait a second… I vaguely remember some guy named Glenn Beck trying to make a case about this back in 2014.

Well, at least Time magazine is using a recent photo on their cover.  Unfortunately they leave out some details like the fact the mother stole away with her daughter in the middle of the night and made the trek to the United States seeking asylum after paying coyotes $6,000 to sneak her across the Rio Grande.  According to the girl’s father still in Honduras, the little girl was never separated from her mother in the entire ordeal.  Seems that even when the media gets it sort of right (like a photo image from 2018), they’re still wrong.

And this one just cannot be true!  I heard that North Korea returned the remains of American soldiers killed decades ago in something called the Korean War.  Of course, today’s school kids don’t know much about that war since time runs out towards the end of the year being that history education is dedicated to one month for blacks and one month for women.  So who really cares that North Korea returned these remains from some forgotten war?  Certainly not the news media when there are kids crying at the border today because their parents, allegedly seeking asylum, made the decision to cross that border in the wrong place.  If only they had chosen a legal point of entry, but I digress…

As Sonny and Cher once so eloquently said, “…And the beat goes on…and the beat goes on.”