James Comey in a Pantsuit

Within the past eight months, the nation has had to suffer the likes of two self-serving tomes- A Higher Loyalty by former FBI Director James Comey and What Happened by former Presidential wannabe-twice-denied Hillary Clinton.  The fact is they are basically the same person for all intents and purposes.  They are both egotistical bores and losers.

The tours to support their books is indicative of these tendencies.  Thus far, Hillary Clinton has blamed virtually everybody under the sun for her electoral loss…except herself.  Her most recent comments is that she was too much of a capitalist for the likes of a party with so many socialists.  Before that, it was women…or some rubes in three swing states in 2016…or the Russians…or, ironically, James Comey.

Like Clinton who many Democrats believed then was not the right time to explain “what happened,” many former and current FBI agents and officials were against the release of Comey’s book.  Both felt the need to cash in while the fire was hot and go on the talk show circuit to beef up sales.  No amount of damage to the Democratic Party or to the integrity of the FBI was going to stop that paycheck.

Yet, they claim it is not the money.  Instead, both view themselves as saviors of something bigger.  Their sanctimonious smugness is grating enough, but the fact they cannot see that it is their inflated egos which dictate their actions is simply sad.  In a strange, perverse way we should be taking pity on them both.

Likewise, their excuses for their behaviors are laughable.  A secretary of State claiming that she did not know a “C” meant “Classified” or “Confidential” before receiving it on a private e-mail server [she thought it was item (c) despite the absence of items (a) and (b)] means either she is lying, or she is the most stupid Secretary of State in US history.  As for Comey and the release of his confidential memo about meetings with Trump to a friend, that was done as a “private citizen”  Therefore, no foul.

Listen the next time you force yourself to view an interview with either of them.  When pressed on important specifics, count how many times they say “my understanding” or “my recollection.”  One’s “understanding” is usually subjective and one’s “recollections” are sometimes faulty and a great excuse to say you were mistaken when some piece of evidence surfaces that refutes those recollections.  In other words, you didn’t mean to lie.  If Trump had an ounce of intelligence and if he is ever interviewed by Mueller, he would be well-advised to sprinkle his answers with these plausible deniability devices.  Regardless, one’s recollections tend to change over time.

Both are experts at career cover-ups.  Comey was particularly smart since he gave his “recollection” memos on meetings with Trump to a friend (when he was a “private citizen,” of course) knowing they would be leaked to the press and force the issue of a Special Counsel.  It helps that this friend is a lawyer also.  One wonders that if ever investigated, will attorney-client privilege be invoked, or if federal agents will seize documents from the office of this friend?

With Comey, as with Clinton, their hands always seem clean because they get others to get their hands dirty.  The original draft of the Clinton memo was circulated among the likes of Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe and then revised.  It wasn’t Comey (in Comey’s mind); it was those guys which is why both Comey and McCabe are now at each other’s throats.  With Clinton, it was always others doing the dirty work dating back to her time as First Lady.  Whether GPS Fusion or “faulty intelligence” from Benghazi, her hands are clean.

Neither have a higher loyalty other than to their careers.  The title of Comey’s book is laughable from the start and you need go no further than that.  Being egotistical monstrosities who justify their narcissism by fighting for something larger than themselves, they cannot see through the self-constructed walls of ignorance that define them both because they honestly believe what they say despite all the evidence to the contrary.  To wit, they are both conniving swamp dwellers willing to throw anyone under the bus to save their own butts and then wrap their motivations in a shroud of sanctimonious babble.

Both had their careers and aspirations thankfully cut short by the same man- Donald Trump.  Perhaps, that should be counted as Trump’s biggest achievement to date.  But unlike losers of the past who sulk off and sometimes reinvent themselves as saviors of the environment and producers of now-refuted, but no less boring global warming power point presentations disguised as a “documentary,” these two do the book tours and talk show circuit.  Because of their large, but fragile egos, they refuse to slink off into the night and just go away.

For Hillary, there is always Chardonnay, Bill and the nearby woods for long strolls hand-in-hand.  For Comey, this writer can think of a lot of things to do with $10 million.  Then again, let them keep talking for the more they do, the more the rational among us realize what self-serving pompous asses they are after all.