A Smart Move By Jeff Sessions

There was some consternation among some regarding the decision by Attorney General Jeff Sessions not to appoint a Special Counsel in an investigation of the FBI’s behavior and actions during the 2016 campaign.  Already, the DOJ Inspector General, Michael Horowitz’s investigation has cost Andrew McCabe- considered a fine upstanding career FBI employee in some quarters because he…you know, works for “our premiere law enforcement agency- his job.

To state that the nonsense about Russian collusion and the resulting investigation has opened up a can of worms cannot be overstated.  Along the way, despite finding scant, if any, evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign despite the best efforts and the wishes of many, it appears as if more dirt exists on the FBI and Department of Justice under Obama.  It must also be remembered the bulk of these questionable actions by the FBI and DOJ occurred while Obama was in office and up to the day Trump was sworn into office.

While we can debate whether Sessions should have recused himself from the investigations- something that caused Trump to unnecessarily attack his AG- that boat has sailed.  Instead, through a sleazy move by former FBI Director James Comey where he gave a “friend” information knowing said friend would leak said information to the press, with Sessions recused Rod Rosenstein appointed Saint Mueller Special Counsel with a very broad mandate to investigate just about anything Trump, including anything under the sun not remotely related to Russian/Trump campaign collusion.  This is rather amusing since “collusion” is not a crime, but that’s another story.

Now comes news that Sessions sent Congressional leaders a letter explaining that in conjunction with the IG investigation, he has brought in seasoned US Attorney John Huber.  Huber is an Obama appointee who was asked to stay on in the Trump administration at the urging of Utah Senator Mike Lee.  I think we can all agree that Lee is an upstanding conservative Republican Senator, so no charges of a Trump crony should be forthcoming nor should Lee be lumped in with Russian agents Devin Nunes or the entire cabinet.

The beauty of this move is that although Sessions failed to appoint a Special Counsel, Huber, as a US Attorney, basically has all the powers the saintly Robert Mueller has without the title.  He has the power to subpoena and empanel grand juries and bring charges for criminal actions.  Further, by not appointing a separate Special Counsel, it cuts back on the time required for that person to hire a staff and get up to speed.   He has at his disposal all the documents, evidence and investigators which IG Horowitz currently has.

Furthermore, unlike the consummate Washington insider- St. Mueller- Huber is from Utah- far removed from the incestuous government nexus that is Washington DC.   My best guess is that Huber will not make the same mistakes Mueller has made such as hiring Peter Strozk.  Yes…yes…we know those infamous e-mails and text messages exchanged with his paramour, Lisa Page, were just silly messages between lovers and they were talking about changing their car insurance to Geico.

And like the Mueller investigation, the mandate for Huber appears to be rather broad.  Left unanswered is when his and the Mueller investigation cross paths what happens.  For example, if he uncovers something ugly regarding the application of FISA warrants, will he be obliged to turn that information over to Mueller, or can he move on his own in seeking a prosecution?

Currently, Horowitz has three main things to look into (so far).  The first is that McCabe may have asked agents to alter a FD-320, an FBI testimonial document, or summary of an investigative interview.  If so, that may be grounds for obstruction of justice.  That would be more serious and more indicative of that crime than the drafting of a letter on Air Force One, or the legal firing of an FBI Director.

The second avenue of investigation is whether McCabe slow-walked the investigation into the discovery of Clinton e-mails on the laptop of Huma Abedin, the former wife of Anthony Weiner and Clinton aid.  Likewise, there was a tangential case that never made it off the ground involving an alleged pay-to-play scheme the Clinton State Department and Clinton Global Initiative, part of the Clinton Foundation.  The question becomes did McCabe’s political leanings interfere in an investigation?  We already know this talk about Geico car insurance occurred in McCabe’s office.

Finally, was there improper coordination (collusion anyone?) between the FBI, DOJ and Obama White House?  When Comey went directly to the American public with news he was not referring charges against Clinton, he did so because he was saintly and wanted to avoid any taint of politics.  But those darn Geico e-mails seem to indicate that the DOJ (Loretta Lynch) knew well before Comey went before the cameras that no charges would be forthcoming.  Perhaps that chance meeting on a Phoenix tarmac between Lynch and Bill Clinton wasn’t really about grandchildren and golf.

Sit back because this could real interesting real quick and may not be to the liking of the Trump deranged who have placed so much faith in Mueller, Comey and “our premiere law enforcement agency.”  The real news out of this story may have nothing to do with Trump after all, but that vaunted agency (the FBI) some bow before and venerate as if they are above politics.