The Left's Holy Trinity, Part 2: Diversity

Diversity Destroys Any Standard Rules Of The Road

In part 1 of this series, I outlined the quest for equality which the Left has embraced.  In this article, I address the second leg of their unsteady stool- the drive towards more diversity.  We have seen over the past few months reactions to diversity in Europe. Catalonia voted to break away from Spain.  The Austrians have an anti-immigration President. Secession fueled by lax immigration policies in Rome have stirred secessionist parties in Italy.  In the Czech Republic, Hungary and even Poland we see anti-immigration nationalists rising to the seats of power.

What they all share is a rejection of something the Left celebrates in America- ethnic diversity.  They may nod at Jefferson’s “all men are created equal,” but they certainly do not practice it in reality. Instead, they view the lax immigration policies emanating from Brussels and supported (although now they say it may have been a mistake) by Germany as changing their unique cultures.  In effect, they are saying that not all people and all cultures are equal. They are beginning to adopt the belief that the view that diversity is a noble goal in and of itself comes with disastrous consequences. They are rejecting the brave new world to which American liberal elites aspire.  They see an alteration in what it means to be “Italian” or “Polish” or “Czech.” They are unwilling to cede that national character to immigrants, nor will they be scared away from voting their fears through use of overused insults and labels. Instead, it appears they prefer to model their nations and their futures along the lines of a less-diverse era in American history.  They are moving more towards immigration policies akin to those in America in 1950 rather than the open borders policies adopted in the 1960’s.

America, on the other hand, is not ethnically homogeneous like many European countries formerly were unless those who colonized the country- mainly white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants- define what is “American” (sorry- no offense to Indians, er…Native Americans…er, Indigenous People).  Instead, we are a collection of different ethnic backgrounds- mainly white, but growing minority populations. However, what bound all these ethnic groups together in the past into something uniquely American has been torn apart by the Left. It is perhaps one of their most devious accomplishments towards achieving their ends.

Diversity will sabotage a group.  In a mixed race nation like our’s, there will always be instability since each group has their own interests and although there may be some overlap with the interests of others, differences remain.  Groups may come together for economic and political reasons, but there will remain on their futures, their values, their standards and their principles  irreconcilable differences. It is this realization that the Left has deftly taken advantage of through identity politics.

Using the backdrop of victim creation, the Left has developed the narrative that the shortcomings of any group is attributable to systemic racism or white privilege.  There must always be a scapegoat because in the mind of the Leftist no shortcoming is due to the self, whether individual or group. This is particularly apparent in affirmative action programs that tip the scales in favor of diversity over merit.  It is turning on its head one of the hallmarks that made America great.

Yet, ironically, diversity only works one way.  In the landmark Supreme Court decision Brown vs. Board of Education, the Court relied heavily on sociological data to show that a diverse educational environment was conducive to the learning process.  As a result, schools were ordered integrated in follow up litigation. In the years since, in response to affirmative action programs involving college admissions, the Court may have struck down particulars of a program, but they always reiterated the belief that a diverse student body was a worthy and noble goal and one that enhanced the educational environment.

If diversity was such a necessity in education, then why are there still today all-black colleges?  Likewise, why are there all-women colleges? Today we see a regression on the part of many minority groups who demand in these diverse, integrated colleges separate dining halls or dorms and forced educational courses unique to that minority.  This latter propensity has become so bad that Western (mainly, white) civilization has been written out of history at some colleges. That is hardly the definition of diversity. And when talking about diversity at colleges, one would be remiss in not noting the lack of diversity when it comes to speech where anything remotely of a conservative nature is tainted with cries of “racism,” “white supremacy,” “xenophobia,” “misogyny,” or their latest go-to word, “privilege.”

One thing that held this country together the better part of our history was a common language- English,- much like Latin once held together the Holy Roman Empire.  But such is not the case today. In some counties in California, legal notices have to be published or posted in up to 19 languages. Further, despite red-line zoning laws being a thing of the past, self-segregation of these diverse groups seems to be the norm today.  Although there certainly were ethnic enclaves of whites of European, or even Asian lineage (there was a “Little Italy” or “Chinatown” in most major cities), today’s immigrant seems less inclined to break out of their enclaves.

That is because today’s immigrant- legal or otherwise- is less apt to assimilate into the fabric of American society.  This lack of assimilation is what most perturbs conservatives like myself. And the reason is that the Left has seized the narrative that there is no “American” and to the extent there were “Americans,” they have been maligned as nothing short of racist white males who established a patriarchy to instill slavery and the suppression of women.  Patriotism is thing of disdain among the Left.

Donald Trump came under fire for proposing that the immigration diversity lottery system be abolished.  Likewise, conservatives have been accused of xenophobia for believing the same, or requiring that immigrants learn English.  And what has this diversity lottery system accomplished other than increased factionalism, more ethnic strife, more scapegoating and victimization, and more Democratic voters?  

The Chamber of Commerce has entered into an unholy alliance with organized labor when it comes to immigration policy, but for differing reasons.  The CofC argues for depressed wages for immigrants because “they do the jobs Americans won’t do.” Unions see membership and dollar signs. Silicon Valley tells us their innovative drive would dry up overnight if not for immigrants from Asia.  That is not an endorsement of special visa programs and diversity; that is an indictment of the American educational system.

Unlike Europe and its proximity to the Middle East and North Africa- two hotbeds of Islamic terrorists- the United States does face the violent threats posed by radical Muslims.  There are large oceans between them and us, but in the interest of diversity the Left would rather take the national security risk and allow unvetted Muslims into the country while hiding behind a First Amendment they would rather tear asunder.

Nowhere is the Left’s stupidity more on display when it comes to immigration policy than acting as if a quote from a poem on a statue in a harbor should be the actual policy.  Nothing sticks out in my mind more on this subject than the pompous, self-righteous question asked by CNN’s Jim Acosta during a White House press briefing on immigration. Very few immigrants come here because they are refugees and regardless, the United States has been rather welcoming of true refugees (El Salvador, Cuba, Haiti, Vietnam, etc.).  But if the United States becomes a dumping ground for every self-professed “downtrodden” soul on the planet, we cease to be a country.

It is not xenophobic to demand that our immigration laws be enforced, or that we expect assimilation, or that we speak a common language.  Laws, assimilation and a common language, along with borders are what define a nation. The Left is not satisfied with any of these things and they have no inclination to change now that they have started their dismantling of what it means to be “American.”