The Cave Dwellers Among Us: The Unhinged Trump Haters

After the 2008 election when Barack Obama defeated John McCain, South Park, the most politically astute show on television featuring animated characters made of simple geometric shapes, ran an episode where the Obama supporters were running about town jubilantly shouting his name, while the McCain supporters ran to the hills and held up in caves.  Eventually, they had to come out of their caves where they discovered that the sun still shone and daily life in South Park had not changed because Obama won the election.

South Park could have run that same episode eight years later, but in reverse where Hillary supporters ran to the hills.  The socialist dystopia proffered by the Right after the election of Obama failed to materialize, although Obama and the Democrats sure did try.  Likewise, the “conservative” dystopia proffered by the Left has failed to materialize under Trump although the Left is trying like hell to portray such.  What is disheartening is that some on the Right have now joined hands with the Left in that portrayal.

Those sane people among us who did not maybe vote for Trump in the primaries or general election but who nevertheless live in the world of reality and not what might have or should have been have been lumped in with the avid Trump supporter.  By reality, this writer means that Donald Trump is the President of the United States, that he won the election under the same rules Hillary Clinton played by (the Electoral College), and that 77,000 or so votes spread over three key states were not influenced by about $100,000 in Facebook ads paid for by people with connections to Russia.

These are the people on the Right who are blinded by a hatred so deep it should lead to a questioning of their self-professed Christian values.  It should pain anyone to see or read narratives fresh from the talking points of Leftist rags or, worse yet, from conspiracy sites. While one side accuses the other of being slaves to Breitbart, Drudge, or Infowars, the other side can be asked, with equal zeal, whether they are slaves to MSNBC, CNN, Alternet, or The Palmer Report (the latter is a great conspiracy site against Trump whose headlines are sometimes mirrored on unnamed conservative websites by unnamed conservative writers).  

It is great to know that a great many people out there have a reverse crystal ball where they can look into it, reverse history and tell us that if that rewritten history were reality, others would have, for example, nominated a conservative to the Supreme Court like Neal Gorsuch.  Maybe a President Cruz, Rubio or Kasich (yeah…right) would have, or- better yet- maybe someone even more conservative than Gorsuch, but we will never know, will we?  And incidentally, rewriting history whether literally or through hypotheticals is something the Left likes to do.  Just saying… That is, I thought conservatism always dealt with reality (not a hypothetical Utopia whether conservative or liberal).

There is also another disturbing trend and that is the elevation of certain figures to hero status.  Let’s leave aside those clowns at the FBI and Department of Justice which is a whole other story for another time.  Suffice to say, some would simply like to give them a pass because they were career FBI people and therefore are above reproach.  Instead, I refer to people like Jeff Flake or John McCain who have been venerated because one is a war hero and one is an anti-Trump hero.  Note to everyone: a war hero is not always right. As for Flake, when you get the endorsement of Sean Penn, well something is amiss if anyone on the Right elevates Flake.

Regarding the FBI, there are some conservatives who rightfully spoke up about the abuses of that agency under Obama.  Newsflash: All the rightful current criticism against the FBI involving Trump occurred under the administration of Obama.  Lest we forget, the targeting of Carter Page through a FISA warrant, the use of the Steele dossier by the FBI, the mishandling of the Clinton e-mail server investigation, and host of other abuses occurred under the administration of Barack Obama.  But today because Trump is the target, all those abuses are now defended at worst, or justified at the least. Has hatred of Trump so blinded people that that which they used to rail against is now defended or justified?

Most importantly, this unbridled hatred and these unhinged attacks will inevitably lead to a backlash.  There are many things to be wary of when it comes to Trump given his past political history and at age 70, it may be too late to teach an old dog new conservative tricks.  Instead of trying, others seem content to take the dog to the vet and have him put to sleep (not literally, so don’t get the wrong impression here). And this tendency of attack and hatred is likely to have the effect of driving people into the arms of Trump.  

This leads to another observation- Trump’s Twitter fetish.  While supporters of Trump are derisively called names as they egg on his latest rant on Twitter, his opponents on the Right and Left seem equally attuned to that Twitter account and ready to pounce at a moment’s notice.  His supporters are being egged on; his detractors are being trolled and this writer does not know which example of stupidity is worse.  One supposes moral and intellectual inferiority on the Left, but it appears it has become an attribute by some on the Right.

Some of us have obviously emerged from the cave sooner than others while there are still too many denying reality fighting their fight from their caves.  They can either emerge and realize the sun still shines and life goes on, or they can stay in their little caves and fight their Neanderthal battles.  But whatever they do, they are well warned not to overplay their hands lest they ensure another four years of drama come 2020, or worse.