Water Cooler- 2/27/18- Open Thread: The Culture Wars- Rampaging Student Edition


Welcome to another Water Cooler edition of the culture wars- a service brought to you courtesy of me to save you the time of digging deep into the recesses of the Internet for social justice warriors gone wild.  Without any more fanfare, here are the six best/worst stories from the past week or so for your outrage or entertainment, plus the goofball of the week.

Celebretard of the Week

The winner of this week’s coveted award goes to the writer/director of The Avengers– none other than Joss Whedon.  Mr. Whedon shared a story about ICE officials detaining 100 illegal aliens in his hometown, Los Angeles, Mexico (a/k/a California).  He made the obviously (silly) assertion that ICE is Trump’s SS because it is so #Resistance to compare Trump to Hitler at every opportunity.

Of course, ICE detaining illegal aliens is somewhat different from the Nazi SS rounding up Jews and putting them in box cars for shipment to a concentration camp, but what are historical facts when there is some virtue to signal and a point to be made.  Joss Whedon proving once again that stupidity knows no bounds.

Your Olympic Moment

At one time it was acceptable to point out the finer physical characteristics of the opposite sex.  But, those do-gooding Leftists had to go and ruin the fun.  Except, that is, when they are doing the pointing out.  So it is weird that BuzzFeed, the go-to for Leftists, would pen an article titled 11 Men’s Luge Bulges That All Deserve Gold Medals.  The article features close-up pictures of males in their tight suits.  One wonders if there is an upcoming article featuring the best 11 female figure skater crotch shots.

This Kid Has Balls

A male student at a magnet school in Sacramento, described only as “Asian,” had an interesting idea for a school science fair project.  He tried to explain the reason for the racial disparity at the school had to do with something other than the default answer: Racism.  He discovered that:

non-Hispanic whites and Northeast Asians have an IQ advantage of fifteen points over blacks and Southwest Asians, and 10 points over nonwhite Hispanics…[this makes]the racial disproportionality of [the program] justified.

You would have thought the kid came to school dressed in a white hood with a swastika arm band given the reaction.  The project was removed after only two days as administrators explained that it was likely to cause disruptions.  They promised increased outreach to the offended minorities.  And there was no shortage of butt hurt by the Leftist press in Sacramento.  One question left unanswered: no one disputed the kid’s findings.

Staying in the California School System

Meanwhile over in San Francisco, student leaders at a high school demanded from the administration that the school cease playing the National Anthem at pep rallies and school events for the remainder of the year.  The reason is simple: the third verse, which most people do not even know exists let alone heard, mentions slaves.  Apparently, the students have the backing of a single parent.

And indicative of what is wrong with California- the administration has capitulated to the student’s demands.  They are retiring the Star Spangled Banner at school events for the foreseeable future.  But when you have adults acting like children, one guesses this is to be expected.

An Original Idea to Stop School Violence

The principal at an elementary school in Philadelphia is offering every student $100 a piece if there are no fights the remainder of the school year.  If one fight breaks out, then no one gets the $100.  The school is 94% black with the remainder Hispanic in one of the nastiest, dirtiest, scariest parts of Philadelphia.

This is the same city that throws snowballs at Santa Claus at sporting games, greases light poles to no avail when their football team wins the Super Bowl and someone actually punched out a police horse re-enacting a scene from Blazing Saddles.  Given the inherent violence in Southwest Philly schools, this may be the best bet a Philadelphia school principal ever made.

Women’s March Organizes a School Walkout

Even though this has nothing to do with empowering the sisterhood, the Women’s March is calling for students at schools nationwide to stage a walkout on March 14, the one month anniversary of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.  The walkout is to occur at 10 a.m. for 17 minutes- one minute for each of the 17 students killed.

The stated reason is for Congress to “do something” other than express thoughts, prayers, and condolences.  The “something” likely involves something to akin to banning certain types of guns…or something like that.  If this comes to fruition as planned, one can rest assured Jimmy Kimmel will be there cheering (crying) them on.


The Pledge and Child Abuse

A physical education teacher in Colorado was recently placed on leave and charged by police with assault and child abuse after she forced a recalcitrant little Leftist (i.e., lazy kid) to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.  Apparently the teacher- a 20 year veteran known to be strict but fair by students- lifted the boy by his jacket and took him outside the classroom.  Responses by parents have largely been supportive of the teacher.  School officials say they are cooperating with the District Attorney in the “criminal investigation.”

Somehow, this writer believes Gloria Allred is heading to Colorado as I write this.


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