Atticus Finch and Late Night "Comedians-" The Culture Wars, January 30th edition

The inexorable march of the social justice warrior continues unabated.  This week’s edition brings you the seven best/worst examples that may or may not have been reported on these pages.  Happy reading…

Cher Escapes From Botox Lab; Makes Appearances

The Second Annual March of Disgruntled Harpies (a/k/a Women’s March) brought out a who’s who of well-to-do women screeching about how bad they have it these days under Trump- not literally under Trump…that would be Harvey Weinstein.  After making an appearance at the march and making some strange claims, that walking advertisement against Botox treatments- Cher- took to Twitter to attack the appearance of Sarah Huckabee Sanders by saying the White House Press Secretary dresses like a “sister wife.”

That was followed up by another woman- Jimmy Kimmel- attacking the appearance of Kellyanne Conway by using an ugly, mangled-faced puppet to play the role of Conway.  It got the guffaws of his liberal audience, but the skit can best be described as unfunny and mean-spirited.

So remember: feminism is all about empowering women…unless they are conservative women.

Staying with Kimmel for a Moment…

Jimmy Kimmel, best known for shedding tears on late night television, had a unique take on the war of words between President Trump and the Lilliputian leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un.  Said the quite unfunny Kimmel:

I don’t know, when did international relations turn into an episode of ‘Yo Momma’ on MTV? Doesn’t it seem we could switch leaders with North Korea and there would be no discernible difference whatsoever?

Because, you know… Trump is starving America into midget status and shoots grenades at renegade generals behind the White House.  Suggestion: perhaps switching out Kimmel for someone who is actually funny might make a discernible difference.

More Late Night Silliness

According to the World Bank, 59% of Haitians make $879.65 per year while 24% make less than $448.95 per year.  I know many Haitians who refer to their country as a “sh*thole.”  But in a sad effort to prove the opposite, Conan O’Brien took his show on the road to prove that Haiti was, in fact, a Caribbean paradise.

And it was, according to pictures and Tweets from O’Brien, considering he stayed at a posh resort known a Wahoo Bay where a single night’s stay costs $225 which is half of the annual income of one-quarter of Haiti’s population.  Not only did he stay at a nice resort drinking tropical cocktails as he floated on the private beach, but O’Brien was protected by armed security during his stay.

Speaking of Has-Beens Like Cher…

Rob Reiner, the rotund son of comedian Carl Reiner and former Meathead on All in the Family, is a social justice warrior whose large stomach extends across two area codes, which is one less area code than that of Michael Moore.  Known for making stupid and incendiary comments, Meathead said this regarding the recent government shutdown:

Make no mistake, this shutdown boils down to one thing: RACISM. GOP frightened to death of the browning of America. They will lose this last big battle of the Civil War. Diversity is our strength.

Meathead should practice what he preaches.  If “diversity is our strength,” then why does he live in a gated, walled off community where the average home price is $13 million in a city that is 92% white?  It appears that Mr. Reiner is not into that diversity thing all that much after all.

The Latest Hate Crime Hoax Brought to You by Canada

Police in Toronto investigated the heinous crime of an unidentified man who attempted to cut off the hijab of a young Muslim girl as she walked to school.  The story swept the nation and sent Canadians in search of some soul-soothing poutine.  The story dominated Canadian social media prompting sanctimonious reactions from the mayor of Toronto and even Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

You guessed it!  The incident never happened as police determined the story was made up, although the young school girl will not be charged with anything.  Of course, the fact that a hate crime against a Muslim did not occur was used as proof that Canadians should be on guard against something that did not occur.

Atticus Finch Can’t Catch a Break

Some parents- well, actually one named Tujama Kameeta- is trying to get the Monona Grove High School (WI) to ban the book, To Kill a Mockingbird.  The reason?  To quote Ms. Kameeta:

The n-word is used so many times that it numbs the readers to its potency. Reading the book just perpetuates racists thoughts and attitudes…We feel they are actually teaching kids to use racial slurs.  They haven’t grown up seeing those words used that way. They’re learning to put those words together to use them for power over people of color.

She further went on that the Atticus Finch character  “reinforces the Hollywood stereotype of the white savior.”  Something tells me Ms. Kameeta either lacks the ability to read the book, let alone watch the movie, or she is just plain brain-damaged.  Or, most probably she is seeking her Andy Warhol fifteen minutes of fame.

More Nonsense From the Bearded Bard of Keynesian Economics

Krugman is a smug economist who won a Nobel Prize because… well, just because.  Today, he writes for the New York Times after being let go by Princeton.  A self-proclaimed advocate for the 99%, he recently penned an article titled “Know-Nothings For the 21st Century-” a cute historical play on words to describe the GOP today.  There’s a lot to criticize here like his allegation that conservatives have an ulterior motive for attacking higher education these days- we are all just stupid.  To Krugman, the thought of a highly educated conservative is just foreign.  Not only are we stupid, we are unthinking and don’t know what we are talking about.  Oh… and hateful as he managed to throw the word “shithole” in there.  And because we are hateful, we are also bigots.

Krugman epitomizes the smug, Leftist elite commentator.  This is the same man who when confronted with the fact that Obama’s stimulus failed to stimulate said that was because it was not big enough.  This is the same man who rails against the 1% while collecting a $225,000 annual salary from CUNY for teaching NO courses.  He is also the man who predicted the stock market would tank after Trump’s inauguration.  When reminded of this failure of his, he said the stock market wasn’t the real economy.  Maybe not, but that is real money from real investors working for the benefit of real pensions.

With spokesmen like Krugman for the Left and voices like Sarsour and candidates like Hillary Clinton and Bradley “Call Me Chelsea” Manning, I think we all know “what happened” in 2016.