The Relentless March of the NeverTrumper

Much to the dismay of the Left and, it appears, many on the Right, we made it through the first year of the Trump presidency unscathed.  You know the ones on the Right- the self-anointed saviors of conservatism, the Republican Party, baseball, mom and apple pie.  The dystopian America many believed would be ushered in by Trump has not come to fruition.  No missiles are raining down on us from North Korea, Europe and NATO are still there,  Muslims and Hispanics are not being rounded into rail cars and shipped off to camps or the border and the government has not laid claim to the uterus of any woman.

Of course, that has not stopped the hyperbole coming from the mouths of many.  While one can understand it coming from the Left- its what they do- some of the analysis and vitriol coming from the alleged Right is interesting to note.  In the end, the ones making the most noise are being exposed as the fakes they were- willing to “win” a battle here and there while slowly losing a war.

From the 1960’s onward, the march of the Left has gone on rather unimpeded.  There were occasional conservative victories along the way- more like blips on a radar-, but not even Reagan could stop the march.  Today, the NeverTrumpers talk about conservative principles and it seems to stop there- talk.  Some even parrot the lines of Democrats or have elevated to saintly status non-conservative Republicans who they once maligned.  When the words of Adam Schiff are cited on conservative websites, the NeverTrumper has truly crossed the Rubicon.

It is amazing to watch the evolution of some conservatives who, when all was said and done, were just mouthing the words.  Its easy to make great speeches on the floor of Congress or before the cameras of CNN and Fox, and quite another thing to actually do something.  Be it getting tough on immigration, tax reform, Obamacare repeal, etc., when the chips were down the so-called conservatives cut and run, licked their wounds and ensured us they would regroup and fight another day.

Today’s NeverTrumpers are cowards who like to hide behind words and vindictive, sometimes personal attacks against Trump.  They are the timid and weak who spout the lines, but refuse to do the dirty work of turning back decades of Leftist victories and eight years of Obama abuse.  They lecture others to appeal to a higher standard while sometimes sinking to the depths of standards in their attacks.

Even clear-cut conservative victories- massive tax cuts, ending the individual mandate, record-breaking judicial confirmations, a conservative on the Supreme Court, a decrease in illegal border crossings and deportations up (that is, enforcing the law), ANWR drilling, recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, unleashing the military against terrorists, withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Accords, etc.- are dismissed despite being part of the conservative agenda because of the man who actually achieved these ends.

When the achievements of Trump are noted, those who do the noting are met with derisive comments and accusations of being part of the Trump cult of personality.  This writer will admit there is a cult of personality around Trump, but it is not his solid and tepid supporters or fence-sitters, but his detractors who are guilty.  Whether on the Left or the Right, they are so obsessed with the man- not the policy- and to hell with everything else…even if it is something conservatives have fought for for years.

The bulk of the criticism against Trump is over what he has said, not what he has done.  Today’s NeverTrumpers often parrot a line directly from the playbook of Hillary Clinton- the insistence that words matter while ignoring actions.  Today, saying the “right thing” has taken priority over doing the right thing.  And the anti-Trump blame game is played with unequal rules.  The righteous among us often resort to rather un-righteous rhetoric when it comes to Trump.

While our former leaders fawned over European leaders for their egalitarianism, or bribed and cajoled the mullahs of Iran, bowed to Saudi princes, and a butcher in North Korea was dealt with through “strategic patience” (a/k/a- doing nothing), the Left and Right is shocked when Trump responds to the leader of North Korea as a “short rocket man.”  Yet, they seem rather accepting of equating Trump with Hitler.  Even Jeff Flake received some applause in conservative circles for comparing Trump to Stalin.  But, “rocket man” is the end of the world?  Give me a break!

A recent poll showed that 82% of Republicans approve of Trump.  That means, at most, only 18% of Republicans are NeverTrumpers although the number is probably less.  They cannot even find agreement among themselves.  The least popular Republican Senators- McCain, Flake, Graham, McConnell and Corker- could be considered NeverTrump to some degree.  These are now the saints of the NeverTrumpers.

Criticism from  the NeverTrump Right is rarely about the “what” and more about the “why.”  They attack his Tweets, his hypocrisy, his hitting back against a biased media (something conservatives have been saying for years, but apparently we’re just supposed to say it and play the martyr) or for saying things a President is not supposed to say.  We all know his Tweets because the media is obsessed with them.  This only increases his reach to his Twitter followers.  A Republican will never get a fair deal from the media.  But a successful leader will know how to get around that.  If Twitter were around in the 1980’s, do you think Reagan would be shy with its use?

While Obama and the Left were bringing a gun to a knife fight, the Left is now frustrated because Trump brought a gun this time around.  Apparently the NeverTrumpers prefer a pea shooter.  They unconsciously know Trump is effective.  His Tweets, which is nothing short of trolling which his detractors and NeverTrumpers fall for all the time,  are generally on-target no matter who they are directed at, although the language may be of a childish, bullying nature.  That’s right- a President is not supposed to act like that.  They are expected to “rise above” the daily attacks at the hands of detractors and the press.

This writer gets it- your guy lost in the primaries.  So did mine- again and again and again.  Nor did this writer vote for Trump but instead use the write-in option.  Perhaps if I had lived in Wisconsin, Ohio or Michigan that vote would have been different.  But, I prefer to live in reality, not a world of what could have been.

That reality includes the fact that there was no Russian conclusion despite the wishes of many to the contrary.  Neither will there be a “25th Amendment solution” and, I might add, the FBI and intelligence community will be here in 10 years despite the bad eggs left over from the Obama administration.  So save us the sanctimonious belief that Trump is attacking law enforcement as if the NeverTrumper is now the guardian of that institution also besides mom and apple pie.  Here’s a thought the NeverTrumper can’t fathom: one can realize RUSSIA IS NOT OUR FRIEND while also realizing Obama politically weaponized the DOJ/FBI/IRS/EPA/IC, etc.

To the NeverTrumper, a little less sanctimony and posturing would go a long way.  They need to do some soul-searching and less searching for new words and reasons to attack Trump.  Are they willing to be honest about his accomplishments as they are about his failings?  Their derangement and obsession suggest the answer.