From Sharia Law to Trump's Health: The Culture Wars, Jan. 23rd edition

It’s been an interesting week in the culture wars with Trump’s fake news awards being announced and the reaction to it, not to mention Trump’s medical exam results.  So, these are the seven best/worst stories from the past week in no particular order:

A Political Endorsement Sure to Kill Your Chances

By now, you’ve probably heard that traitor Bradley “Call Me Chelsea” Manning is running in the Democratic primary for Senate in Maryland against incumbent Ben Cardin, himself a certifiable douche.  You may have even seen his/her’s first campaign ad which is truly cringe-worthy.

It seems Ms./Miss/Mr. Bradley has picked up an unexpected endorsement from an unlikely source: the hijab-wearing, Sharia-loving co-organizer of the Women’s March, Linda Sarsour.  The irony is not lost on this writer since Sharia does not tolerate homosexuals let alone dudes who think they are women.

Speaking of Ironies…

This is an older story with a new twist.  Back in September, Saudi Arabia made a profound decision sure to shake the bedrock of their Islamic culture- they started to grant driver’s licenses to women.  Feminists the world over celebrated this move into the 21st century, although the action was controversial with stiff opposition.  Among the reasons proffered against it were, among others (1) no veils on the face when driving, (2) women would be spending less time at home, and my favorite, (3) women have one-fourth the brain capacity of males.

Well, the good news is that Saudi Arabia now finds itself as a member of the UN Commission on the Status of Women.  That should make for some interesting input from the Commission.  The second irony is that under Sharia law, Saudi women convicted of adultery can now drive themselves to their own stoning.

Speaking of Islamic Head Scarves

L’Oreal is a major cosmetics and hair care company.  To introduce a new line of hair care products, the woke company launched a new advertisement campaign featuring a model named Amema Khan who, in the commercial wears a head scarf which happens to cover her hair which happens to be what the company is advertising.  Of course, the company is defending their decision, but may have to distance themselves from Ms. Khan’s rather virulent anti-Israel statements on Twitter.

For example, she has called Israel an illegal state, the sole source of religious tension in the region, an “occupier of Palestinian land” and a contributor to genocide and even defended Hamas against allegations of terrorism.  But, whatever… if a hair care company wants to spend advertisement dollars to cover up their product with the hijab, all the more power to them.

Oh, the Irony (And Stupidity)

Mo’Nique is a comedic actress who won an Oscar.  She is also someone who spells the name “Monique” incorrectly by using an unnecessary apostrophe and capital letter in her name.  Mo’Nique also apparently has a lifetime free pass at Dunkin’ Donuts given her size.  Recently, she was offered $500,000 to do her own comedy special on Netflix, which she refused.

The reason?  According to the rotund comedienne, Netflix is both racist and sexist since they offered other comedians more money for their own comedy specials.  As proof, she offered up the examples of Amy Schumer, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle who were offered more.

Too many donuts probably had an effect on her brain function since she is screaming “racism” and “sexism” on Instagram (of course) using the examples of a female (sexism?) and two black guys (racism?).  Perhaps, it is the fact the other three examples are funnier.  Or maybe its the fact they do not feel the need to use an apostrophe in their name.

What If You Planned a March and Some of Your Allies Boycotted It?

This year’s Women’s March in Washington brought out some raging harpies on the Left and some controversy.  It appears that some internecine warfare has broken out among the ranks of the feminists that pits white feminists against black feminists.  To wit, several black feminists decided to boycott this year’s “march of the offended.”

In the past year, white feminists have been hit with articles like “7 Awful Ways White Women Fetishize Women of Color,” “Why This Black Girl Will Not Be Returning to the Women’s March,” and “What is White Feminism? 7 Sneaky Ways It Shows Up in Your Life.”  [NOTE: there is no such word as “fetishize.”]  Even poor Margaret Atwood of Handmaid’s Tale fame is taking a beating from black feminists accusing her of “stealing and reappropriating the historical injustices done to black women in America by way of slavery.” [Note: is there such a word as “reappropriating?”]

Besides inventing words, these rankled black feminists are providing some good entertainment for the rest of the world as the feminist movement, which used to be about legitimate things, implodes upon itself.  It also proves that despite the groveling, deference and fumbling attempts to appease the black feminists, it ain’t happenin,’ sista.

What If You Wrote a “Great” Speech, Leaked Parts to NBC and No One Showed Up to Listen?

That is exactly the position outgoing Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona found himself in recently.  Apparently in response to Trump’s tongue-in-cheek Fake News awards, Flake’s knickers got twisted and he fancied himself America’s savior of a free press.  So, he penned a speech comparing Trump to Joseph Stalin of all people when here I thought Trump was the second coming of Hitler.  In fact, he thought the speech was sooooo good, he leaked parts to NBC which prompted a front page laudatory article here on Redstate about the speech which described Flake’s words as “nuclear.”

Apparently, the bulk of the Senate- as in 97 other members- had better things to do that day as only Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Dick Durbin (D-IL) besides Flake himself stayed around for the speech.  In the end, Flake spoke to an audience of two and perhaps another six people nationwide watching on C-Span.  As expected, the publicity stunt full of righteous virtue came up something short of “nuclear.”  Pathetic is a more accurate description.

If a Doctor Says Someone is Healthy, When Are They Really Not Healthy?

The answer: when the subject is Donald Trump and you are a “reporter” for CNN.  Cue the music and enter Brian Stelter who looks suspiciously like a human bowling ball.  Unconvinced by the assessment by Dr. Jackson who gave Trump his first physical as President, Stelter made this comment on Twitter: “The Q’s about fitness are serious.  Someone can be sharp as a tack, and still unfit.”  CNN’s medical expert- Sanjay Gupta- made the astonishing diagnosis based on statistics that Trump had heart disease despite Dr. Jackson stating facts quite the contrary.  Some outlets even suggested a medical cover-up by Dr. Jackson even though a medical test is rather non-partisan and this is the same Dr. Jackson who examined Obama.

Interestingly, this is the same Brian Stelter who rolled his eyes at comments that Hillary Clinton was in ill-health as she was fainting and coughing her way through speeches.  This is the same Gupta who suggested that people who questioned her health were engaging in “conspiracy theory.”