Pink Hats and Poopy Holes: An Oprah-Free Culture Wars, January 16th edition

WARNING:  This week’s edition of the culture wars has objectionable language.  Close the kid’s eyes and lock up the dog because here are the seven best (or worst) stories from the past week in the never-ending saga of the culture wars.

Pink Hats are Racist and Transphobic

The fine women of the Pensacola branch of the Women’s March has taken exception to the wearing of that iconic fashion statement- the pink “pussy” hat.   In a Facebook posting, they stated that “The Pink P*ssy hat reinforces the notion that woman = vagina and vagina = woman, and both these are incorrect.”  Um… not really.  The hat is transphobic because it fails to include women who do not have vaginas- a/k/a men who think they are women.

But, you ask, why is it racist?  To quote the posting, it is racist because the hat is pink and therefore makes the erroneous assumption all vaginas are pink which “represents a very concentrated and thus, exclusionary sect of feminism.” Therefore, the assumption that all vaginas are pink is “white focused and Eurocentric.”

No word yet whether Victoria’s Secret is reconsidering their Pink line of clothing.

 You Will Be Made to Believe and Conform

Denis Finley was fired as editor of the Burlington (Vermont) Free Press after he had the temerity to ask, via Twitter, why it was “awesome” that the state was considering a third gender option on state driver’s licenses.  The Leftist Twitterverse became so angered that they took Finley to task.  He responded with a very reasonable and logical reply: “All I am asking, Chris, is why is this awesome? Is it something I have to accept, or can I challenge it?”

I told you it was reasonable, but apparently not to the newspaper’s parent company- USA Today- who had him fired for a lack of journalistic “objectivity” on social media.

 Poverty is Sexist…or Something Like That

Connie Britton, an actress on Friday Night Lights  and Nashville, apparently did not get the black dress Golden Globe protest memo when she showed up on the red carpet sporting a shirt that said “Poverty is sexist.”  Its a confusing statement considering that, for example, the bulk of homeless people (who are clearly in poverty) are male (70% is the statistic, I believe).  Why sexism or poverty or both were being protested on a night when the protest was supposed to be about sexual harassment on a night that was supposed to be about rewarding the best in movies and television also added to the confusion.

Most confusing was the fact that this statement against poverty or sexism or both was plastered on a shirt that cost $380.  This is just an exclamation point on a night of Hollywood hypocrisy especially considering that few, if anybody, really gives a rat’s ass what Connie Britton thinks about poverty or sexism.

 The End of Time in 59 Days and Counting

So says Washington Governor Jay Inslee who predicted a mass salmon death and burnt forests if the legislature does not enact a proposed carbon tax before the end of the legislative session which happens to end in 59 days…and counting.  Said the good Governor:

We have just 59 days to do our part to save our children from an endless cycle of crop-killing droughts one year, and rivers spilling their banks the next. To save salmon from dying in ever warming rivers, and our forests from being reduced to plumes of ash.

There you have it in his own words: food killing droughts, overflowing rivers, burnt forests and dead salmon.  According to most experts, the proposed legislation would have ZERO effect on global temperatures, BUT it would raise an additional $3.3 billion in state revenue over four years while simultaneously increasing a Washingtonian’s electric bill an estimated 5% and the price of gas in the state by 10%.  Hey- an extra sweater in winter and a few less car trips to the grocery store can make up for that if Washingtonians really want to keep their salmon in their rivers.

 She Just Cannot Help Herself

In response to what she believed was appeasement by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), loser Chelsea Handler took to Twitter to attack him with a derogatory comment that suggested there was film somewhere of Graham engaged in a certain sexual act preferred by homosexuals.  In today’s world, this is defined as “homophobia.”

Its homophobia, that is, unless one of your own says it.  In response to the offensive Tweet, GLAAD, the Human Rights Campaign and the National LBGT Task Force were suspiciously silent.  In fact, they refused to answer press inquiries for a statement.  This was in stark contrast to their knee-jerk condemnations of statements made by Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame in 2013.

Perhaps actor James Woods had the best suggestion: let her continue her rants because it exposes the true mindset of the Left.

Seems Woke Male Feminist is a Sexual Harasser Also

Aziz Ansari has given numerous interviews to the likes of Cosmopolitan, The Late Show with David Letterman and The Guardian each touting his attachment to the feminist movement.  In his Netflix special, Live at Madison Square Garden, Ansari went to great lengths to describe creepy, sexist attitudes men have towards women.  He should know.

A recent article in Babe describes a “date” a woman had with Ansari when she was 22- one short year ago- when the date turned into unwanted groping and oral sex.  Ansari texted her to thank her for the previous night stating that he “misread things in the moment.”  The publication was able to corroborate some of the woman’s claim from phone and text messages.

The specifics here make this muddled, but it appears this was a date gone bad proving that Ansari is just your average horndog after all.  And even though this hardly rises to the level of sexual assault, he did what any red-blooded celebrity horndog would do: he apologized.

Sean Penn and Sh*thole Countries

Yes…more on that “sh*thole country” comment attributed to Trump.  According to Sean Penn, this makes Trump not an enemy of the United States, but of mankind.  He also said that Trump was trying to enslave- ENSLAVE that is- America.  This is the same man who thought that Hugo Chavez was a great leader.  Chavez, by the way, is the thankfully dead leader of Venezuela who single handed took that nation from prosperity to sh*thole status with his socialist vision (same for Maduro today).

Coupled with statements by (Mad) Maxine Waters describing Trump as “the most despicable human to ever walk the earth” (note: that would put him in company with people like Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin, Castro…), the comments being bandied about sort of make the word “sh*thole” seem tame.  Come to think about it, one does not see Sean Penn or Maxine Waters living in any sh*tholes… not even in their own cities.

That’s it for this week and hopefully the discourse will be less bawdy next week.  Until then…