Toddler Drag Queens and the Death of Rock and Roll - The Culture Wars, January 9th

We are less than two weeks into 2018 and while the big news has been a BOOK, the culture wars continue.  These are the top seven stories in no particular order from the past week (in my opinion).  Happy reading.

This Guy Must Be a Laugh a Minute

According to local reports, state representative Bruce Franks, Jr. of Missouri protested during the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance to open the new legislative session by defiantly holding a black power fist in the air.  He later told reporters he preferred to pledge allegiance to “the people rather than a flag.”

In November, he was arrested while trying to shut down a mall in an anti-Black Friday protest even though the term “Black Friday” has nothing to do with blacks…or any race for that matter.  In October, he was one among 140 protesters to shut down a freeway over “police violence against blacks.”  Before that, Mr. Franks, Jr. was an apparent rapper wannabe whose lyrics fantasized about dismembering murder victims.  What a guy!

Speaking of Crazy Black Guys…

Keith Ellison recently took to Twitter to tout a new book called “The Antifa Handbook” and used that opportunity to threaten Trump by endorsing the tactics espoused in that book.  It as written by Mark Bray, a Dartmouth professor and former organizer of Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.  You remember them, right?  That’s when a group of people set up tent cities and defecated on police cars.  Bray’s book defends “punching Nazis,” something he also proclaimed last year justifying the violence as necessary because “militant ant-fascism is reasonable.”

Actually, militant anti-fascism is fascism, but that thought is foreign to most of these antifa types.

Calling All Hypocrites

That includes the terrorist-loving, Sharia proponent, hijab wearing Linda Sarsour for her deafening silence on protests in the streets of Iran.  When this inconvenience was brought to her attention and pictures from Iran emerged of women removing face veils in violation of the Sharia law she loves, Sarsour did what any good liberal buffoon does- deflect attention.

Instead of standing with the protesters in Iran, particularly the women who are the most oppressed under Sharia law, Sarsour and company attacked their critics by noting Right wing silence on events in…. Burma.  Until Sarsour wore a hijab or burqa or whatever Muslim-wear she chooses, she was essentially a nobody from Brooklyn.

A Brand New New York City Nightspot

Napoles is a ten-year-old drag queen that goes by the name “Desmond is Amazing.”  Due to open in October, Desmond is supposedly the brains behind a children-only drag club.  It is doubtful that a ten-year-old knows how to actually run an all-child drag club which leads the reasonable to believe that adults are actually behind this venture taking advantage of the Desmond brand.

According to Desmond, no adults will be allowed entry to the club and the drag queen is also developing a brand of fashion and cosmetics.  Only in America can a 10-year-old drag queen be such an entrepreneur.  Gee- what could go wrong here?

Rock and Roll is Dead

After many decades of being the dominant force in pop music, Nielsen Music reports that rock and roll has been supplanted at the top of the heap by rap/hip-hop.  According to the rating service, only two of the ten most listened to songs of 2017 fall within the rock genre.  Yes, some decidedly very white artists like Ed Sheeran managed to steal the top honors, but overall rap/hip-hop rules.  Of the top 20 songs streamed in 2017, only two were not from the rap/hip-hop genre.  Of the five albums nominated for awards by the Grammy’s, there is one lone non-rap/hip-hop selection.

So, put down that air guitar, cut those long hairs and start writing songs about urban male mating habits, grabbing the private parts of the opposite sex and learn to rhyme real fast.


Oh, NO!  A Chelsea Handler Sighting…

In response to a Trump tweet about voter ID, the insignificant former late night talk host/unfunny comedienne Chelsea Handler responded:

That must be why it’s easier to buy a gun in some of these states than it is to vote. But, you love guns and don’t want any black people to vote, so that’s a double win for you. Put that on your vision board.

It is hard to say where this tweeted response goes wrong.  For example, in my home state- New Jersey- its rather easy to vote and damn near impossible to get a gun license.  As for blacks not voting, is Handler suggesting that black people lack the resources or intelligence to get some form of ID?  Most people I see today regardless of color have a cell phone and I believe you need ID to get one of them.  So, if a black person is intelligent enough and has the resources to get a cell phone, I don’t think they need Chelsea Handler’s racist views of them in their corner.  Once again, she proves the definition of the word “dolt.”

The New Roseanne

Roseanne Barr hasn’t been doing much after destroying the National Anthem and losing her show named after herself, so she decided to resurrect the show.  In the latest installment, her gay daughter, played by Sara Gilbert, has nine-year-old son who likes to dress as a girl.  It is not that the child is transgender, gay, or even a drag queen.  According to Gilbert, he’s just a little boy who prefers to dress as a girl because that “represents the world.  Of course, Entertainment Weekly chimed in lauding this development as “enlightened” rather than “mental.”


That’s it for this week.  Be sure to tune in next Tuesday for the next installment of the best comedy series in America… The Culture Wars.


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