From Racist Trees to Rachel Ray: The Culture Wars- January 2, 2018 edition

Welcome to the year 2018.

Teen Vogue Goes Full Hillary

In the most recent edition of Teen Vogue, thirty-six of the magazine’s 97 pages are devoted to Hillary Clinton.  Says one writer for the magazine: “zooming out on Hillary’s 2016 loss reveals the broader contours of women’s oppression…”   There is a two-page spread on “Love Letters to Hillary” with a forewarning to read them with tissue in hand.  Hillary even writes a letter to an 18-year-old Ms. Rodham with cutesy advice for the future Mrs. Clinton.  Ironically, the fashion section is devoted to Hillary in what must be a fascinating display of pantsuits.  And, of course, Chelsea chimes in on the vomit-inducing homage to the only woman in America who could lose an election to Donald Trump.

Rachel Ray Is a Bigoted Cultural Appropriator

On December 21st, noted television cooking expert Rachel Ray tweeted out photos of her “Israeli night” dinner menu choices.  This did not sit too well with James Zogby, president of the Arab-American Institute.  He tweeted back:

“Damn it @rachaelray. This is cultural #genocide. It’s not #Israeli food. It’s #Arab (#Lebanese, #Palestinian, #Syrian, #Jordanian). First the Israelis take the land & ethnically cleanse it of Arabs. Now they take their food & culture & claim it’s theirs too! #Shame.”

Yep- it seems that cooking such delicacies as “meze stuffed grape leaves, hummus, beet dip, eggplant and sun dried tomato dip, walnut and red pepper dip, and tabouli” will now get you accused of gastronomic appropriation.

Get Rid of That Boring Bald Eagle

According to Nobel Prize winning economist, New York Times columnist and bearded bard of Keynesian economics Paul Krugman, should the country survive the presidency of Donald Trump, we should have a new national symbol: the ubiquitous pink pussy hat that adorned the heads of thousands of women in Washington during the Women’s March bitchfest.  Declaring that the country is near collapse because of “the dictator wannabe,” he believes this symbol of “The Resistance” will save the country.

This is the same “economist” who predicted in January 2017 that the stock market would implode after the inauguration of Trump.  Today, the stock market has surged to over 5,000 points and since the inauguration, it has had over 70 record closings.  One would think an award-winning economist would see economic reality.  But apparently his pink pussy hat is obstructing his view.

Imagine a Different Headline

Most blogs and magazines have a year-end look ahead at the new year and Buzz Feed was no different as a black contributor named Patrice Peck penned an article titled, “37 Things White People Need to Stop Ruining in 2018.”  Why 37 things and not just 10 or 20 is not explained.  Among the top ten are such items as macaroni and cheese, sneaker culture, trees, the Grammy’s, the Oscar’s and, of course, the USA.  The rest is basically just a list of rap songs and dances from black culture which, we can all agree, should be left alone.

Besides being mindless drivel and a waste of three minutes scrolling through the nonsense, can you imagine the outcry if a website published an article listing “5 Things Black People Need to Stop Ruining in 2018?”  The Southern Poverty Law Center would swoop in like a pack of vultures on a dead deer on the side of the road.  Twitter and Facebook would stop linking to their articles.  Google would flag it as “hate speech” and Don Lemon would blame it on Donald Trump while Jimmy Kimmel would cry on the air.

I have two suggestions for any minority in 2018 to stop ruining things: (1) stop making everything about race, and (2) stop conveniently being victims.

 Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

In 2016, Drexel University professor George Ciccariello-Maher sent out a Tweet: “All I want for Christmas is white genocide.”  He had also written articles with titles like, “Abolish the White Race.”  The good professor, incidentally, is white.

This past week, he announced his retirement from Drexel on Facebook (of course) because all good social justice warriors announce things on social media.  Said this miscreant:

…after nearly a year of harassment by right-wing, white supremacist media outlets and internet mobs, after death threats and threats of violence directed against me and my family, my situation has become unsustainable….This is why the Right is targeting campuses with thinly veiled provocations disguised as free speech….In the past year, the forces of resurgent white supremacy have tasted blood and are howling for more.

So if we get this straight, he accuses people of “tasting blood and howling for more” when he writes articles advocating for the abolition and genocide of an entire race.

Racist Trees in Palm Springs

The city fathers in Palm Springs, California have decided to remove a row of tamarisk trees that separate a predominantly black neighborhood from a municipal golf course.  The racist trees (their words) were planted in the 1960’s.  Neighbors have complained that the trees, which block views of the golf course and neighboring San Jacinto Mountains are the primary reason property values are so low.

It should be noted that the row of trees also blocks off a major road which runs by the golf course and their presence may have more to do with the road (which existed before the housing development) than with racism.  In fact, there are at least five golf courses within 10 miles of my home in New Jersey and I can safely say they are all blocked off from the road by trees.

But being California, the tamarisk trees must go.  We wait with baited breath to see whether neighboring home prices appreciate in value.

And Finally…

It’s official!!  Besides the epic failure of the Ravens on the last day of the NFL season, Baltimore has officially set a homicide record.   In 2015, they had 33.8 murders per 100,000 which isn’t that great.  In 2017, that number jumped to 55.8 murders per 100,000, which is even worse.  It appears that everywhere there were Black Lives Matters inspired protests- Charlotte, Baltimore, Ferguson, Dallas, Chicago, Milwaukee- black-on-black crime has gotten worse!

It’s called the “Ferguson Effect” and academics and law enforcement officials are starting to weigh in on the subject.  As police become more reluctant to do their jobs in high crime areas out of fear of being branded “racist,” the criminals take over.

That’s it for this week.  Happy New Year and looking forward for more culture war wackiness in 2018.

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