Islam and Islamism, Or Allah's Inferiority Complex

Islam is a religion.  Islamism is a perversion of that religion.  Islamism is the ideology of the radical Muslim centered around four core beliefs:

  1.   The first is that the West must submit to Islam through violent or other means.
  2. Second, the concept of “jihad” is defined as an outer struggle towards these ends, preferably with a restored Caliphate, as opposed to an inner struggle for goodness.
  3. Third, it believes in the concept of Daar Al-Islam, or the belief that if an area was once ruled by Islam, it can never be ruled by anyone else.  It explains their forays into parts of Eastern Europe, Spain, and, of course, their animosity towards Israel.
  4. And finally, it believes that wherever Muslims settle, Sharia law takes precedence over the secular law of the host country.

The war on terror continues unabated despite the defeat of the most recent incarnation of evil on earth- ISIS.  And it will be a non-ending war as long as the West is paralyzed by a belief that Islamism can be controlled.  However, we must make clear that practices better left in the Dark Ages remain in their home countries, but have no home in the West.  We welcome Muslim immigrants with the proviso they leave their antiquated beliefs and practices in their home country.

We cannot wage a war against over one billion people who practice Islam when the vast majority of them do not share the aspirations of Islamism.  But, neither should we appease over one billion people by ignoring the beliefs and actions of the few.  It takes but one terrorist to get through while the West must be 100% vigilant.

Which brings me to some thoughts about how some in the West are psychologically paralyzed when it comes to Islamism.  In the past fifty years, it is almost impossible to find any instance of anyone being charged with a hate crime for mocking Christianity.  Yet, throughout the world, people are dragged into court for the crime of offending the feelings of Allah.  In Nassau County, New York a picture of Christ hanging on a cross left at an Islamic Center was investigated and treated as a hate crime.  In London’s Pride Parade, local Muslims were miffed by certain placards regarding Islam, most of them salutary.  In France, Brigitte Bardot was brought before authorities for saying that Muslims were not nice to animals.

It appears as if gays were once atop the mountain of oppressed people, but Muslims have supplanted them at the summit.  In Europe, the situation is worse than in North America.  This is where Muslims kill film makers and shoot up and kill writers of a satirical magazine.  It is where they issue fatwas against novelists and bomb railway stations.  It is where Europe’s leaders pontificate and wring their hands over what they are doing wrong in making these uninvited Muslim immigrants feel more welcome.

Not a single one of these countries has a law against blasphemy, but they do have hate speech laws.  These restrictions on “hate” have become the cultural equivalent of blasphemy laws.  In contrast, every Muslim-majority country does have a law against anti-Muslim blasphemy.  Penalties range from imprisonment to decapitation.  And why?  Is Allah’s ego so fragile that he needs such protection from the likes of mere mortals?

In 2015, Saudi Arabia executed a man for apostasy.  Another was sentenced to death in 2017 for atheism.  In 2007 in Bangladesh, a cartoonist named a cat in a story Muhammed which brought cries for his death.  Also in that year, a British teacher in the Sudan was convicted of the odious crime of having a classroom teddy bear named Muhammed.  A Pakistani court sentenced a man to death for making a blasphemous statement on Facebook.

If the authorities do not get you, the mobs just may.  In 2015, a woman was accosted on the street and killed in Afghanistan after she was falsely accused of burning the Quran.  And in Jordan, a writer on trial for sharing an allegedly blasphemous cartoon was shot and killed outside the courthouse.

Western nations allow mosques to be built and do not hinder the Islamic faithful from attending their services.  In fact, many businesses now accommodate Muslims in dress and conduct.  But in Muslim nations, Christians and other religions are suppressed and one is hard-pressed to find a church.  Why the fear of having religious freedom?  Just what does Allah fear will happen that he would go to such lengths to suppress religious freedom?

The Islamist justifies these actions using these words from Chapter 33 of the Quran:

Those who annoy Allah and His Messenger—Allah has cursed them in this World and in the Hereafter, and has prepared for them a humiliating Punishment….They shall have a curse on them: whenever they are found, they shall be seized and slain (without mercy).

But this raises a very serious question.  Why would an allegedly perfect and all powerful deity like Allah allow something like a cartoon to so annoy him that he would need this passage in the Quran to be misinterpreted in the first place?  Couldn’t Allah just have come out with some admonition like Moses discovered in the First and Second Commandments and made it applicable only to those who believed and followed it?  Why the need to enforce it on others?  Granted, all monotheistic Gods seem a little violently over-the-top at times, but Allah takes it to a whole other level.

Perhaps this is why if one looks at the history of Islam and how it spread out of Arabia, one is struck by the amount of warfare and violence perpetrated in the name of Allah.  It was not martyrdom, persuasion or assimilation that spread Islam; it was the pointed end of a sword.  All other religions are guilty of violence in the past, but the key phrase is “in the past.”  It appears that in some instances, Islam has not evolved to that state yet.  In the case of the Islamist, they do not want the religion to evolve beyond the Dark Ages.

That is their decision and prerogative, but no one in the West should be an ally in that mindset, nor should we condone it.  Nor should we allow it on lands that have evolved beyond the Dark Ages.  No one is telling any Muslim to give up their religion.  But, if they are going to live among the West, then leave their antiquated beliefs and practices at the border.  Better yet, just do not immigrate to the West.

NOTE: As of this writing, 12,960 humans have been killed worldwide in the name of Allah and another 12,024 injured this year alone.

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