From Jerusalem to Taylor Swift: The Culture Wars- December 19th edition

This is the last of this series before Christmas, so enjoy!


A recent poll by Pew found that a whopping 82% of white, evangelical Christians believe that Jews should have a homeland in Israel and that Jerusalem should the be capital.  In contrast, a mere 40% of American Jews believe the same thing.  According to the report, white evangelical Christian Americans are more likely to favor strong support for Israel than their Jewish counterparts.  I’m not sure what this proves, but it sure is interesting.


Amanda Liberty is a 33-year-old woman from Leeds, England who has finally found love.  She found so much love that she intends to marry the object of that love.  Unfortunately, she fell in love with a chandelier and you will never guess the name of the chandelier.  It’s… Lumiere (as in the character from Beauty and the Beast).  She proposed to Lumiere who also happens to be female.  And it will be an open marriage because Lumiere is currently dating a whopping 25 other chandeliers, according to Ms. Liberty.

Ms. Liberty is neither heterosexual or homosexual, she insists, but objectum sexual.  One guesses that will be added to the ever-growing letters on the LGBT spectrum.  By the way, Amanda Liberty is not her real name having changed it after her last love affair with the Statue of Liberty.  And I swear…this is a true story.


Poppy Noor is a London-based freelance “journalist” who recently penned an article for Vice titled, “White People Need to Learn to Assimilate.”  She starts the article with these infamous words: “The discourse about integration in Britain is always about foreigners being ‘more like us.'”  Ms. Noor is upset that those who immigrate to Britain are being asked to behave like British people, or reading between the lines, like white people.  To the writer, she makes the startling assertion that it is the whites of England who are failing to assimilate.

To Noor, the cultural agitators are the native white British population.  She conveniently ignores the fact that many Muslims in England self-segregate.  She also leaves out other inconvenient facts like the Pakistani gang rapists of Rotherham, not to mention the acts of terrorism and those thwarted by the police.


It appears that no act of compassion which happens to make the news or allow a video on YouTube achieve the vile “viral” status goes unnoticed by the triggered on the Left.  Damon Young is a columnist for GQ who recently commented on a video of a man saving a scared bunny rabbit running from a wildfire in Southern California.  Writing for some other aptly misnamed rag called Very Smart Brothas, he contends that the saving of the rabbit proves racism by whites.

Although he asserts that the saving of the rabbit proves something good about humanity, it simultaneously:

When witnessing the act and the fawning over the bunny rescue, I can’t help juxtaposing the feelings expressed about this bunny with the feelings generally expressed when black people are in grave danger.

YES!  He actually said this.  He further claims that the rescue was the “whitest thing” he ever saw and exposed “everything problematic about white people.”

Dude: bunnies are cute, furry woodland creatures with big eyes.  In a wildfire, they don’t get warnings from the local fire department.  His assertions prove that he simply is NOT one very smart brotha.


Taylor Swift is a singer who has won awards in just about every music awards show imaginable.  In 2017, she released an album that sold 1 million copies in its first week.  This is noteworthy since most people download music from Internet streaming these days.  One would think that the music industry would celebrate this fact.

BUT- there are a couple of problems with Ms. Swift!  The most important is the fact that she refuses to engage in political talk.  In fact, we can say she is apolitical and that just burns the britches of the Left-infested music industry.  Every word of her’s is parsed and so it was no different when she Tweeted that 2017 was the best year ever.  That brought out the claws of those on the Left who responded by accusing her of everything from white privilege to being a card-carrying supporter of Donald Trump.

Of course, she was referring to the success of her album, the nominations and awards she received and her sold out shows.  The Tweet had nothing to do with politics, nor was it an endorsement of Trump.  Someone even brought up Charlottesville and reminded her that apparently khaki-clad, swastika-bearing Nazis were taking over the streets.  This writer says that even though I don’t really listen to her music, keep on rocking sister!  Or, is it sista?


The chances of being transgender in America, according to the most generous of statistics, is six in 1,000.  Meet the Harrott family of Arizona.  Family leader “Daniel” Harrott woke up one day, looked down and decided to ignore that female plumbing and declare herself a “man.”  Danielle- now Daniel- is engaged to to a burly “woman” who goes by the name of “Shirley” who happened to look down one day and see his male plumbing and declare himself a woman.

But wait!  It seems the former Danielle, now Daniel, had two children- Mason, age 11 and Joshua, age 13 who is wheelchair-bound.  Mason at the ripe age of 11 decided that although being born with female genitalia, she was, in fact, a male.  Meanwhile, the born male Joshua now insists he/she is a female.  Maybe Joshua was just going along with the rest of the misfits in this family.  That’s right- the entire family is transgender!!!  “Shirley” says the entire family is currently “in transition.”

The chances of such a phenomena happening is 1 in 77,160 for a family of four.  Said Shirley, he/she just wants his/her children to be themselves.  Yeah…not so much.


A small ruckus was raised over a story that Trump refused Time magazine’s person of the year edition because he did not want to sit for a picture.  The editors of that dying rag insisted Trump was never in the running.  Instead, they chose a group of people to be their “Person of the Year-” the so-called “Silence Breakers,” a group of women who came forward with tales of sexual harassment and assault against the rich, powerful and famous.

Combined with the Merriam-Webster Dictionary declaring “feminism” the word of the year, it appears the ladies had a pretty good year.  In unrelated news, Vogue and Cosmopolitan have declared the “pussy hat” (preferred color-pink) clothing of the year.  Just kidding on that one, but one wouldn’t be surprised if it happened.

This writer will be back on the 26th for another edition of the culture war series.  Until then, I wish you a very happy holiday- oh, screw it!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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