It's Tuesday, So It's Time For the Culture Wars- November 28th edition

It's Tuesday, So It's Time For the Culture Wars- November 28th edition

Well, America survived its first Thanksgiving with Trump as President and this writer hopes everyone’s turkey day was festive.   The seven best, in no particular order- stories from the culture wars from the past week.


Jeffrey Tambor is a 70+-year-old actor who on television plays the role of a man who thinks he is a woman.  For this, he has received the obligatory accolades from the liberal press and Hollywood intelligentsia.  Now, he stands accused of sexual harassment along with a host of others.  That’s not the interesting part.

The alleged victims in this case are actually two transgender males who are contemplating sexual mutilation surgery; that is, undergoing sex change surgery.  So, the man who plays a woman on TV stands accused of inappropriate advances towards two men who think they are women in real life…


Ah, yes…sweet revenge.  That beached walrus of a woman, Lena Dunham, who has laid all of society’s problems at the feet of white males, falsely accused someone of rape and admitted to sexually fondling her younger sister when not having pictures taken of herself sitting naked on the crapper eating cake, back in September Tweeted, “Things women do lie about: what they ate for lunch.  Things women don’t lie about:rape.”

It seems a writer and director on her ill-fated HBO series Girls, Murray Miller, now stands accused of raping actress Aurora Perrineau.  Murray was 35 and Perrineau 17 at the time.  Guess who Dunham believes?  Yep- Miller… which proves that to Dunham apparently women do lie about rape IF the accused is your writer and director.


In a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Florida, 6% of children age 12-17 are the victims of online bullying.  Low percentage, you say?  That’s because 6% of children age 12-17 are victims of bullying online where the bully is themselves.  One guesses the real bullies of the world are slacking.  Now here’s the kicker: a victim who self-identifies as something other than heterosexual is 3-4 times more likely to be guilty of bullying themselves online than heterosexual children age 12-17.


There is an unwritten rule in feminist etiquette- never doubt or question the accuser in sexual harassment cases AND never, ever suggest that someone’s behavior or especially dress brings on unwanted sexual advances.  Vivian Copeland is one such feminist who writes for several Leftist online rags.  However, Copeland broke her own rule when it came to the accusations against “Senator” Al Franken.

That’s because his accuser, Leeann Tweeden, once posed for Playboy.  Said Ms. Copeland in a series of Tweets:

The jury’s still out on LeeAnn Tweeden and Al Franken but here’s some pictures from her FB and IG pages. Hardly the bespectacled frump she portrayed on TV today. LOL. She’s a Playboy Playmate, a gun fanatic and a tRump supporter. You decide.

Followed by:

I have a hard time with women who act sexy and then get offended when they’re treated in that vein. I’ve worked too hard. Everything she’s done is fair game. And once again these pictures are from her pages.

And then this:

When you take your clothes off you’re going to be viewed as a sex object. That’s the whole point of taking your clothes off. I’m not sure how a person who’s done that expects to be taken seriously.

Two feminist rules broken by an avowed feminist in a mere three Tweets.


The inconsequential comedienne who thought it would be funny to hold the severed head of Donald Trump in a photograph recently took to YouTube to rant (whine) about the state of her career.  Lamenting the fact no one will book her in the US, she took her unfunny show to Europe where someplace in Austria agreed to book her.  But, that gig is nearing its close meaning that she’ll be returning to the US.

In the video, she whines that she is going broke, can’t find work, is suffering from the fallout from that photo and that she is on the brink of becoming a Hollywood has-been.  Of course, she ignores the fact she was a Hollywood has-been long before that photograph.  She defines the moniker “D-list celebrity.”

To make matters worse, her new hair-do makes her look like either a really gay Pee Wee Herman, or she’s doing her impression of Annie Lennox and is hoping to reunite the Eurythmics.  She even makes the assertion that fallout against her is the worst in the history of womanhood.  And the reason she has it worse than any woman in history?  Because Fox News was not around in those “other times.”

Tell that to the women in Salem, circa 1692.  That’s just one example.


According to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden, a congregation that boasts 60% of that country’s population, it appears the Bible was due for a politically correct make over.  Since taking over the church as archbishop in 2013, Antjle Jackelen has declared that we should not take the virginity of the Virgin Mary so biologically literal.  She also stated that “God is beyond our gender determinations,” whatever that means.

Actually, what it means is that Mary wasn’t a virgin and God wasn’t necessarily a man.  This past week, they updated their official handbook and instructed clergy to refer to God as simply “God,” not “He” or even “the Lord.”  Also verboten are “the Father, Son and Holy Ghost” to be replaced by “God and the Holy Trinity” which by my understanding of math would make four people and, in fact, negate the Trinity.  Perhaps Ringo is God.

According to a spokesman for the church, they are still working some “gender neutral” phrases into their liturgy.  It seems a bit ironic that as the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden was twisting themselves into contortions over gender-neutrality when it came to the Bible, sexual assaults by Muslim immigrants in Sweden are a daily fact of life.  Sweden may have given us Svedka vodka (more importantly, the models for Svedka), but this seems a little too far gone.


Once again we find a community traumatized by someone scrawling the phrase “white lives matter” along with some other derogatory statements towards blacks on a high school mirror in the bathroom.  However, the perpetrator has been identified and is simply described as “nonwhite.”  Apparently, the offending student was just playing a joke.

This did not stop the self-righteous principal from the obligatory self-flagellation bemoaning the fact that a person of color would use the “N word” as a joke.  I guess the good administrator never heard a rap song either.  Maybe the student was just sending a message that everyone despite their age, creed, race, ethnicity, gender, sex (because apparently gender and sex are no longer the same), political affiliation, etc. should just use the n-word in the spirit of good humor instead of hate.  Come to think of, South Park already did that.

Well, that’s it for this week.  See ya on the other side next week with another edition of those crazy, wacky culture wars.

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