More Goofiness From the Culture Wars- November 21st edition

We’re fast approaching an early Thanksgiving this year which means we should be hearing some stories about land being stolen from Indians, er…Native Americans… er, Indigenous Peoples.  However, there were some other stories out there in the fabulously bizarre world of the culture wars that bear some mentioning.  Here are the seven best according to this writer:


Steve Martin is a comedic genius whose comedy act was so immature and over-the-top, you had to laugh at the fact that a grown man would even behave that way.  Besides comedy, he has excelled on the silver screen as an actor and in the recording studio as an accomplished banjo player.  Most importantly, he was never a “conscience of comedy” where it was later revealed he masturbated in front of women in hotel rooms.  Seems like a nice guy, right?

It seems some college students at Reed College in Oregon don’t think so.  In 1978, Martin produced a 2-minute novelty song called “King Tut” which poked fun at the commercial nature of Tut’s treasures making the museum rounds at the time.  He even performed the song on Saturday Night Live and it is that performance which brought down the ire of students.  Said one spokesman for “Reedies Against Racism:

That’s like somebody … making a song just littered with the n-word everywhere…The Egyptian garb of the backup dancers and singers — many of whom are African American — is racist as well. The gold face of the saxophone dancer leaving its tomb is an exhibition of blackface.

So 40 years after the release of King Tut, a group of college students are so offended that they never want to see it on campus again.  Yep…we may have reached critical mass.


You remember Wendy Davis, the Texas state senator who filibustered an abortion bill while wearing pink sneakers.  She decided to parlay that 15 minutes (or 11 hours) of fame into a gubernatorial run where she promptly lost to Gregg Abbott by over 20 points in a resounding defeat.  But, that is not stopping Hollywood from lionizing the loser in a movie.  Slated to play the role of Davis is Sandra Bullock.  The title of the film is “Let Her Speak.”  Actually, she did speak… for 11 hours.  It’s called a filibuster.  Rest assured this movie will get accolades from the liberal critics and likely be out of theaters within 2 weeks headed for HBO or some other network.


Bill Nye, the “science guy,” recently thought it would be a great idea to have an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit.  The purpose of these AMA sessions is to actually answer whatever is asked, something Nye apparently forgot.  More than half the questions posited, mainly those challenging his political views, went unanswered leading many Reddit visitors to label his AMA the worst ever.

Even when he did answer, he showed his stupidity.  This is a perfect example:  one visitor seriously asked why electrons do not collapse towards the positively charged protons in an atom’s nucleus.  Seems like a logical question for a “science guy.”  Said Nye: “It’s the nature of atomic forces.  Start by noticing that it must be somehow more complicated than electrons in orbit.  If it were that way, they’d spiral into the nucleus and be annihilated.”

The intelligent out there quickly pointed out the error of his ways noting he had absolutely no concept of electromagnetic fields, nor did he know the difference between electron capture and annihilation.  Others weighed in also.

I am the first to admit that this physics stuff if beyond me.  I bailed on it in college after the first test (I got a 33 out of 100), but then I don’t bill myself as a “science guy” proving that dressing in a white lab coat and mixing stuff in flasks and beakers on television doesn’t make him a “science guy” either.


According GQ magazine, Colin Kaepernick, America’s most famous unemployed citizen with an unusually large head of hair.  Yep…the rabble rousing, knee-taking, Fidel Castro-loving ex-quarterback beat out loads of other people for person of the year status.  One can probably come up with someone else if they put their minds to it.  For my money, how about the countless, faceless persons who showed up in Texas when a devastating hurricane struck.  Or how about that Las Vegas security guard who may have saved many lives after some nut cake went on a shooting spree?

This comes from a magazine that counts the increasingly inconsequential Steven Colbert as one of America’s heroes.  Actually, he jumped the shark (haven’t heard that phrase lately, eh?) a while ago. Besides, Jimmy Kimmel’s late night tears are drowning out Colbert’s vulgarity.


That’s right…the latest addition to the SJW lexicon is the “transracial” identity.  In a USA Today article, a very white male named Adam wrote that he so identifies with being Filipino that he changed him name to Ja Du and drives a Tuk Tuk, a Filipino vehicle.  I guess that makes you a Swede if you drive a Volvo.

The article notes that the Facebook friends group “transracial” is one of the fastest growing.  Incidentally, Ju Da is also transgender making him/her a two-time weirdo.

Who knew?  Rachel Dolezal was simply ahead of her time!


The Women’s and Girls Alliance (yes-such a group exists) recently penned an article decrying the fact that women who are fat are having trouble adjusting to college life.  Specifically, they are upset about the fact they sometimes are so fat they cannot fit in the desks provided at colleges for students.  The article appeared in the latest edition of Fat Studies (yes- such a publication exists).

According to the article, these overweight women feel stigmatized and this then leads to bad grades.  Said one girl in the study, she sometimes thought that if she lost ten pounds, then maybe she could comfortably sit at the desk.  Seems like a logical solution with long term health gains.  But, apparently the box of Twinkies calls its siren song and those thoughts are dismissed and as long as there is an organization and publication like this, why lose weight?  Perhaps instead of blaming their low grades on the desks, they should blame the fast food industry for their weight problems.  Blame anyone, in fact…except yourself.


Speaking of the Russian/Putin connection to the recent spate of sexual harassment/assault allegations sweeping the country, aging Star Trek alum, gay rights activist and human rotting plum George Takei suggested, in a Tweet since taken down, that Russian bots were responsible for spreading over the Internet the story of an alleged sexual assault of a male model in 1981.

He claims he was previously the target of such Russian attacks because he spoke out against Russia’s anti-LGBTQA+ to the infinity policies.  Because everyone knows that George Takei is the go-to person on such things.  Yep- Putin and the Russians are shaking in their boots over George Takei.  Can you say, “inflated sense of self-importance?”

Well, that’s it for this week.  Happy Thanksgiving to the entire RedState community.  Have a safe and family-friendly holiday as the culture wars never take a holiday.  In fact, they attack holidays, so this writer will be back with another edition of…