And the Beat Goes On- The Culture Wars- November 14th edition

Well, we made it one year past the election of Donald Trump and the Republic is still intact.  Of course, that did not deter the nay-saying social justice warriors from their idiocy which marches (quite literally) on.  So…


One group, Refuse Fascism, which has deep ties to the antifa movement, called for a day of national protests designed to drive Trump from office.  Short of violent means, they took to the streets of major cities to express their dislike of Trump, which is their constitutional right.  But, apparently they had trouble recruiting fellow haters to the cause.

To wit, despite a heavy police presence, about 200 protesters showed up in New York City.  OK- so the weather was nice and the city was recuperating from a terrorist attack that left eight people dead.  They had other things on their mind.  Surely, a liberal place like Portland, Oregon would post better numbers, right?  Wrong!  In numbers described as “dozens,” the faithful failed to heed the call here also.  The same is true of other major cities- about 200 in San Francisco, 120 in Chicago, another 200 in Cleveland and Philadelphia respectively.  The er, biggest crowd was in LA where about 400 rabid anti-Trumpers showed up.

Perhaps they just burnt themselves out in the previous 12 months or maybe they had to work (chortle, chortle), but whatever the reason for the low turnout, the nation thanks them!


A group called Latino Victory Fund ran a disgusting political advertisement in the Virginia gubernatorial race.  Dedicated to getting “progressive Latinos” elected to every level of government, the ad depicted a truck driven by a deranged, white redneck running over people of color.  Then something horrible happened: a person of color (a Muslim) actually did that to innocent people out for a stroll or bike ride on a nice day in Manhattan.  This caused the Latino Victory Fund to take down the ad.  However, they insisted that Latinos, blacks and Muslims lived in constant fear from truck-driving, white redneck drivers.

Instead of calling a spade a spade, or in this case a Muslim Uzbek a Muslim Uzbek, NBC echoed the fears of the Latino Victory Fund by instead of pointing out an obvious act of Islamic terrorism, the real worry was a backlash against the Muslim community in America.


Tala Deloria is one woke UCLA student and organizer for a group called Refuse Fascism that fights alleged fascism by behaving like a fascist.  Now she has taken to attacking the concept of civil discourse with those she disagrees by stating that one cannot have such discourse with groups like Young Americans for Freedom, or any conservative for that matter.  Last week, true to her word, she managed to shut down a panel discussion on free speech by stealing the microphone and refusing to surrender it during a Q&A session.

She stated: “This panel is bull—-.  There is a fascist in the White House, and you’re normalizing it by talking about [hate speech] in the abstract. People are dying in the streets.”  Who, exactly, is dying in the streets is left to the listener to determine.  One person died in Charlottesville at the hands of an idiot.  Let’s not portray one death, no matter how unfortunate, as genocide.


Recently, two male lions were caught on film having sex.  As everyone knows, this is unheard of in the lion community- there just are no such things as homosexual lions!  According to one government official- Ezekial Mutua- this crime against lion nature needs further investigation.  First, it must be definitely ascertained that these were, in fact, two male lions.  Second, if true then they obviously learned this act from two sodomizing safari tourists as the lions surreptitiously looked in a tent or someone’s hotel window one night.  Mutua did state that he doubts the lions learned this aberrant behavior from watching gay porn.  He further recommended that the offending lions be segregated from the herd and that they undergo counseling to correct their ways.  I’m serious…this was a real story!!!


Apparently it is just as long as you don’t say it.  It appears that some flyers that bear the message, “It’s OK to Be White” have been popping up on college campuses lately, no doubt distributed by a roving band of redneck white supremacist neo-Nazi KKK members.  This has led some college administrators to take a stand against this racist language.

Ten such flyers showed up at a Maryland high school prompting outrage from school board members.  Said one parent, “The sign may be innocuous, but the spirit behind them are not.”  But here’s the thing: the same flyers have popped up at the University of Alberta in Canada.  That’s because this is an Internet prank now taking on a life of it’s own.  It also illustrates the frailty of the alleged offended.  These are likely the same souls offended by the racist belief that “all lives matter.”


According to a Kutztown College (Pennsylvania) professor, Colleen Clemens, the reason we have witnessed two mass shootings in Las Vegas and Texas which book-ended a terrorist attack in Manhattan is because of “toxic masculinity.”  We should give her credit for originality; at least she didn’t go the gun (or truck) control route.

According to this theory, when men- particularly white men- feel threatened, they also feel obliged to strike out by shooting up people, or running them down on bike paths with box trucks from Home Depot.  She does not blame men per se, but the culture in which they live.  Her solution?  “We have to undo the idea that women are naturally peaceful and males are naturally violent.”

So there you have it from of academia’s finest.  Women- you haven’t been doing your part in the mass shooting area and it is hurting society.  This proves once again that professors of Gender Studies are better equipped, emotionally and intellectually, to man the register at your local mall’s food court.


Five beauty pageant contestants in Brazil recently found a unique way to protest sexual harassment.  With the message that “women are not just a piece of meat,” these five enterprising beauties donned bikinis composed of 110 pounds of meat.  Of course, Lady Gaga actually beat them to the punch, but still you gotta give credit where credit is due to these Brazilian ladies.

Incidentally, they were contestants in the Miss BumBum Brazil pageant, a beauty pageant dedicated to judging the women by their buttocks.

And I swear, I do not make these stories up!


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