Dancing With the Dead and Other Tales From the Culture Wars: November 7th edition

The woke social justice warriors continue their attack on culture and values in a never-ending attempt to transform society.  Here are the seven best stories from the past week that may, or may not, have gotten some attention:


Cultural relativism is the belief that no culture is superior to another; they’re all “equal” and relative.  Madagascar is a country off the coast of east Africa in the Indian Ocean.  Other than the animated movie, quite frankly this author knows little about it except apparently lemurs live there.

But, they have inhabitants who have their own unique culture.  In fact, it is so unique and relative that they have a strange custom.  It seems they have an annual ritual where the inhabitants dig up the remains of their dead dearly departed and dance with them.  Now news comes that officials are warning everyone against this practice.  The natives believe it is a government conspiracy to subvert their culture.  However, 124 people have died since August from penumonic plague.  And guess where people catch this disease?  That’s right- dancing with the remains of dead relatives.  One inhabitant said she’s danced with a cadaver 15 times and she’s still alive.

Remember this story when someone tells you all cultures are equal.


Linda Sarsour is back in  the news.  She is one of the organizers of the Women’s March where feminists donned pink “pussy hats” or dressed as vaginas and protested the election of Donald Trump.  Said the terrorist-tied, Sharia-loving moron: “If we didn’t have the Women’s March, I honestly don’t know where we’d be as a nation psychologically.”  

So besides being tied to terrorists, loving Sharia law and all that does for equal rights for women, Ms. Sarsour can now claim to be a collective psychologist.  Linda Sarsour is the last person any country would want to help heal their “collective hurt” over God knows what.


Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States after his surprising victory over two-time loser Hillary Clinton.  But take heart, America.  If you cannot fathom that reality three cities (at least)- Boston, Philadelphia and Austin- invite you their friendly confines where you can scream your head off at the sky to let off some Trump derangement frustration.  One such scream-off is being planned for somewhere in New Jersey and is organized by someone named Nathan Wahl who, one suspects, is a very woke SJW.  His Facebook page has been advocating this sad attempt at primal scream therapy for about a month now.  Said Mr. Wahl: “Scream into a pillow alone in your room or scream into the ether with 1,000 people who feel just as angry and helpless as you.”

One supposes there are worse things one can do.  Plus, isn’t there a 2 minutes of hate program in Orwell’s 1984?  This sounds eerily similar.


According to the Left, the United States is a seething cauldron of white supremacy where white people know no bounds, especially when it comes to churches.  The black congregation Concord Fortress Hope Church in Kansas City was the most recent victim of such an attack.  That church was vandalized and a fire set after which police found “KKK” spread in paint and a derogatory slur against blacks.

However, in what is becoming an all-too-familiar scene, police and ATF agents managed to identify the culprit and it appears the man who did the misdeed is Nathaniel Nelson who was identified from surveillance footage.  It appears that Nelson attempted to rob a vending machine, then attempted to cover up his crime by setting the fire and writing some nasty things against black people in a black church.  He was just trying to get some money so that he could visit his local crack dealer.  Oh…and Nathaniel Nelson is black.


Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia is where George Washington attended.  Like any historic church who had historic parishioners, there is a plaque marking the pew where the Father of Our Country sat.  However, being 2017 and all, the church leaders have decided to remove the plaque because “the plaques in our sanctuary make some in our presence feel unsafe.”  They further stated, “…some church visitors and guests who worship with us choose not to return because they received an unintended message from the prominent presence of the plaques.”  So in the spirit of presenting a “safe” and “welcoming” presence, the plaque will be removed to a place of “respectful prominence.”

First, anyone triggered by a plaque in a church pew has more psychological problems to worry about beyond being “triggered.”  Second, if people feel “unsafe” because of the plaque’s presence, why not just remove it altogether?  Why move it to a place of “respectful prominence?”  Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of removing it from the pew in the first place?


An appearance at Vassar College by Legal Insurrection’s William Jacobson so angered and triggered a group on campus- Healing to Action (H2A)- that were driven to pen a “manifesto” in the campus newspaper.  Said some of America’s future leaders (a scary thought):

Demands for the protection of free speech under the First Amendment are based on the assertion that all voices are given equal weight in society and they all need protection from censorship. This is objectively false in our white supremacist, patriarchal, capitalist society. These demands fail to acknowledge systems of oppression that give power to privileged people (those who are white, cisgender, heterosexual, wealthy and/or able-bodied) at the expense of the “others” of society. The Constitution was created to justify genocide of indigenous peoples and institutionalize chattel slavery. It is inherently racist, and is currently used to justify modern day acts of racism.

Obviously, these are not history majors making these assertions.  One can envision them sitting in their dorm room coming up with this nonsense:  “Yo, Corky…put the word ‘chattel’ in there.”  And to think someone puts up good money for a college education for “students” to put forward these ideas.


This week marks the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.  Low end estimates state that this movement ushered in the deaths of about 60 million humans although other estimates put the total at about 100 million.  This led the New York Times to pen an article titled, “How to Parent Like a Bolshevik.”  This was the same New York Times that denied the Holodomor while thousands of Ukrainians were dying in the streets.  The Washington Post waxed poetic about a state in India- Kerala- where it is “One of the few places on earth where a Communist can still dream.”

Considering the dead bodies left in its wake and the fact it is a failed economic system subjecting citizens to a life of boring poverty (see: Cuba, North Korea), even countries like China, Russia and Vietnam are slowly seeing the error of their ways.

Meanwhile, a recent Harvard study found that 51% of millennials reject capitalism.  This historically illiterate bunch who seem to see racism and wealth inequality all about them have apparently convinced themselves they could survive two years in some Communist hell hole.  Perhaps we should oblige the 51% and ship them off to Cuba or North Korea.  See how long they last before they pine for the days of the safe spaces provided on campuses or in their childhood bedroom.





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