A Busy Day on the Collusion Front According to Some

One of my favorite go-to websites for laughs on the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy nonsense is The Palmer Report.  This is a Leftist, pro-Hillary-at-any-cost conspiracy site on par with anything Alex Jones does.  Saturday, November 4th was a particularly busy day for Mr. Palmer who writes all the articles after linking to others with his particular take on that linked article.

First up, we have the suggestion that seven more indictments are about to be handed down through the Mueller investigation.  They are Mike Flynn and his son, which even to the non-conspiratorial would come with no surprise.  Also listed are Carter Page, Sam Clovis and Trump attorney, Michael Cohen.  The final two are Jared Kushner and Felix Sater.  Sater, in particular, we were told by Palmer would within two-three weeks be releasing such damning information on Trump that Trump’s days were now numbered in the White House.  That prediction was echoed on this site by an unnamed writer.  That was three MONTHS ago.  We are still waiting.

As for Clovis, his proof is that Clovis testified at a grand jury this week and Palmer conjectures Clovis testified on his own behalf.  Of course, Palmer leaves out the fact that is not how grand juries work; they do not bring in the target of the grand jury to defend themselves.  But what are facts when you have a fertile, conspiratorial mind?

Not to be outdone, Palmer then conjectures that Jeff Sessions has cut a deal with Mueller.  He admits he does not have any proof other than some convoluted logic that Trump is going to set into motion a series of events that result in the firing of Mueller, something Trump has stated he will not do even though he disagrees with Mueller’s original appointment.  One guesses that Palmer went three hours without a posting and had to write something.

Then, he goes back to the Felix Sater non-story and suggests that if Mueller indicts him, he will flip on Trump, Kushner and Ivanka Trump.  One should be reminded that Sater’s involvement with the Trump clan pre-dates the Trump campaign.  It also ignores the fact that Sater is the slimiest of slime balls and would likely say anything to save his own skin.  And lest we forget, Sater once got himself out of some legal trouble by lying to save his own skin.

Next, he turns to Paul Manafort and predicts that he will “flip” on Donald Trump.  Apparently, there is some convoluted mortgage on some property owned by Manafort and that mortgage is held by Tom Barrack.  Barrack recently fired Rick Gates who was indicted along with Manafort being a Manafort aid.  Apparently this all has something to due with Gates having a second passport.  Yeah… you figure this one out.  As I said, a fertile conspiratorial mind.

Then, he turns his attention to the infamous “pee pee tape” by suggesting that because Trump’s bodyguard, Keith Schiller, was called to testify before the House Intelligence Committee, the sole purpose is to corroborate that 2013 incident where Russian hookers urinated in front of Donald Trump on a bed that Obama once placed his saintly head.  Keith Schiller- the missing link in that search for the pee pee tape.

Apparently Trump is undeterred by all these investigations and revelations, all this cut throat flipping and every man for himself atmosphere that inflicted the White House.  Because… Donald Trump announced that he would be meeting with Putin on his recent Asia trip ostensibly to talk about North Korea.  But, as Palmer states, “We all know damn well what this is really about.”  In fact, Palmer goes one step further and says this whole Asia trip has nothing whatsoever to do with things like trade, a belligerent nuclear North Korea or anything like that.  This is all a big ruse designed to set up a Trump-Putin meeting to discuss… you know…how Putin managed to get Trump elected and all that.

Then later in the day, Palmer reports that former CIA Director James Woolsey has been “cooperating” with the Mueller probe as it concerns Flynn.  Palmer makes the illogical jump and proclaims that Woolsey, a bit player in the Trump campaign on par with the recently arrested George Papadopoulos, “flipped” on people higher up in the Trump campaign.

Thus far, that is a lot of “reporting,” er…conjecture by someone in a single day.  Bill Palmer obviously does not watch college football on Saturday afternoons, but sits around and writes this nonsense that emanates from his demented mind.  In fact, Trump, Kushner and company are now so devious that they are affecting the internal politics of no less a country than Saudi Arabia.

As a corollary to Palmer’s ruminations, he also has a heated defense of Hillary Clinton in the on-going saga of DNC shenanigans outlined by former DNC Chair Donna Brazile.  He falls just short of calling Brazile a no-good, dirty rotten scoundrel liar because Saint Hillary would never do such things.  She had no Russian dirt on her hands and besides, she’s the rightful President having won the popular vote.  Palmer is doing what any Hillary acolyte does when something negative attaches to the two-time loser: circle the wagons, obfuscate, blame and demonize the bearer of bad news.  Somehow, one doubts that Donna Brazile can be accused of being a member of the great right wing conspiracy that haunts poor Hillary.

I am a firm advocate of free speech and Bill Palmer is and should be free to write, ruminate on and conjecture about anything.  If nothing else, as he has proven in the past, most of what he says fails to come to fruition.  The Manafort/Gates indictment had absolutely nothing to do with the Trump campaign or Russian collusion.  It is, simply, a financial crimes case involving money laundering and tax evasion that occurred before the campaign.  Such cases are hardly marquee and likely to bore a jury to death.

In short, Bill Palmer is free to make an ass of himself.  What is disheartening is when we read and hear these very sentiments on supposedly conservative websites because someone so dislikes Donald Trump.  There are enough Leftist/Democratic asses out there.  Why the need for so many on our side?

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