Spooky, Scary and Silly Stories From the Culture Wars- October 31st edition

As we celebrate another Halloween in America, the fine folks in the social justice movement march on unabated as this author brings you the seven most under-reported (maybe) and silly (definitely) stories from the past week.


On the heels of CNN’s new ad in which they tout themselves as the true purveyors of truthful news, anchor Don Lemon took it upon himself to read an open letter to Donald Trump about the recent controversy over a call Trump made to the wife of a soldier killed in Niger.  Most of the diatribe actually involved addressing Trump’s attacks on CNN in general, and Don Lemon in particular.  He then summoned the tears to launch into a plea for Trump to “Just stop it!” when it came to the fallen soldier’s wife, claiming his heart was broken and nothing expresses the broken heart of a TV personality like some false tears.  Then he had to just go there and turn it into something racial when he asked Trump:  ““I want you to think about this: The only Gold Star families you’ve attacked are people of color. How does that look?”

Unlike the new CNN ad, it appears that emotions trump facts where Lemon is concerned.


Late last year, the campus of Eastern Michigan University was traumatized when students awoke to find messages like “KKK” and “leave niggers” spray painted in red, white and blue.  Using these patriotic colors led many to believe that, of course, it was a closet white supremacist spurred to such action by the recent election of Trump.  Investigations were conducted, therapy sessions scheduled and marches with the fist of black power extended into the air.

The culprit has been caught- Eddie Curlin, age 29.  He is a former student and happens to be black.  This did not deter the college administration from issuing a statement that although no hate crime occurred, the campus would not tolerate any future hate crimes.  Yeah…you figure out that logic.


Michael Moore’s one-fat-man show on Broadway, The Terms of My Surrender, will be closing after a 13-week run.  The critically panned and little watched performance has taken in only $4 million since it opened, less than half of what was expected.  The theater was consistently about one-third full.

But, all the news isn’t that bad, folks.  Moore plans to take the show on the road in the summer of 2018 which is sure to play to (un)packed audiences.


Kellogg’s Corn Pops recently released the cereal in a new box and the observant among the social justice crowd quickly noted the inherent racism.  Saladin Ahmed, an author and Marvel comics writer, immediately noted that of the many yellow-skinned characters on the box (they are Corn Pops and corn is yellow), only one was slightly darker than the rest.  To add insult to injury, the darker-skinned corn pop was depicted as a janitor.  He did what any outraged SJW would do: signed onto Twitter and Facebook and blasted away.

Kellogg’s then responded and apologized for this apparent travesty and promised that they have made the necessary adjustments to boxes of Corn Pops and will be shipping out the more politically correct boxes with depictions of little corn characters.


We’ve heard these accusations before from academia, and they continue unabated.  At least according to a professor, Rochelle Guiterrez, at the University of Illinois.  Says this enlightened mind of higher learning:

On many levels, mathematics itself operates as Whiteness. Who gets credit for doing and developing mathematics, who is capable in mathematics, and who is seen as part of the mathematical community is generally viewed as White.  Curricula emphasizing terms like Pythagorean theorem and pi perpetuate a perception that mathematics was largely developed by Greeks and other Europeans

Obviously, history is not the chosen field of this learned professor.  Besides, everyone knows Asians excel in math, not Caucasians.  She also asserted that there is too much emphasis on math in the field of economics.  And since math professors are more likely to receive grants than a professor of English or some “studies” genre, she says this is a perfect example of “unearned privilege.”


In these turbulent days of campus rape cultures, p$#@!-grabbing Presidents, and serial sexual harassers like Bill O’Reilly and Harvey Weinstein, one would think celebrities would be more careful.  It seems that Ellen DeGeneres is touting the birthday of the large-chested “singer” and activist Katy Perry by sending out a Tweet of the comedienne and talk show host directly staring incredulously into the incredulous cleavage of Ms. Perry.

But because it is one of their own doing it to one of their own, there is no outrage, just the unmistakable sound of crickets chirping.  It is apparently cute if a lesbian stares at a woman’s cleavage, but unacceptable for anyone else- especially a male- to do so.  And remember it was only a few short weeks ago that CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin was sent to the psychiatrist’s couch traumatized by the word “boob” on her show.


An artist who goes by the trendy, artsy name of Cassils is making quite a stir in the art world.  He is a well-respected artist who can attest to his 2017 Guggenheim fellowship award and the 2015 Creative Capital award.  To protest the administration of Donald Trump, Cassils has collected more than 200 gallons of his urine.  Specifically, the exhibit is designed to protest Trump’s decision to overturn an Obama mandate that schools allow transgender (i.e., confused) students to use bathrooms of their identified gender.  Thus, you get it?  Bathrooms…urine?

He started collecting urine shortly after the Trump order came down and stored it in jugs kept in the refrigerators of friends.  Can you imagine that request?  “Hey Bob.  Can I keep this gallon of piss in your fridge.”  BOB: “Sure! There’s room between the lemonade and iced tea.”

Once collected, he put the urine in a large container tank for all the world to see in a piece he subtly titles “PISSED.”  But, you ask, what about evaporation (not to mention the smell)?  It seems Cassils occasionally refills the container by climbing 10-feet in the air and urinating in the large tank.  Why 10 feet?  He explains that is high enough where onlookers cannot see his junk as he relieves himself.

Said the artist: “It’s crazy that we have to go to these extremes, but this is the culture that we’re living in.”  Um…not really.  You can always choose NOT to just pee in public and display it in the name of art.  One does not believe that culture will suffer for it.  What’s “crazy” is the fact that this is now defined as art in the first place.

Well, Happy Halloween everyone.  Stay safe from the witches, goblins and ghosts that come out at night and make sure your kids don’t culturally appropriate any triggered people in their costumes.

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