How the Left Lies

How the Left Lies

Most of the Left suffers from a derangement syndrome which at its core is based on lies.  These lies are presented in different forms and it helps to know how they lie as much as it does to know the lie itself.   And they even sometimes attack their own when when they stray too far from the dogma.

Perhaps one of their primary tools in the arsenal is scapegoating where someone or something is blamed for just about anything other than the one truly at fault.  During the 2016 presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders and company constantly railed against “the 1%.”  Claiming to represent the remaining 99%, this mythical monolith of money supposedly controlled everything in America, including the outcome of elections.  They do this through tax loopholes, loopholes in campaign finance laws, lobbying, etc.  They have taken over the state legislatures that gerrymander districts to make sure one party stays in power.  Demonizing the 1% is similar to the anti-Semitic belief in the Elders of Zion.

Hillary Clinton’s recent tome, What Happened, is a textbook in scapegoating.  Everything under the sun is responsible for her loss- James Comey, sexism, misogyny, the Russians.  When one scapegoats, they usually first- as if in passing- recognize some personal mistake.  However, when this happens, be wary of what comes after the word “but” because that is the gist of their whole argument.  Nancy Pelosi went full political scapegoating after Steve Scalise was shot by a deranged Bernie supporter.  After expressing sympathy for Scalise and wishing for his full recovery, she claimed it was the GOP that laid the seeds for such actions by going after the Clintons in the 1990’s.

A second tactic is to present theory or hypothesis as fact.  This tactic usually ends up in slogans on the Left.  A perfect example is “America has always been about immigration.”  They ignore the fact that America has always been about liberty and freedom by a people who happen to trace their roots to immigrants.  Harsh truths are sometimes covered up by euphemisms.  For example, being for abortion is “pro-choice.”  What true American is not for choice?  A more accurate depiction would be “pro-government sanctioned death of unborn babies.”  But that doesn’t sound so “choicy.”  “Illegal aliens” are now “undocumented immigrants” and because we have always been about immigration, why let a document get in the way?  Bill Clinton even tried to change the definition of a sexual act to “I did not have sex with that woman.”

Rewriting history is another tactic.  For example, they want us to forget that the KKK was a Southern Democratic-dominated hate group.  Robert Byrd- a former KKK leader- has a statue that stands in the capitol of West Virginia, but it remains because he was a Democrat.  But, the statue of a longer-dead Confederate soldier must be defaced and ripped down because it might trigger some feeling in someone who suffers from the legacy of slavery.  We are told by the Left that “Islam is a religion of peace.”  This flies in the face of over 1,400 years of Islamic history that spread out of the Arabian peninsula through war and violence.  Not too many Christians or Jews are making videos of people being beheaded, blowing up innocent people with suicide vests, etc. in the name of God.

Appearing good is, to the Left, more important than being or doing good.  They usually strut this sanctimonious virtue and will invent imaginary villains.  The whole “Russian collusion” thing is an example which deftly incorporates the scapegoating tactic also.  They claim they want to get to the bottom of the whole thing because it “strikes at the heart of democracy.”  The real reason is that Hillary Clinton lost and they need a villainous excuse.

Meanwhile, real villains are ignored.  Islamophobia is trotted out more than condemnations of acts of Islamic terrorism.  Attacks on stone depictions of Confederate generals are acceptable, but attacks on free speech- something that truly “strikes at the heart of democracy-” are met with a shrug of the shoulders at least and a defense of antifa tactics at worst.

Perhaps, phony altruism is the most insidious aspect of the Left.  Here, it is predicated upon a belief that individuals themselves are unable to properly determine how to live their own lives.  It is this tactic that has created the welfare state where people are literally bribed with the largesse of the federal treasury where that devious 1%, who pay the largest share of taxes into that treasury, support a vast swath of the population in terms of housing, food, child care, and education.

Obama was the epitome of the “I’m so great and must be heard” phenomena on the Left.  What exactly were his accomplishments before becoming president?  Two autobiographies?  A couple of terms in the Illinois state senate where he tended to either not vote, or vote “present?”  A partial term in the US Senate?  In a way, Trump had more tangible accomplishments under his belt than Obama did {NOTE: Trump is not much better in this area}.

Democrats and the Left always try to one-up one another in their condemnations of anything.  In the recent Las Vegas shooting, we went from sorrow and empathy for the victims to musings about the motivations of someone to demonizing the NRA to demonizing the GOP and conservatives to demonizing any lawful owner of firearms.  The culture created by the NRA, the GOP, gun owners and conservatives is what caused the death of 59 people, not the actions of a single person.

Even when presented with facts which they cannot refute, Democrats will sometimes respond with another lie: “Republicans/conservatives are just as bad.”  That is not necessarily true for two reasons.  The first reason is that conservatives are more religious in nature and tend to have a higher moral code.  This does not mean that conservatives do not stray from that code; they most certainly do.  And when it happens, the press will jump all over it.

Which brings me to reason number two.  The liberal press exposes conservative corruption and moral turpitude to a greater extent than they do with liberals.  In fact, at times liberal moral depravity is buried, hidden or explained away.  If it was a GOP congressman sexting a 15-year-old, it would be front page news for two weeks.  If it is Anthony Weiner…he suffers from a sex addiction and needs help.

Just screaming “Liar” at them only sends them deeper into their self-deceptive insulated worlds.  Instead, conservatives must patiently explain their lies to those they wish to sway- the rank and file under the Svengali gaze of the liberal liar.  But more importantly, confident and consistent example by conservatives is the greatest deterrent to liberal lies.  The hypocrites and charlatans in the conservative movement must be rooted out and expelled.

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